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Turn Your Struggles Into Success With This Week's #kajabihero

Turn Your Struggles Into Success With This Week's #kajabihero
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We have a very special Kajabi Hero story to share with you this week, and it comes straight from the Kajabi HQ!

This week's Kajabi Hero, Matt Codde, comes with a fire and passion for helping other people who face the same struggles he experienced. It was pretty easy to get a sit-down interview with Matt, seeing as he's part of our team here at Kajabi! 

Matt has an incredible resume but an even more impressive story. After being diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in his young adult years, he decided to pursue becoming a mental health professional in order to give back to that community.

He completed his bachelor’s in psychology, his master’s in social work, and 3,200 hours of supervised work in the field to become a licensed professional. Matt has worked as a social worker for adolescents, in drug prevention programs in schools, and with people in chemical dependency programs.

His genuine motivation to help others is amazing and inspiring.

While Matt was content with certain aspects of his job, there were issues with the structures and organizations he was forced to work under. He found that the red tape and requirements were hard to work around, and so he decided to start his own company.

He figured if he could have a sustainable income from an online business, he would have the freedom to pursue helping people in the way he wanted with the freedom he desired.

Matt went on a journey of entrepreneurship that had some hills and some valleys. He and a few friends decided to start a company selling the perfect gifts for guys, but that wasn’t profitable enough to sustain them. 

He then started a fitness company, creating and selling foam rollers (all of which he stored on his driveway), selling them online and at street fairs. All of this was accomplished during the evenings and on weekends since he still worked full time as a social worker during the day.

Two years later Matt was burned out and nowhere closer to his goal.

It was then that he had a moment of clarity. He decided to take what he was passionate about and what he was knowledgeable in and offer that as his product online.

That was the beginning of the OCD Academy.

The OCD Academy is a website Matt created for people all over the world who struggle with any form of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. He offers many invaluable resources for people looking for relief from this disorder.

The Shift Towards Turning Passion Into Product

Once Matt’s motivation shifted from selling a product ‘just to make money’ to selling a product because he genuinely believed it would help people, the world seemed to open up.

As he began to research what information and treatments were available to the general public, he became discouraged and even disgusted at the amount of money that people were being forced to spend if they wanted help. 

Knowing he himself couldn’t have afforded such treatments when he needed them, he began to think about how to offer help to people that were just as effective but wouldn’t break the bank.

His desire to share his knowledge online with many people at the same time was three-fold.

  • Cost-effective: It would be more cost effective for the client to access the information online than to meet one on one with a therapist., the client would be able to go through the therapy at their own pace and
  • Go-at-your-own-pace: The client would be able to go through the therapy at their own pace and revisit certain points that were important to them whenever they wanted.
  • No-limits: Without the limitations of an organization, Matt could offer a valuable product while also being able to support himself financially.

His product has gone through many forms.

It started as a downloadable ebook on a website he built from scratch, then turned into some YouTube videos, and is now a full-service website filled with many different types of resources for those struggling with OCD.

The main point to remember here is the motivation behind why we do or sell something.

In Matt’s case, once his motivation turned to serving others with his valuable knowledge and life experience, the OCD Academy continued to grow and to reach more and more people. 

He points out that if making a certain dollar amount per year is your main goal, you won’t have the fire or the passion to maintain your products or to make them better.

Matt's Simple Strategy For Collecting New Leads

Matt’s main source of traffic is from YouTube, where he posts high quality and high value information for others to access.

These videos direct users to his squeeze page, which is where someone signs up with their email address and receives even more free and helpful content in order to start and maintain a relationship with the customer.

He also utilizes Facebook and his blog posts to promote his content. Some of his free resources are a 70-page downloadable book that he wrote, and a resource guide that contains recommended authors to read and mental health apps to use. 

Perhaps the most valuable free resource that Matt provides is a compulsion checklist which can be printed at home and then completed to help identify certain behaviors and compulsions.

Matt offers a breakdown of information on the different types of OCD, with his main goal being to provide positive and hopeful answers for people struggling all over the world. He also works to combat the common myths and misconceptions that many people have about OCD.

The most common feedback Matt receives is how genuine and authentic he is. He tells his story on his website and people can immediately relate to him and his struggles.

A very important fact to note here is the trust factor. Matt has done an excellent job creating an environment in which he builds and maintains trust with the people looking for help, which is especially important in the world of mental health.

He offers free resources that he could be charging for because his motivation is to help others, and this creates a trusted source for people to return to and recommend to others.

By offering some of his best content for free, Matt has actually garnered much respect from his clients, who are then willing to purchase the full online course.

Enter Kajabi

It is these same principles and qualities of selling an online product that drew Matt to Kajabi. He was instantly drawn to the realness of the staff and the owners, as well as the quality and value of the product that Kajabi offers. 

Once he joined the team, he was struck further by the fact that our genuine motivation is to constantly be looking for ways to make it easier for people to start their own businesses online. 

We want to add more features, make what already exists better, and provide a high-quality product to make a real difference in people’s lives.

Typically in the industry, companies will try to sell a basic product package that almost gets the customer where they need to be, but then upsells the next level or package that will give them all the tools they need to be successful.

Kajabi thinks differently.

Even at our basic package, you have everything you need to run a successful campaign and sell amazing products, all while being incredibly user-friendly.

Since Matt is now apart of the Kajabi Team, he sees first-hand our dedication to making sure our customers are not only satisfied with their product but that they are Kajabi enthusiasts who can’t help but share how great their experience is with other people.

Matt enjoys the culture that we have created with the people that we hire, the space in which we work, and the work that we accomplish. We listen to our customers and we strive to give them what they ask for, and we do it with one goal in mind: we want to help people change the world.

It’s Your Turn

Matt was so humble in telling us about his journey, including all the failures and successes. He wanted to encourage anyone who has an idea floating around in their head that you don’t have to have a higher education to be successful. 

Most of what Matt teaches to others is what he learned while he was going through it himself. You don’t need a bunch of fancy letters behind your name to make an impact on the world around you.

  • What is it that fires you up?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
  • What life experience do you have or want to have?

Start offering this knowledge up online for free. The more content you can create, the more people you can reach, and the more fuel you will have to add to your fire. Offer up valuable information that you are passionate about with the motivation of changing one life at a time.

Maybe you enjoy woodworking, surfing, making organic soap, or teaching sign language. Whatever your hobby or passion is, don’t be stuck in a job you hate or can’t stand. Use your gifts and desires to encourage someone else. Don’t be afraid to tell your story, failures included. 

What an incredible thing it is to be an instrument in changing the life course of someone you’ve never even met!

Kajabi: Everything You Need To Share Your Passion With The World

At Kajabi, we live and breathe for your success. Matt is just one of several of our employees who not only works as a member of our team but actually uses our product in their own business. Our team is constantly asking how we can make the process easier, what features can we add, where can we improve, and what barriers can we remove to ensure success?

We aim to provide the best strategies to help you reach your goals and support all of our clients in their individual journeys.

With Kajabi you can build something that you are proud of. You can take pride in showing someone your website, know that your emails blasts look amazing and communicate effectively, and be assured that customers can safely and securely purchase products and content that they will be satisfied with. 

Kajabi can help bring the dreams that you have to life.

The sky's the limit for what you can create and produce with your knowledge, passion, and drive to help others. Kajabi can help get you there and be the complete support system that you need to have a successful and fulfilling business, but more importantly, we can help you leave your positive mark on the world.

See what has Matt and all of our other #kajabiheroes so excited and sign up for your free trial today.  

And check out Matt's website, OCD Academy, here.  

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