How To Use Webinars To Sell Online Courses And Digital Products

If you’re a social media influencer, business owner, or simply someone wanting to start an online Knowledge Commerce business, read on because today we talk about one of the most powerful selling tools of all time...


They’re the most effective selling tool aside from actually being face to face with a prospect.

But on a webinar you can perfect your pitch, your tonality, and get as detailed as planning every single word you read from a well-crafted script.

It gives you the absolute best chance at delivering both educational value, and an airtight case on why your product or service is the perfect solution for your prospects pressing problem.

And that’s all a webinar really is…

An online sales presentation tool.

But when done right it feels less like selling and more like a highly engaged online class being led by someone who’s fun, upbeat, and informative.

Here at Kajabi we’ve seen digital entrepreneurs use webinars to sell everything from low ticket to high ticket offers, and everything in between. And we’ve seen them done live and recorded as well.

Yet depending on the corner of the internet you’re in that day, they made be called something different.

Webclass. Webinar. Online Training. On Demand Presentation...

...whatever you call them...they work!

And today we’re going to walk you through 5 important tips and tricks to use to help you use webinars to sell more of your digital products and services.

So let’s dive in!

The Rule Of One

The rule of “one” should always come before any of the technical stuff required to actually put your webinar together...which we’ll get to shortly.

Because in our experience, if you nail this, everything else almost automatically falls into place. The rule of one addresses the single big idea your webinar is built around.

Big Idea: An interesting and new opportunity which promises a unique benefit.

All successful marketing is built around a single big idea, and webinars are no different.

The first and typically most “boring” part of creating a successful webinar and discovering your big idea is your research phase.

Research. Research. Research.

You begin by reviewing and researching 3 types of information.

Your Prospect: What are their wants, emotions, and existing beliefs?

  1. Your Competition: What hooks and ideas are already being presented?
  2. Your Product: What’s unique about your offer and how does it benefit them?

Side Note: Many online marketers use Kajabi’s quiz feature to gather information about their prospects and the pains and problems in that market. It’s a great way to gather accurate data!

Remember, there’s always more you can cram in and teach your attendees. But just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

In fact, you shouldn’t!

Because if the “Big Idea” is King...than simplicity is Queen.

Less is actually more when it comes to hard core teaching here.

Remember, your webinar is just like any other sales presentation. You want to be prepared and you want to know who you’re presenting to. Your research helps you know the “who”, and your big idea gives you a compelling “what”.

So you have one goal during the research phase...find your single big idea.

One way to help get you there is by asking yourself this question...

What One Belief Would Make My Offer A No Brainer?

“What’s the one belief that if I helped my prospects to believe it, them taking me up on my offer would become an absolute no-brainer for them?”

So for us at Kajabi, we know that if we can help more people believe that there’s huge opportunity right now in selling online course, coaching, and digital products, then many of them will be more likely to try us out.

I mean wouldn’t you if you really believed that and this was a business you were interested in?

So if that was the “one belief” we wanted to help create, we could create content about:

  • How the E-Learning industry is on track to top it’s 275 billion dollar valuation...
  • Why technology makes it easier and faster than ever before using a solution like Kajabi...
  • And how even a single online course from a “normal person” can create a six figure business…

All of which is completely true and would help to support that new belief.

Make sense?

So the main takeaway…

The Rule of One: The content of your webinar should be about a single BIG idea.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re teaching 5 secrets or 3 steps…you want everything to clearly support that single big idea.

Live or Recorded - Which Should You Do?

Easy answer, they both work!

Just remember that your webinar is something which can ultimately be used as “evergreen”. Meaning it can be recorded once, then uploaded onto your Kajabi site and generate sales 24/7/365 without you ever changing one word.

Thought making money while you slept was only a dream? Not anymore!

It’s a reality for many of our Kajabi Hero’s and well within your reach.

If you’re first starting, doing it Live is the typical advice because it allows you to answer questions and gauge interest in real time.

What if what you thought was really exciting is actually putting people to sleep?

Well, the fastest way to find that out is to be there live.

