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Gahmya Drummond-Bey's  journey began as a traditional educator with a global perspective. Based on her experience teaching in various classrooms and cultures across 30 different countries, she is not only a kindergarten teacher at heart but a true global curriculum designer and education activist. Gahmya was committed to broadening her impact beyond the reach of her physical classrooms, a mission that brought her onto the path of entrepreneurship and, eventually, to the Kajabi community.

  • Built a 6-figure business serving learners from over 60 countries
  • Streamlined course design process on Kajabi, reducing the time to just an hour
  • Boosted engagement with gamified educational experiences

"I sell courses and digital products on Kajabi. I have an animated personal growth platform for kids ages 4 to 12. I also create programs for the change makers who are raising change makers," explains Gahmya, the force behind Evolved Teacher. Her digital education platform is a reflection of her innovative approach to teaching, combined with her passion for both personal growth and the development of children.

Gahmya's driving force is her relentless pursuit of excellence in providing education that values children's perspectives and fosters an environment wherein they feel heard, seen, and appreciated. In her own words, "I focus on love, I focus on kids feeling seen, heard and valued. And that's most important." With a platform as simple and efficient as Kajabi, Gahmya not only manages to simplify the process of content delivery but also gives herself ample bandwidth to concentrate on her foremost passion — the content creation itself.

The Challenge: Striking a Balance With a Dual-Focus Business Model

Gahmya's mission was clear: to expand educational impact and accessibility beyond the traditional classroom. But her journey was not without challenges and roadblocks. A pivotal issue she faced was managing the wide scope of her ambition, trying to cater to different content creation needs for varying age groups. She desired to radically influence not only children’s education but also train and guide the adults raising these change makers.

Dividing attention between these two varied yet equally crucial customer bases was taxing and seemed inefficient. She expresses,

"For the longest time, I would constantly say, ‘oh, but this isn't the real business, the real business is with kids.’ But the numbers are like, ‘wait, but this is multiple 6-figures, what are you talking about’?"

On top of this, there was a struggle with establishing an ideal content creation rhythm that catered to her individual energy patterns and creative flow.

Navigating these challenges was not easy. She hesitated over which part of her business was the "real business,” constantly oscillating between her programs for adults and her work with kids. She grappled with her unique energy patterns and how they affected her content creation process. Ultimately, she was in search of a system that could help her manage her diverse and rapidly expanding business while keeping her mission and passion intact.

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The Solution: Turning to Kajabi for Scalability and Impact

Gahmya's search for a way to channel her creativity and educator's heart into a scalable, accessible format found an answer in Kajabi. Dissatisfied with the limited scope of traditional classrooms, she had begun her journey as an entrepreneur with a series of experiments before eventually turning to online resources like YouTube and, eventually, discovering Kajabi.

“I started to study YouTube videos on ways of being an entrepreneur. My whole goal was trying to figure out ways to go online," says Gahmya. It was this determination and elearning exploration that led her to Kajabi, a platform designed to help creators build, market, and sell digital products.

Embracing Kajabi allowed her to separate the parts of her business that required intensive, direct involvement, such as global curriculum design and in-person speaking engagements, from the scalable, digitized aspects of her business. Kajabi provided the structure and ease of implementation that Gahmya needed for her course-related content, allowing her to focus on her strengths: creating and gamifying content, designing curriculum, and nurturing her community.

“The part of my business that is more course-related or something that I create a cohort or community around, is hosted on Kajabi. And Kajabi really helped me grow while I was speaking or doing live things,” she explains. This allowed her to thrive in her self-described "creative seasons" and "live seasons," building a rhythm that catered to her individual energy patterns.

The Results: Streamlined Business Operations

Following the implementation of Kajabi, Gahmya witnessed a significant transformation in her educational venture, Evolved Teacher. From a business structure standpoint, it concurrently facilitated Gahmya's live speaking, creative work, and evergreen sales of courses. "In the beginning of my business, I was only able to run a community or cohort or speak or do something that required me to physically be there," she recalls. With Kajabi, she could finally balance her dynamic business needs and effectively cater to her diverse audiences.

One of the standout benefits of using Kajabi was its intuitive design, which allowed for seamless organization and creation of sales pages and courses. After adopting Kajabi, the entire course design process was cut down to just an hour, dramatically increasing efficiency and productivity. Gahmya notes, "I actually just designed a course and it took me maybe an hour to upload everything, to have the copy there."

An unexpected bonus that the platform provided was the ability to gamify her educational products, enabling her to create a fun, engaging learning experience for her young audience. "I make it fun, so there are animated characters there. Whenever you finish one video, you get a video pop up, it's like, 'great job.' There are a lot of bells and whistles," Gahmya remarks.

And perhaps most significantly, Kajabi played an essential role in the growth of her business, helping to streamline operations and making it possible to focus more on the most critical aspect of her work — creating content that brings about impactful change.

Looking Forward: Harnessing Drive with the Right Tools

With Kajabi's robust platform fuelling her operations, Gahmya's educational venture, Evolved Teacher, continues to scale new heights, from creating impact through digital courses for children and parents to launching a virtual mastermind for writers and entrepreneurs. She attributes some of her success to Kajabi, saying, "Kajabi really helped me grow and gave me the opportunity to create a beautiful website and learning experience without needing to hire outside help."

Her vision for the future is radiant, filled with ideas about exploring AI and crafting more powerful content. She envisions leveraging AI advancements for the benefit of the education sector and continuing to empower children and adults worldwide.

Gahmya offers some great advice for others looking to make a dent in the entrepreneurial ecosystem:

"Don't feel like you have to do things in a traditional way because somebody else does. Own who you are, own your pace. And then the right customers will show up."

Even after all her success, Gahmya is open about her continued learning and growth. “I learned so much at the last conference I attended. One of the best bits of advice I was given was to focus on one offer. As a creative person, who likes to take groups of people on a continuous learning journey, that doesn't feel intuitive. But, I'm going to go with that in 2024. It will not be my only strategy, but it will be a large part of it,” she says.

Gahmya’s story and experience with Kajabi serves as an inspiration and testament to the transformative power of a lot of passion combined with the right digital education tools. With the right tools and mindset, you can harness your passion and drive to create a successful business that truly makes a difference - find out how Kajabi can help today.

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