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Alison Ryan knew that the materials she used in her classroom could help other teachers.

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“I was solving problems and learning by coming up with my materials to use in class. I felt like I wanted to do more with that than just impact the kids in the classroom. I thought, ‘Why can’t other people benefit from my work?’”
-Alison Ryan, classroom teacher and Kajabi Hero

Help from one of their own

Because of her experiences as a teacher, Alison knew that her literacy materials could solve a need for countless teachers who otherwise spend nights and weekends figuring it out for themselves. She also understood the underlying need for someone to help teachers build confidence in the classroom.

Kajabi made it easy

While Alison was helping her customers save time and gain confidence, Kajabi was doing the exact same thing for her. Having landing pages, checkout, email, and more all in one place allowed her to get up and running quickly, and stellar customer support had her back along the way.

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Alison Ryan

Literacy specialist and
does private reading lessons
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Jamie Sears

Former Educator & Founder
of Not So Wimpy Teacher
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