Brittney Carmichael: Turning Self-Love into a Six-Figure Business

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While every creator should find a tool that works for whatever stage of business they’re in, there’s something to be said about choosing one platform and growing alongside it throughout your creator journey. Brittney Carmichael is evidence of the latter. 

A Kajabi user for 10 years, Brittney is an award-winning soul and business mentor, speaker, retreat host, author, and founder of Shine School and The Elevated Life. Her mission is to help women around the world reclaim their power and step into their authentic confidence. She’s also the owner of a luxury vegan hair salon OMGhairstyles, which is where her journey into self-love and empowerment began. Here’s a snapshot of her business success by the numbers:

  • Earned over $600,000 in revenue across multiple online businesses 
  • Grew an email list to 25,000 subscribers organically 
  • Taught 5,000 women through the Shine School

“Before I found Kajabi, I was just a hairdresser with an idea,” says Brittney.

“[The platform] gave me the tools to be able to take all these ideas that I had as a hairdresser and put them somewhere.”

The Challenge: Sharing Her Self-Love Approach With the Masses

Brittney began her career working behind the chair of her luxury vegan hair salon, OMGhairstyles, which she’s built for the last 17 years. As a hairdresser, she worked intimately with women from all walks of life and gained insight into exactly how they think and feel about themselves. 

“Trust me when I say it was not pretty,” she recalls. “I was making them look beautiful on the outside, but I found that on the inside, they just weren't falling in love with who they authentically were. They had walls up, masks on, and constantly criticized themselves.”

Brittney had a natural gift for empowering the women who sat in her chair and helping them reclaim their confidence. But it wasn’t until she experienced a health scare within her family that Brittney decided to make a change in her own life. 

“When my mom, who was also a hairdresser, had a massive stroke in 2012, it sent me on an inward journey of self-discovery because I realized I was quickly following in the same footsteps as her,” she says. “Although I was following my passion for doing hair and being creative, I still wasn't happy.”

Brittney embarked on her journey of self-discovery to figure out who she was and what she wanted to pursue in life. After dedicating time to finding her purpose and inner joy, Brittney wanted to take the spiritual tools and rituals she learned and share them with the public.

Shine School, a six-week online course that takes students on a journey of self-discovery to help them find their purpose and reclaim their confidence. “It [offers] tools to help activate your authenticity, to forgive your past, to accept who you are and manifest your wild and crazy dreams,” says Brittney. She adds, “I created this course because it was [the knowledge] I was repeating over and over and over again [to women].”

The Solution: Finding an All-in-One Platform to Scale Her Business

When Brittney first came up with the idea for Shine School, she had a strong mission, but she didn’t have any marketing channels or a way to generate leads. 

“I knew that I wanted to create Shine School, but I just needed the platform to be able to bring it all together,” she says.

Brittney decided to start with email marketing, so she started a MailChimp account and used her current hair salon clients to build the list. As she shared haircare tips and content with her subscribers, she began slowly testing the waters with self-discovery tips by “sneaking in love notes [in emails] about how to empower yourself and how to find confidence,” she recalls. 

Soon enough, she realized she needed to go all in on her mission and launched an online course on Kajabi. “I thought, Kajabi is going to give me the opportunity to go pro,” she recalls. “It will give me the space to take these ideas, take my passion, and turn them into profit.”

Though Kajabi was newer to the market around this time, Brittney took the leap because she didn’t want to look for multiple tools and complicate her business. “I thought, I need it to be simple, and I want it all on one platform,” she recalls. “Kajabi really was that first tool to bring everything in one house so that you didn't have to connect and piecemeal [all of your tools] together.”


The Results: Earning Six-Figures and Gaining Creative Ownership

Since launching Shine School on Kajabi, Brittney has taught over 5,000 women, grown her community to over 10,000 people, and organically built an email list with 25,000 subscribers. 

She’s also expanded her online business with multiple online courses, empowerment coaching and mentoring, and in-person gatherings like luxury retreats. Plus, she and her husband, Chris, launched an online membership for couples called The Elevated Life. 

The results? Brittney’s businesses have generated over $500K in revenue and she’s generated $100K in revenue with her and her husband’s joint business. 

Like many creators, Brittney has also learned the importance of building a community on an owned platform instead of relying solely on social media algorithms.  

“Two years ago, my Instagram account, which had 30,000 followers, got hacked and deleted,” she recalls. “I really leaned on Kajabi during that time, and I’m so grateful that the platform has been a constant source of support.”

Looking Forward: Investing in Herself and Her Business

Having used Kajabi for a decade, Brittney has grown her business alongside the platform and has seen firsthand how every new feature is designed with creators like her in mind. 

“I've seen the implementation and evolution of the technology: from bringing in AI, to adding more funnels and automations,” she says. “It's been incredible to see the constant growth, and that's why I've continued 10 years strong with Kajabi.”

What’s next? This year, Brittney plans to sell her salon and go all in on her online businesses through Kajabi and coaching, speaking, mentoring, and hosting retreats.

“Kajabi has truly been a platform that has allowed me the space to continue to grow, to dabble, to get curious, to experiment, to try new courses, to teach what I am learning in my own life, and always have a place to come back to.”

Brittney is proof that with the right platform and support, a single idea can be transformed into a full-fledged business. If you’re ready to go all in on your ideas, see how Kajabi can help.

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