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7 Proven Lead Magnet Ideas

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7 Proven Lead Magnet Ideas
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Sales. We all want more of them, right? But before a sale can ever occur and before your digital product is in place ready to be purchased, you need the right person in your pipeline. That’s where it all starts.

This is true whether you sell online courses, high-ticket coaching, or any kind of digital product. Getting the “right people” on the bus of your business not only makes life easier but allows growth to come faster and creates a more rewarding experience for everyone.

So that’s what today's article is all about...consistently bringing in the right leads to build and maintain a successful business.

In the marketing world, we put valuable “bait” out in the marketplace which our ideal prospects would want to bite on. Online marketers tend to call this bait a lead magnet.

Watch our video where we break down how to make a lead magnet - no fancy tools required:

What Is A Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is simply something we give away for free or for a low price in order to attract the right type of person into our sales funnel. It’s our way of leading with value in exchange for some form of contact information, typically an email address.

Effective lead magnets normally follow some basic principles:

  • Deliver incredible value (as good as a paid product)
  • Solve a specific problem for a very specific person
  • Are easily to understand and consume
  • Contain outbound links or call to actions to help prospect take the next step

That’s really all there is to it.

If you lead with value and create your lead magnet around a specific problem or want of your prospect, it will have the best chance of doing well.

The rest of this article provides 7 different ways you can create an effective lead capturing marketing asset. It’s the beginning of almost every online funnel and a critical piece in building your digital business.

7 Different Types Of Lead Magnets

#1:  Complimentary Strategy Call

Straightforward and simple, using a strategy call as a lead magnet is a great option for coaches, consultants, or anyone who is just getting started selling their knowledge online.

There’s no pdf to create, no video to produce, no “heavy lifting” required. Just a valuable and completely complimentary phone call with you.

This type of lead magnet works well both organically promoted on your own social media channels and email list, but also if you’re using paid ads. It’s something service-based businesses have been using it for hundreds of years.

You hear the prospect's problems and where they’re stuck, then you help them by providing insight, coaching, and making your offer. Whatever that offer is.

If you’re just getting started in building your online business, this is a great option to lead with. It will instantly get you in touch with your market and you’ll know exactly what they want from you and what sort of lead magnet to create next.

#2: How To Guide

No matter what you sell, you can use this lead magnet. If you help people increase their productivity you could create a simple “How To Guide” about using a productivity software, a new time-saving hack, or anything you can think of.

You provide a walkthrough for whatever problem you’re helping them solve. While they may have performed a few YouTube or Google searches on the issue, most of that information is most likely scattered or incomplete.

In a guide like this, you bring it all together from A to Z. You fill in their missing pieces with your experience and advice.

The key to these sorts of guides is to keep it simple. Whether it’s short or long, you want to ensure it’s easy to understand with simple steps, because your goal should always be to get it consumed.

That’s really the goal of any of these options. If what you offer actually gets read, viewed, or implemented, how much more likely is that prospect going to view you as the trusted expert? How much more likely will they respond to your next offer and become a paying customer?

You’ll have a far better chance if they consumed your lead magnet than if they didn’t. So always keep that in mind!

#3: Swipe File Vault

This is a popular lead magnet for those of you who help others build their businesses. You could create a “vault” document which contains successful Facebook ads, email campaigns, etc.

But other markets can use this same idea as well. A health coach could create a vault full of keto recipes. A video marketer could create a swipe file full of the best inspiration and examples of effective videos. A life coach could share a vault of all their best quotes.

You’re simply aggregating something which might be valuable to your target prospect.

What does your prospect already have but would want more of? What could you share that would really help them in accomplishing their goals?

Creating a vault is a great way to leverage the work of others and using it to attract new leads and new customers.

#4: Resource Guide

Creating a “Resource Guide” lead magnet is a little different than the one we mentioned above. This sort of lead magnet is more about outlining all the tools, resources, and software you use in your business or in creating the result your prospects seek.

Your prospects are just like you, they like new tools or anything which might help them save time and be more effective.

Many times people are curious what platform you’re using to host your membership site, sell your online course, or email your list. If it’s Kajabi, remember that we do have an affiliate program so you can get paid for everytime you tell someone about us and they sign up!

#5: Case Study

A case study lead magnet is used to highlight the success story of someone you’ve helped. Your prospects are seeking inspiration and to know that what they want to accomplish is completely attainable and actually within reach.

When using a case study, be sure to not only highlight the overall success and accomplishment, but also give plenty of attention to the hurdles, problems, and “normal reasons” why this success shouldn’t have happened.

You want to confirm with your prospects that if this person could succeed in the face of all of this... they easily can as well!

#6: Checklist

A checklist is a great option when creating a lead magnet which you want people to actually use. You’ve probably downloaded a free checklist that was so good you even printed it out and kept it nearby to use when it was needed.

This is exactly what you want to do as well.

Think of your ideal prospect. What sort of checklist could you create for them? What do they typically need help with that this sort of lead magnet might really provide some clarity around?

Your checklist is a way for them to make sure they're covering all of their bases and not forgetting anything. It’s a way for them to get things done without wasting time wondering if they’ve thought through everything else.

Create it with the goal to have them print it up and you’ll do well with this lead magnet!

#7: Free Webinar

One of the most effective ways to bring new leads into your pipeline is by using a free webinar. Most of us have joined other people's lists, bought their products, or bonded with their message because of being on one of their webinars.

To put it simply, webinars work!

They’re one of the most effective mediums to not only deliver an incredible amount of valuable information but also create a compelling environment for you to make a sales offer as well.

But remember, you can create an in-depth webinar and all the slides, or you can do “on-the-fly” webinars where you have a rough outline and take questions from your attendees. Think of these on-the-fly webinars as like a little more advanced Facebook lives.

You can still run paid traffic to them or promote them organically, they just don't require as much time investment as a typical evergreen webinar does. But options work!

Plus both options can be used inside of Kajabi!

Use Lead Magnets To Attract The Right Prospect

The goal of any lead magnet is to attract the right prospect. It’s a digital asset which can work day in and day out to bring people to you. By following the ideas and advice in this article, you’ll be far more likely to create one which resonates with your audience.

Here are the 7 different ideas that you can use today:

  1. Complimentary Strategy Call
  2. How To Guide
  3. Swipe File Vault
  4. Resource Guide
  5. Case Study
  6. Checklist
  7. Free Webinar

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