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5 opt-in page examples for your online business

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5 opt-in page examples for your online business
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If you want to grow your online business, you need an opt-in page that captures subscribers like ants to a picnic.

In this article, you’ll see five opt-in page examples that we at Kajabi love. All of them do an outstanding job of implementing digital marketing strategies to increase subscriber opt-ins, so the business can leverage opt-in email marketing

What is an opt-in page?

An opt-in page is a web page that offers visitors a free product or service, also known as a lead magnet. Visitors must opt in to access the offer. Once subscribed, your business can stay in touch through email marketing.

Opt-in pages are vital for growing your business. They attract qualified prospects who have a high likelihood of becoming customers. By offering value in advance, they give prospects a small taste of your paid products. 

Opt-in pages also give you a way to collect prospects’ contact information. Once you have their name and email, you can reach out to them, using email campaigns to:

  • Build relationships with them
  • Update them on your courses and other offers
  • Sell more with less advertising

Now, let’s look at five examples of opt-in pages that really work.

Opt-in page example #1: Cornerstone Gundog Academy 

Cornerstone Gundog Academy's opt-in website page featuring photos of retrievers

Cornerstone Gundog Academy’s opt-in page promotes a free online workshop to help you train your retriever. You arrive at this page from a “Get started” button on the home page. Here, you’re offered detailed information about the workshop and a button in bright, contrasting yellow to catch your attention. 

Note: Color contrast is a psychological opt-in technique that works. Make sure your opt-in button stands out from the rest of the page.

This page is very well structured. It clearly explains who the workshop is for, listing questions you might be asking about your retriever puppy. Then it explains what an online retriever training summit is.

The next section of the page explains what you’ll learn in each of the four videos in this workshop. It then tells the visitor step-by-step how to access the workshop and gives a strong call-to-action.

Visually, the page is inviting. Beautiful photographs of retrievers are sure to engage retriever owners. Dark, photo-heavy blocks break up the white background.

The registration button appears at several points on they page, making it easy for visitors to respond. And the two-step opt-in saves clicks, ensuring they’ll complete registration.

Cornerstone Gundog Academy's registration form for a free workshop

What they do right:

  • High-contrast buttons
  • Double opt-in forms
  • A good structure that persuades

Opt-in page example #2: Angie Lee’s Niche Bootcamp for Squirrelpreneurs

Angie Lee’s Niche Bootcamp website

Angie Lee’s opt-in page stands out for both its format and unique way of addressing her audience. Her offer: a niche bootcamp for “Multi-Passionate Melissa’s” and “squirrelpreneurs.”

On her homepage, Angie offers, “Help me nail my niche, Ang!” Click through and you find yourself on this colorful, animated opt-in page. 

The nickname “Ang” already sets the tone. This coach wants you to see her as a friend. Notice how casual the language is. “I know you. Because I know you” is just a sample of Angie’s conversational style. She even has smiley emojis 😜. This opt-in page could easily have been a text conversation with Angie herself.

The rest of the page has a series of videos and written testimonials. You feel like you’ve entered a forum for Angie’s community. The overwhelming number of testimonials is social proof that Angie has fans who appreciate what she’s done for them.

Angie offers two ways to work with her: a Discount Plan and Start Today - Monthly Flex Plan. You have the choice to pay all at once or in three monthly payments. By offering two payment plans, she reduces money objections and makes it easy for prospects to convert.

She also reassures her prospects, saying, “You can have a super busy schedule AND finish this course. Go at your own pace & rewatch trainings anytime.” That easily removes a common objection.

What she does right:

  • Casual tone that invites interaction
  • Dynamic, colorful opt-in page
  • Overcoming money objections

Opt-in page example #3: Find a Way with David Keesee

David Kessee's opt-in page for a free copy of his book, Find a Way

David Keesee offers his free book, Find a Way, on his homepage. Click on his bright yellow button, and you land on this opt-in page. Like a trail of breadcrumbs, the color theme is repeated with a similar bright yellow button and text, “Yes! I want free book.” 

