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Unlock Your Creativity With This Week's #kajabihero


Sep 8, 2017
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Kajabi Hero Live
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We’ve all experienced the wonder of observing what human beings are capable of creating.

You stare in awe at a beautiful painting, hear a song that expresses exactly how you feel, or watch wonderful actors performing on a stage, and you wonder why you weren't born with the same gifts.

According to our newest #kajabihero Bob Stromberg, everyone was born with the capacity to be creative!

Bob believes that just like any skill or craft, the ability to be creative comes with practice and the mental belief that you can do it.

Bob explains that as infants and little children, we experience creativity through play. You stacked blocks or you ran a green crayon across a white page and it thrilled you. You did it again and again until at some point in life, you became too busy or too boxed in to experiment in the way you did as a small child.

Bob has tapped into this unfortunate truth and has been inspired to offer online courses designed to help people work on their creative craft based on his 40+ years as an artist.The gift of creativity still exists inside of us, but as we begin school or work, we have an increasingly difficult time opening it up, and we begin to conclude that we are ‘just not creative.’

His goal is to reignite people’s awareness of their creativity and to teach them how to further develop the skill, which has largely been marginalized in most people’s lives.

He has been rewarded almost instantly in seeing that something once dead in his student’s lives has come to life again.

We asked Bob for the one major piece of advice he would give to anyone watching or reading online today and he offered this helpful acronym.

This is how you git your creativity back:

  • Grab, you grab for anything that grabs you emotionally.
  • Interrogate, you interrogate that thing until you discover the truth.
  • Transform, you transform your idea into an art form (song, painting, play, etc).

Passing The Baton

When it comes to marketing, typically creatives think in terms of being an artist, and not so much in terms of putting themselves or their craft out there for others to see or to learn from.

Bob explains that people began to encourage him to pass on what he knows, seeing as he has been in the acting business for over 40 years.

At first he didn’t think that he had anything to share with anyone else. As the years passed by, however, he started thinking more and more about what he could offer to someone just starting out.

He is an actor, playwright, a singer/songwriter, and a comedian, and the one element that all of these roles have in common is creativity.

So with zero technical experience under his belt, Bob began the journey of creating his online courses and with the help of Kajabi, he has something very unique to offer.

Using some of the material he offers in his courses, Bob walked us through an in-depth GIT process.

He explained that as you go throughout your day you grab whatever causes an emotional response in you, and at this point, these are just thoughts. Perhaps someone bought your coffee or they cut you off on the freeway.

You make a record of these items and then go over it the next day and see which experiences still move you.

As you choose one or two items that stand out, you begin to interrogate those experiences. ‘Why did it make me feel that way?’ or ‘What can I learn from this?’ or ‘How can I use this in my occupation?’

As you begin to unpack what emotionally moves you, the thoughts then turn into ideas.

The next step is transforming those ideas into a product.

For example, you are inspired to illustrate part of your experience, write a song about it, or create a character for your book.

In the marketing world, this can manifest as inspiration for a blog, a new video, a social media post, or a graphic design campaign.

Essentially, going through the GIT process is training your brain to take your daily experiences, write them down, and see what can come of the items that move you emotionally.

You are ‘waking up’ the visual and emotional parts of you, and you will begin to notice sights and sounds that you never have before.

This is where creativity comes from.

Bringing It To Life

One of Kajabi’s goals is to help people who have life experiences in any occupation, and enable them to share that knowledge with the world.

What an incredible gift it is to share your life’s passion with someone who may be just starting out on the same journey that you are finishing.

Most people think they don’t have anything to offer someone else, but nothing could be further from the truth. In teaching someone what we know, we are also doing ourselves a service by keeping our minds and skills sharp, as with disuse comes atrophy.

Bob shares how beautiful and impressive he was able to make his online presentation look with the use of Kajabi.

The ease of using the platform and all of its facets also helped Bob overcome his doubts that he could really do something like this.

