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The future is bright for female creators. According to our State of Creators Report, 59% of female entrepreneurs expect to make over six figures in 2024. And of those six-figure earners, 77% are mothers, and 86% of them work on their business full-time. 

Female entrepreneurs are proving that success and ambition go hand in hand, whether creating a membership community, growing a product business, or leading a company. 

In honor of International Women's Day, we've partnered with one of our most successful women-led businesses on Kajabi, Bossbabe, to highlight three amazing female entrepreneurs within the Bossbabe community who have scaled their businesses to six figures on Kajabi. The woman behind Bossbabe, Natalie Ellis, has grown a $20M empire with the specific challenges female entrepreneurs face at the forefront. Embarking on motherhood as a successful business owner also motivated Natalie to create a community for other high-achieving mothers to connect with and support each other, CEO Mama

“The world of work isn't set up to support mothers in work and ambition and achievement — we see that across the board with maternity leave and the lack of it,” says Natalie. She adds, “Hats off to the women that can make it work [and] hats off to the women that really truly choose what their soul wants to do, not what society wants them to do — I think it's really beautiful figuring out who you really are and what's important to you.”

Jacqueline Snyder: Earning Over $10M Helping Product-Based Business Owners 

Jacqueline Snyder is the founder and CEO of The Product Boss and host of The Product Boss podcast, a marketing podcast with nearly four million downloads. Through her signature courses and programs, Jacqueline aims to give product-based business owners step-by-step guidance on how to start, grow, and scale their businesses. Leaning on her previous product business experience as the owner of Cuffs Couture — a fashion line that sold worldwide and dressed celebrities like Carrie Underwood and Kim Kardashian — Jacqueline has consulted with over 2,000 fashion brands and helped over 80,000 product-based business owners through her programs, challenges, and workshops which have earned over $10M in lifetime sales through Kajabi.

Growing a successful business to over $10M in revenue has not been without its challenges, of course. Jacqueline’s biggest learning curve so far? Starting a family. “As an entrepreneur, the hardest part [has been] when I eventually started my family,” she shares. “It was this idea [that I had to figure out] how to blend being a mom, being a wife, taking care of myself, and being a leader and an entrepreneur, and growing this amazing business.” 

Jacqueline leaned on courses, podcasts, mentors, and community to learn how to juggle her business with her personal life. “I found women leaders in the space that had very similar lives or lifestyles as me,” she says. “They were mothers, but they were also ambitious and wanted to grow a big company. They showed [me] how to outsource and how to pay for as much help as you possibly can afford because we can’t do it all on our own.”


In addition to starting a family and scaling a 7-figure company, one of Jacqueline’s proudest accomplishments is when The Product Boss landed on Inc. 5000’s list of America’s fastest-growing companies. “As a woman in business, a first-generation American, and a mom of two kids, the fact we were able to build and be recognized in the top 500 of America’s fastest-growing companies was incredible,” shares Jacqueline. “It showed me that even as a woman in my forties [and] as a mom of two school age kids, that it’s never too late to reinvent yourself, try something new, and keep reaching.”

Ashley Gordon: Training Future Coaches Through a 6-Figure Certification Program 

Ashley Gordon is the CEO and Founder of The Quantum Coaching Academy (QCA), an internationally accredited six-month certification program that trains the next generation of world-class coaches and leaders in eight life-changing modalities, including Quantum Life Energy Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, EFT Tapping, Reiki Level 1 Energy Healing, and Hypnotherapy. Ashley is also the creator and host of the Badass Manifester Podcast, which offers listeners manifestation and mindset tools from herself and other experts. 


Ashley shares that one of the biggest takeaways she’s received as a member of the Bossbabe community is how to optimize her funnel and have a higher conversion rate in her program enrollment process. This takeaway, combined with integrating her program emails, courses, and landing pages into one single flow on Kajabi, has led to earning over six-figures in revenue. QCA also had its first million-dollar launch, which Ashley credits to the 2,000 leads and over 100 students she brought in through Kajabi. 

And she’s only getting started. Looking ahead, Ashley’s goal is to have a massive impact on the coaching industry, spreading “Big Coach Energy” and elevating the coaching space with powerful, effective and transformational coaching that deliver excellence for their clients. On the business side, she aims to scale QCA to an over $10 million a year empire.

“I want to change the world,” says Ashley. “We are programmed, as women, to believe that that job is reserved for the men.” She adds, “I think my biggest challenge as a female entrepreneur was feeling like I [wasn’t] being taken seriously by the people in my life, as well as breaking my own social construct of what is possible for women to create. Overcoming my own limiting thoughts and beliefs was a huge help in owning my power as a driven female who wants to change the world.” 

Claudia Elliott: Growing a 6-Figure Membership Community for Teachers 

Claudia Elliott is the founder of Growing With Proficiency The Spanish Teacher Academy, a community dedicated to transforming Spanish classes through comprehensible and communicative-driven approaches. Growing With Proficiency The Spanish Teacher Academy currently has over 240 members and has achieved a steady growth in revenue since its inception, thanks in part to the support and capabilities of Kajabi. Claudia was drawn to Kajabi for its all-in-one capabilities and seamless experience that supports her online courses and membership site as they grow. 


In addition to teaching Spanish, Claudia, who is from Colombia, is a podcaster, presenter, and coach, all of which she’s accomplished through a variety of resources, including female entrepreneur communities like Bossbabe. “As a female entrepreneur, I've faced challenges such as balancing work and personal life and dealing with imposter syndrome,” says Claudia. “I overcame these by setting clear boundaries, seeking mentorship, and continuously learning and growing in my field.” 

Her advice for other women in business? “Believe in your vision, seek out mentors and a supportive community, and be prepared to adapt and learn continuously,” She adds, “Don't be afraid to take risks and invest in your personal and professional growth.”

Looking ahead, Claudia’s goals include expanding Growing With Proficiency's reach to more Spanish teachers worldwide, developing new courses and resources, and continuing to build a supportive and thriving community for language educators.

These inspiring women have outlined the keys to success: community, mentorship, and the right tools to help you scale. Both Bossbabe and Kajabi can help female entrepreneurs scale their businesses and break boundaries on their way to six-figure (or more) success. Join the Bossbabe community here, and if you’re interested in building your business on Kajabi, start your free trial today.

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