Notice how well David’s opt-in buttons catch the eye. The gold stands out on both the dark and the light background. This simplifies the decision-making process, because the visitor never has to hunt for the button.

On the rest of the page, a white font on black is more subtle. That’s perfect for providing the details of the offer. 

The offer, “GET YOUR FREE COPY OF FIND A WAY,” comes with additional benefits: bonuses while supplies last. Each bonus, from videos to book club membership, has a dollar value. For those who love to calculate the value they’re getting, that’s appealing. This free book opt-in gives them more than $248 worth of bonuses.

Strong testimonials are proof that this book made an impact on its readers’ lives. It’s clear the book has affected readers on both a personal and professional level. 

Another technique used on this opt-in page is the sense of urgency. David does this several times:

  • “Offer expires as soon as we run out of books”
  • “while supplies last” 
  • “HURRY, this offer won’t last long…

These phrases give visitors a strong nudge. For people sitting on the fence, this is a reminder that the clock is ticking. They’ll miss out if they don’t take action.

What he does right:

  • Giving the button good color contrast 
  • Boosting the value of the free offer with bonuses
  • Testimonials from readers of his book
  • Creating a sense of urgency

Opt-in page example #4: life coach and author Lisa A. Romano

Opt-in page from Lisa Romano's website featuring a photo of a brunette adult woman

Lisa A. Romano’s opt-in page has a positive, life-changing message: “Codependency does NOT have to control your life… You CAN break through!” 

It’s a message that instantly connects with her core audience. Lisa shows she understands their pain (codependency does not have to control your life) and a solution is possible (you can break through).

The opt-in offer, a free, 14-minute video presentation, is an easy commitment. People prefer small commitments if they’re unsure about the value they’re getting. Fourteen minutes offers a quick and easy way to find out if Lisa can truly change their life.

What she does right:

  • Powerful, promise in the headline
  • Instantly builds empathy and understanding
  • Asking for an easy commitment

Opt-in page example #5: Multifamily Investing Academy  

Opt-in page from Multifamily Investing Academy website

The Multifamily Investing Academy offers an opportunity to work with a coach to learn real estate investing. The opt-in on this page is to “Register here to watch one hour coaching call.” And opting in is easy: Enter your name and email and hit the “Watch Now!” button.

When the opt-in process is just a few steps, people are more likely to take the offer. Also, the opt-in button uses very direct text: “Watch now!” The call to action is straightforward, and the reward for pressing the button is immediate. 

The video itself is only an hour. Most people prefer 30- to 45-minute videos and webinars to learn about a new topic, and at 60 minutes, the video is just slightly over the preferred average. 

The business card at the top is a nice touch. That feels like a personal touch. And research has shown that photos of the opt-in offer or product increase the chances of audience response.

Testimonials at the bottom of the page show that real people have gotten value from working with Charles as a coach. Testimonials provide social proof that Dobens can deliver as promised. 

What they do right:

  • Making it easy for visitors to opt in
  • Allowing prospects to experience a full-length coaching call
  • Lots of testimonials for social proof

Bottom line

Your opt-in offers may include free books, quizzes, discounts, and subscriptions. Regardless of the format, to your ideal prospects, they’re like enticing invitations to a party you don’t want to miss. 

They’re a win-win for you and your prospects. They get valuable information and the chance to sample your offers before buying. You build a large list of qualified prospects, who you can continue to engage through opt-in email marketing.

Use these opt-in page examples as a launching point. Build your own opt-in pages to organically grow your email list, and ultimately, your business.  

Using Kajabi for building opt-in pages 

Kajabi makes it simple to build opt-in pages for your business. It comes with a variety of templated opt-in pages and you can also customize your opt-in pages to fit your brand and needs.

With Kajabi, your opt-in page could trigger an email nurture sequence that aims to get people to buy your digital product. Using other platforms, you’d have to stitch together multiple software and tools. Because Kajabi is an all-in-one business platform, you have everything you need in one place.

You can try Kajabi for free for 14-days here.

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