Truthfully, whatever we can do to remove barriers and break down walls for people’s dreams, we will strive to do it.

He started with a small email list of 274 people mainly made up of friends and family.

Bob explains that this was a ‘pitiful’ start, but it’s what he had.

The good news it that NO list is too small. Simply having a list of people is a great start and is more than most people can claim to have.

Don’t let the fear of starting small keep you from starting at all.

Using his agent’s huge client list, Bob was able to reach upwards of 70,000 people, and he sold 23 courses in his first launch.

16 of those clients came from his original list of 274.

These figures overwhelmingly point to the amazing power of having a relationship and being familiar with someone. If people trust you, they will support you and purchase from you.

Bob has since moved into the world of podcasts.

He is frequently a guest expert on other people’s shows, and with his sons’ encouragement, has started his own podcast called, ‘The Wide-Eyed Creative.’

He uses it for storytelling and teaching through storytelling, which is his passion and where he finds his greatest enjoyment.

Some Good Advice

We asked Bob what advice he would give to others who are toying with the idea of launching a product or teaching course, but are struggling with doubts on whether or not they can do it.

His advice was to not let the fear of failure or the unknown keep you from moving forward.

Bob refers to himself as being very weak in the area of technology, but he made a decision to not let that stop him from trying to learn anyways.

It was challenging and there was a learning curve, but he is so glad that he decided to make the journey, as the payoff has been huge.

Mindset plays a massive role in how our journey will progress. Bob found it was necessary for him to overcome his technological fears, struggle through learning everything he needed to in order to bring his courses to life, and to rely on technical support as little as possible.

This is a very unique perspective to say the least.

It’s Bob’s belief that in order to learn, you must struggle through the concepts in order for them to have staying power. He was simply following the same advice that he gives to his students in his online courses.

Do not be intimidated by the technology that is used to make online entrepreneurship possible. You can do it and it can be done!

One of the reasons we at Kajabi share our personal stories and the stories of so many heroes who have used our platform is to prove to other people that it works, that it’s effective, and that anyone with the willingness to try can do it.

So many companies and courses promise you the moon, but it’s hard to always know if they can really deliver what they promise. With every Hero story we feature, we are trying to solidify in people’s mind that Kajabi really can enable you to dream big and bring those dreams to life.

Applying The GIT Formula To Your Own Business

Regarding the future, Bob is not thinking about retirement.

He is excited to slow down a little and use some of his time for his family, but he is excited that his online courses give him the opportunity to stay involved in what he is passionate about.

He knows that it takes work and that it won’t sell itself, and he is constantly trying to think of new ways to reach more people and make that personal connection with them.

Approaching the age of 65, most people would begin to take a step back or think about stopping altogether, but Bob is only further ignited to help others ignite their creative side and to bring to life something that once lay dormant.

There really is no limit to what Bob can be involved in. Whether it’s helping other actors, public speakers, or performers, everyone benefits from being in a more creative place.

Using the step-by-step process of opening up creativity, people around the globe can become better at what they do and find more enjoyment in the world around them.

Kajabi was designed to empower people to work on their time and on their schedule, whether they are 25 or 65. The beauty of being an entrepreneur is the freedom and flexibility that the occupation can bring to your life, and to have the mindset of being open and unwilling to give up will take you farther than you thought possible.

The temptation to give into fear of failure is great. Don’t be the one to stifle your dreams before they even have a chance to take off. You have a choice to make. You don’t have to be stuck in a job you hate. You alone have the ability to take what you’re passionate about and share it with the world around you.

Use Bob’s formula GIT: Grab what moves you, Interrogate it fully, and then Transform it into something that you can use.

You’ll never look back and regret that you tried, but you will always regret never trying at all.

Take a chance on your own creativity today and try Kajabi for free. It will transform your dreams into something tangible and the only question you’ll be asking yourself is, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Kajabi was created for people like you and it will be there for you every step of the way.

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