And within Kajabi you can host a live webinar right on in your Kajabi site. Here’s how:

Whichever way you choose, treat your webinar like a moldable presentation. If it’s live, obviously you can change it up right there on the fly. If it’s recorded, you can either re record the entire thing, or switch out pieces you think aren’t resonating too well.

This is an asset you can leverage for months and sometimes even years, so it’s well worth any extra effort.

Make More Sales By Following Up

Just like in any other selling situation, the majority of your sales occur from effective follow up. This is true whether you’re selling in person or online.

Luckily, with Kajabi we make it easy.

Once you have your single big idea and have decided on either doing it live or recorded, you simply go into the marketing tab within your Kajabi site and generate a done-for-you webinar pipeline.

With just 4 simple clicks you’ll have everything you need built out for you, allowing you to launch your webinar as quickly as you’d like.

All the pages, copy, and pre-existing timing sequences all cued up and ready to go. It’s just a matter of putting in your own copy and design. Easy as that!

But the most important part of the pipeline which gets built for you as well are the follow-up email sequences.

At the press of a button, you’ll have the follow sequences ready for you and pre-filled with existing templated copy:

  • Reminder emails for those that registered...
  • Confirmation emails for those who purchased on the webinar...
  • Reminder emails for those who showed up but didn’t purchase...
  • Replay reminders for those who missed it entirely...

You can add as many additional emails as you want, change the timing structure, and adjust anything you’d like.

it’s all completely customizable.

But we purposely built it all in for you because in our digital world, the reality is some people just won’t show up and some won’t buy even if they attend. Thus following up always increases your sales every single time.

Not doing it is a great way to lose potential sales...if you’re into that kind of thing.

There’s More Than One Way

By now you’ve most likely either attended a webinar or seen someone promoting their own.

With so many different styles, structures, and formulas, you may find yourself asking:

“Which one is right?”

Well when you’ve seen as many webinars as we have, we can confidently say that’s it’s not so much as which one is “right”, but which one is right for you.

You’re unique. Your personality, product, and the way you do business are also all unique.

The more your webinar uses a model or framework which best matches your own style instead of trying to be like someone else, the better it typically will do.

With that said, here’s a rough idea of most webinar outlines:

  • Built around a big idea with a promised benefit type of headline.
  • Overview of what you’re about to teach them.
  • Authority statements and why they should listen to you.
  • An irresistible bribe if they stay till the end.
  • What makes your training different.
  • The actual content and teaching portion of your training.
  • Transition into your offer.
  • Reveal and review everything that’s included in your offer.
  • Time associated bonuses.
  • Normal price or special limited time price.
  • Guarantee.
  • Q & A.

That’s the bones of the majority of online webinars that you’ll see.

Some cover content differently and some have different call to actions. Instead of selling a course or product, they’re selling a free consultation.

So keep your eyes open for how others are doing it and when you see something which resonates with you, think how you could use it in your own presentation or webinar pipeline.

Some Quick Webinar Tips:

  • The tonality of your voice matters! Be excited and maintain the same tone from start to finish. Beware of changing your tone when you get to the “pitching” part.

  • Remember not to over-teach as it can cause information overwhelm and actually work against your prospect. Give them plenty of value to accomplish what you promised, but do it simply and clearly. The rest of the solution should contained within your product or service.

  • Make your bribe irresistible and valuable to help get them to stay until the end. The old saying “the more you tell the more you sell” works on webinars too. Increase the number of people who stay till the end and you’ll undoubtedly increase your number of sales.

  • Use relevant stories throughout the entire thing, especially in your content portion. We naturally resonate and are persuaded by stories. You want to be entertaining!

  • Free is the most powerful word in marketing. Find ways to add it into your offering through bonuses or “try now - buy later” type payment plans.

  • Think through the common objections your prospects may have to your offer and work them into your presentation instead of waiting until the very end.

Are You Ready To Harness The Power Of Webinars?

A single webinar with the right offer to the right audience has the power to transform a hobby into a thriving business, side income into serious savings, and time constraints into digital freedom.

Will you be next?

If you have any questions about how to use webinars for your own business, comment below and members of the Kajabi team will help you out!

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