You might want to stop calling yourself a “course creator”

James Wedmore explains how the label you take on affects the results you get

If you’re in the online business space, you’ve probably heard of James Wedmore, whose rags-to-riches story has inspired hundreds of thousands in online business. In 2011, he built a course on YouTube videos and earned $400,000 in sales within 30 days of launching.

The story you might not have heard was what happened three years after his wildly successful first course. It was January 2014. James had just had one of his highest revenue-generating months without a launch: $70,000.

Then he got a sobering call from his CPA.

“Your expenses were more than that,” she said.

In other words, his highest-revenue month turned out to be net-negative.

“I had to look at my business and say, ‘It’s do or die, baby,’” he said. “I'm either going to figure this out — or this is the end.’”

Ultimately, that surprising discovery was the impetus for his new program, Business by Design.

Watch the interview, where he tells Kajabi President Jonathan “JCron” Cronstedt the whole story.

What’s the difference between a course creator and a digital CEO? (0:59)
A low point in James Wedmore’s business (5:11)
Why the label you give yourself matters (7:30)
What led James to create Business by Design (9:02)
How to make the right outsourcing decisions (14:29)
Letting go of “course shame,” preparing vs. doing the work (19:30)
James’ early struggles and dark moments (22:55)
How to cultivate a new relationship with failure (25:10)
Who can benefit from Business by Design (29:22)
Dabble vs. commitment (31:23)
The methods and formulas in Business by Design (33:29)

Want to grow out of the “course creator” role and step into the shoes of a digital CEO?

James has opened the doors to Business by Design, which includes:

  • 6 modules of business growth training
  • access to complete step-by-step processes for plug-and-play action
  • 6 weeks of coaching with James and access to a team of 8 coaches
  • an unforgettable live event

Fun fact: James is a long-time Kajabi super user, so he knows exactly how to harness the power of our platform.

Combine his strategies for long-term sustainable business growth with Kajabi’s supercharged toolkit, and you’ve got the recipe for an unstoppable entrepreneur.

Check out Business by Design