Grow Your Sales With These 5 Tips For Using Kajabi With Zapier

Kajabi truly is a one stop shop for selling all of your digital products and knowledge online and creating a life-changing income for yourself.

If you're familiar with the Kajabi platform, or even if you're a newcomer utilizing our 14-day free trial after reading an amazing Kajabi Hero story, you've likely come across the Integrations Dashboard. 

Even though Kajabi is powerful enough to create and maintain your entire digital presence, we know that people have other platforms that they utilize for specific reasons.

We dediced to be ultra-flexible for our members and allow for additional third-party integrations, directly from within your Kajabi dashboard. 

For any of those who have journeyed into the wonderful land of Kajabi integrations, you may have noticed an application at the top called Zapier.

Zapier is an application that takes care of all the hassles of programming applications in order to work with other unrelated applications.

For instance, with the free Kajabi Zapier app, you can create a 'zap' that tells Kajabi to revoke access to a product after 30 days.

Time this with a Kajabi email sequence that goes out on day 31, which upsells them on another product of yours, and the potential possibilities are endless.  

Now, this example is a Kajabi to Kajabi zap, which simply gives you even more power to this platform while requiring absolutely no coding whatsoever. 

Zapier has more than 750 applications that can talk to each other, so you can have Kajabi integrate with multiple platforms that aren't natively available in your dashboard. 

Here are some of the top tips when using Kajabi with Zapier. 

1. Don't Be Afraid to Be Creative

With all the flexibility that Zapier has to offer, there are endless possibilities of what you can do upon a form submission or purchase in Kajabi. 

Zapier allows you to test and enable the zap as you see fit, so you'll never have to worry about breaking anything with your traffic. 

This frees up your creative potential when having Kajabi either trigger actions, or be triggered by actions. 

Don't be afraid to have Kajabi and Zapier work for YOU. 

If you're in an industry that requires personal time with each of your customers, then tell Kajabi to trigger an email sequence, and Zapier to trigger an SMS text to send to their mobile number. 

You'll now have your point of first contact automated entirely, freeing up your time and letting your new clients get back to you. 

You can even trigger a purchase to create a shipping label send clients physical products with a new purchase! 

We've seen nearly everything!

2. Don't Forget About Filters!

Even if you've already been on Zapier creating amazing zaps with your Kajabi site, you may not have realized that there's a powerful hidden feature on your zap waiting to be triggered.

If you've seen a plus sign after a step and didn't think anything of it, then you should click on it!

You'll open yourself up to the wonderful world of filters.

Filters are extremely powerful, as you can really narrow down actions and do pinpoint targeting.

For example, let's assume you have a brick and mortar business, almost like the one Jeremy Henderson has for his martial arts studio.

Well, maybe you're selling digital products throughout the world, yet want your customers who live locally to come visit.

Maybe you want to intice them with a coupon code and give them incentive to come to your physical location.

Well, with a few steps and a creative mind, you can accomplish this.

All you'll need to do is create a filter based on 'only continue if...' that segments people by city into a different Kajabi form submission. 

Upon that segmented form submission action, you can have Kajabi send a specific email with a coupon code, and even have Zapier text those members as well. 

You'll rest assured knowing that these messages only went to people who are in your general geographic location, allowing for a more personal aspect of running your digital business.

This also opens the doors for you to add more functionality to your brick & mortar business itself. 

3. Always Test Your Zaps

One of the best thigns about using Kajabi with Zapier, is you can always test your steps before turning a zap on.

In order to have a successful test, you'll need to give Zapier something to pull the data from.

For this reason, it's best to create a transaction or form submission in Kajabi before building a zap.

This will give Zapier the data it needs to have a successful test.

If you don't setup a prior transaction or form submission, you may receive errors in Zapier, which may be very easily fixed.

Just make sure you cover all your bases before diving into Zapier, as we don't want you to possibly get caught up on an error that may have been avoided. 

Once you test all your steps successfully, you'll be able to turn the zap on or off and it will go live immediately.

4. Rename Your Zaps and Steps

Once you get going on Kajabi and Zapier, you may have so much fun building automated processes that you lose track of what's what.

For that reason, it's a good practice to start renaming your individual zaps and steps in a manner that will be easy to follow in the future.

If you end up like Kajabi, you may have more zaps than you truly know what to do with.

We utilize everything from purchase > text zaps to 17 step mega-zaps with multiple filters and actions.

Having an individual name for each of these, based on what's easiest for you to understand, will simply reduce any frustrations when sifting through the many amazing zaps you're about to create. 

5. Kajabi is a FREE Zapier Application

Yes, that's right, you don't need to pay anything to use Kajabi on Zapier.

If you're hesitating when you hear people mention or talk about using Zapier to integrate additional platforms, there's no need to worry about Kajabi's end.

You have all the power to integrate additional platforms into your Kajabi account at no cost whatsoever. 

While many applications are listed as 'Premium,' Kajabi decided to keep ours free to use, because the last thing we want to do is add an additional cost to our members. 

In order to get the most out of your free Zapier account with Kajabi, don't overlook the Zapier native actions.

Zapier has given you a full set of actionable integrations, that aren't from a third party, which opens up your Kajabi site to so many more functional possibilities. 

You can do things like send SMS texts, post notifications to slack, create revoke access delays and even create Dropbox folders upon purchases for free in Zapier. 

You may not know why these zaps could prove valuable for your Kajabi site, so I'll list an honorable mention below which will be for people using Kajabi with their already existing businesses.

Honorable Mention: Giving Your Business a Boost

Kajabi Heroes, such as Greg Todd, use Kajabi to assist them with their already existing businesses.

Many businesses, including Kajabi, utilize a tools such as Slack for messaging employees, and Dropbox for keeping files central and accessible.

Well, a Kajabi triggered zap can actually open up the doors to a new automated experience for your business.

You can offer a product or experience for sale on your beautiful Kajabi site, or even on a standalone landing page you build on Premier

Upon people purchasing this product, you can create a zap to notify your team in Slack, then also create a new folder for that individual in an app like Dropbox. 

You now have your team notified while creating a folder for your future client or customer automatically. 

Why not create the point of first contact for your clients, as we spoke about above, texting or emailing them as a new customer. 

Adding an SMS text to yourself will then keep you in the know on the go with mobile notifications informing you of new clients.

This may be overly creative for a zap, but this can truly free up your time and add value to customers that you may otherwise not have the time to do. 

Regardless of your current website status or your overall endgoal, Kajabi and Zapier can bring a whole new set of powers to your fingertips.

Right now, you can even sign up for a 14-day free trial of Kajabi, and get started utilizing this powerful application at no cost. 

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