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I’m very proud to officially announce the rollout of Email Marketing inside Kajabi!

The vision for Kajabi has always been to make it the all-in-one platform you need to sell your content online, without the tech headaches, and integrated email marketing is a HUGE step.

With our built-in email marketing, you have the power to build better relationships with your leads, convert them into buyers, and continue to scale your business with push-button simplicity - and NO integrations required :-)

Here’s what you can do with Email Marketing inside Kajabi...

Deliver Broadcasts:

Send one-time broadcasts to customers or leads, and keep your list up to date with all things “you” in an easy and organized manner.

Build Sequences:

Put anyone who enters their email into a form on an automated email sequence (yep, that’s where we got the awesome name) and start turning cold leads into buyers. Imagine being able to automate communication for every new lead that comes into your world, build it once and you can leverage it forever.

We wanted to bring email marketing seamlessly into Kajabi building blocks so have everything you need to generate new leads, nurture them, and turn them into customers.

You can do it all with Sequences in Kajabi!

P.S. You’re probably wondering if we were using our own platform to send this email - the answer is YES! Looks awesome, right? (Well, now you can do it, too!) Head into the app and try it today.

Test Drive Email Marketing Today — It's All Inside Kajabi

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