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Tiffany Uman: Scaling to a 7-Figure Coaching Business in 3 Years

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As a former Fortune 500 Senior Director at L'Oreal with 13 years in the corporate space, Tiffany Uman has had a fruitful career. However, it was her fast track to career success that made her workplace journey even more memorable. While at L'Oreal, Tiffany achieved seven promotions in under 10 years — a wildly impressive feat that she wants to help fellow high-achievers attain in their careers. 

The corporate leader is now a globally recognized career coach and workplace expert as the founder and CEO of her eponymous career coaching business which recently earned over 7-figures in revenue. She’s also a Forbes Coaches Council member and a LinkedIn Learning Instructor with over 850,000 students globally. Here’s a quick snapshot of Tiffany’s business success:

  • Exceeded 7-figures in revenue in just 3 years of business 
  • Helped her clients secure over $2.5 million in salary raises 
  • Reached over 850,000 students as an instructor through LinkedIn Learning

Tiffany’s mission is to empower high-achievers to become the top 1% in their careers by dramatically increasing their confidence, growth, and income while learning how to master the workplace. 

To achieve this mission, Tiffany has developed best-in-class career accelerator and workplace mastery programs using Kajabi. Her two core programs include Inevitable Success, which launched in 2023 and is focused on workplace mastery, and Career Success Fast Track™. The latter is her first program which launched in 2020 and is focused on career acceleration. Through this program, Tiffany helps her clients increase their rate of promotions by 2-3 times, secure five and 6-figure salary raises, and land dream jobs in record time.

The Challenge: Motivated to Make an Impact

Having achieved such great success throughout her career, Tiffany could’ve easily continued scaling the corporate ladder and earning more solo accolades. But in 2020, while on maternity leave with her second child, her long-term career motivations shifted. 

“I always loved my corporate work,” she recalls. “I'm not one of those entrepreneurs who wanted to escape corporate but there was a drive in me to make a bigger impact in this world and help people in a bigger way.”

Tiffany wanted to help people achieve growth in their careers like she did by helping with things like confidence and personal branding, communication, work-life balance, and conflict management — subjects we typically aren’t taught before entering the workforce. She decided to use her time away from her full-time job to test these ideas as a coaching business and see if she could gain traction. This period coincidentally overlapped with the pandemic which, as we all know, saw its fair share of workforce changes. 

“[Launching during the pandemic] was not intentional, but it actually helped in a lot of ways,” she says. “As you can imagine, many professionals were navigating uncertainty, layoffs, and restructuring in their organizations because of the pandemic.”

In January 2021, one year into her coaching business, Tiffany went all in. Her advice to anyone else considering launching an online business? Bet on yourself. “There's no better time to bet on yourself than now,” she states. “This is your future, this is your career, and you're the one who wants to look back and realize, ‘I don't have any regrets — I did the thing [and] I gave it a chance.’”

The Solution: A Streamlined Path to Scale

In the early days of her coaching business, Tiffany was focused on one-to-one coaching services. This involved creating detailed, customized plans for individual clients. However, she quickly noticed the same questions, themes, and situations were coming up with all of her clients. That’s when she had her light bulb moment. 

“[I thought], maybe I could package this together in a way that can actually help one-to-many and not just one-to-one,” she recalls. 

Not only would a coaching package enable Tiffany to help more clients at once and prepare her business to scale, but it would also help the busy mom preserve her time. “As you can imagine, when you have a newborn and a child under three, it is very busy. I wanted to start getting some of that time back in my day.” 

With the plan to package her services and scale her coaching business, Tiffany knew she needed a solution that could deliver everything her business needed to grow with her. She set out to find the best of the best. After conducting extensive research, getting recommendations from business communities she was a part of, and receiving encouragement from her husband to “find the right platforms and right partners” she landed on Kajabi.

Tiffany's Career Success Fast Track program.
“[Kajabi] checked off all the boxes,” she says. “It's allowed me to grow the business beautifully over these last few years as I expanded my portfolio of products and offerings to serve even more clients.”

Tiffany remembers first falling in love with Kajabi’s interface but what ultimately stood out to her was the platform’s usability, especially for those without a tech or design background. “For someone like me who’s not very tech-savvy, I felt really at ease with [the usability].” 

She also knew she needed to level up her content. Before launching her coaching business, Tiffany didn’t have a social media presence and created her content “off the cuff” as she built her brand. But to scale her coaching programs, she wanted to use a more professional platform to distribute her video content and spent months filming content that she could house on Kajabi.

The Results: Consistent 6-Figure Launches

After just three years in business, Tiffany’s coaching business has achieved every creator’s ultimate goal: hitting 7-figures.

Tiffany credits her business success to not only using an intuitive, all-in-one solution like Kajabi but also shifting her mindset to one of a CEO. Rather than spending too much time on day-to-day tasks, Tiffany says it’s been key to focus on how she can move the needle for her business.

“That [shift] helped me level up in a lot of ways from my packaging, branding, messaging, and the way that I brought launches to market,” she says. “It allowed us for some breakthrough moments this year including hitting 6-figure launches repeatedly, which has helped us break through that 7-figure revenue mark.”

Her launch process used to follow a classic format: a one-hour masterclass that she’d host live with her audience. But over the past year, she’s realized that to take full advantage of a live launch and provide her audience with value before the launch, she needed to expand her launch process and give herself a four-week runway.

This approach has allowed her to nurture her audience and start teaching them important career topics so that by the time the launch takes place, they’re already primed to participate.

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Looking Forward: A Commitment to Her Community

In addition to monetary success, Tiffany has earned accolades that many coaches dream of such as being invited to the Forbes Coaches Council and teaching courses on LinkedIn Learning to over 850K learners around the world.

While her business has evolved in just three short years, her commitment to her clients has remained at the core of her success. 

“Once you bet on yourself, commit and be consistent,” she says. “As a business owner, if you are bringing people into your life and [creating] a community in this way, you have a responsibility to them. You don't wanna be one foot in, one foot out.”

She adds, “Things evolve as you evolve and grow. What you're doing now doesn't have to be what you're doing a year from now or three years from now, but you always have to be consistent — whatever that looks like for you. And I think with platforms like Kajabi that make it so easy.”

For fellow coaches looking to maximize launches and reach 7-figure status, follow Tiffany’s playbook for six-figure launches:

  • Have a clear offer in mind before you start planning your launch.
  • Build a content plan to attract your target audience.
  • Set up registration well before the launch to start the nurturing process so it doesn’t feel so abrupt. Tiffany’s lead time is four weeks.
  • Warm up your offer and provide value to your audience before the launch.
  • When you’re ready to launch, use a format that is going to hit hard on your audience's pain points and opportunity areas. For Tiffany, that’s talking to her audience directly through videos.
  • Have a clear follow-up strategy after your launch.

With the right tools, mindset, and strategy, anyone can achieve coaching success like Tiffany. If you’re ready to scale your online coaching business, see how Kajabi can help.

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