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Behind-The-Scenes: How We Created Our Successful Campaign


Aug 8, 2018
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Kajabi Hero Live
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So many of our members want to know exactly how we, the Kajabi team, put together our own marketing campaigns...

“I love what you guys did! How do I do it myself?” is a question that we come across often.

So we want to start giving you more behind-the-scenes tutorials on how we use the Kajabi platform to run our own campaigns.

Today, we’re going to go under the hood and show you exactly how we did it with a live webinar.

Recently, we hosted an online event called Flip The Switch to announce and showcase our latest game-changing feature.

The results surprised even us, that our live event turned out to be one of our most successful campaigns to date!

We had one of our HIGHEST conversion rates ever, had an incredible turnout rate, and turned tons of viewers into customers!


Registration Page

Visits: 6103

Optins: 4595

Optin Rate: 75.2%

Average Webinar Attendance: 1001

We are going to share with you the entire strategy from A-Z on how we turned Flip The Switch into one of our most successful Feature Releases to date!

You’ll see:

  • The point & click process we followed to cut down weeks worth of work into just ONE day
  • How we created buzz during our Pre-Event and leveraged it into a sky-high attendance rate
  • The actual pages and email templates we used that had some of our HIGHEST conversion rates ever
  • Our follow-up campaign to enticing webinar registrants to take action and convert

This post is MASSIVE and full of actionable, take-home info. You’ll find a ton of tactics here that you can use in your own launches, regardless of what niche you’re in or your level of expertise.

So without further ado, let’s get to it.


Automations is one of the biggest updates we’ve  made to Kajabi, and we wanted to present in a way that really underlined its significance.

So what better way than a live event?

We had one major objective: make this event as exciting and as BIG as possible. We wanted to totally wow our audience and recapture the excitement and hype around our platform.

With that in mind, we had very specific key results  that we wanted to meet for this campaign:

  1. Adoption
  2. Attendance
  3. Signups


Get existing customers to adopt Automations and implement them in exciting ways inside their Kajabi business. To do this, we would need to educate them on Automations, walk them through how to actually use them, show them the best practices, and give them creative ideas they can use them for their unique businesses.


Get people to show up for the live event. We would have to create enough buzz and incentive for people to register for the Event and then actually show up.  We would need to be proactive in getting them to take action, and then remind them not to miss the live event.


We wanted to get non-members to sign up for Kajabi, and we’d have to do this by delivering tremendous value during the webinar. It’s something we preach to our members all the time. Give value, warm up your prospects, and get them to take action.

All of that sounds great… but there’s one caveat: we were operating on a fairly strict time-crunch with about a week to pull this entire event off!

Pre-Event Strategy

Webinar Pipeline

At Kajabi, one of the phrases we like to throw around is “eating our own dog food.”

Yeah, it sounds kind of weird but what we mean by that is that we are in a unique position to use our own tools to run all of our marketing - and that’s exactly what we did.

All of our Registration, Confirmation, and Live Webinar pages were all built with our Pipeline Blueprints and Premier Page builder.

Here’s how we did it:

1. We generated a Webinar Pipeline from a template of Blueprints

2. Picked the type of Webinar (in this case, Live Webinar), and then set the Time & Date.

At this point, everything we needed to make our Live Event a success was 90% ready to go - no need complicated plugins to deal with, no need to have to manually string everything together, all of our automated systems were in place, etc.

All the hard stuff was done and we just needed to handle this next part…

3. Tweaked visuals and messaging using the drag-and-drop Premier page builder.

Of course, every campaign and every launch will have its own branding and messaging, and altering our pages was made easy with Premier.

The result was that, at a 75.2% opt-in rate, our Flip The Switch registration page had some of our HIGHEST conversion rates ever!

4. Adding our Live Video was drag and drop easy

To get our live video going on our Event page, we just created a Live Event inside YouTube and dropped the Video ID into Premier.


With all of our technical bases covered, we also had a clear initiative for Flip The Switch: make this our most exciting digital event of the year.

So here’s what we did to build excitement during our pre-launch...

1. Collected Testimonials & Feedback

Before any feature ultimately gets added to the Kajabi platform, we practice strict testing processes. That meant we had users behind-the-scenes who were already using various iterations of Automations well before we ever announced its existence.

We collected testimonials from these users that we were able to put to use in various promotions for the Flip The Switch event, including various teaser and sizzle reel videos.

2. Raw Reactions

What better way to see whether a new feature hits with our audiences than getting raw, unscripted reactions?

We invited 4 #kajabiheroes to the Kajabi HQ (all local to our area) where we showed them Automations for the first time and got their immediate reactions.

What’s great is that some of these Heroes were already using other tools for their Automation purposes and some were not yet using any Automations to scale. So what we ended up getting was great - and most importantly, very real - feedback.

Moreover, we got some amazing insights into how these #kajabiheroes were able to scale their businesses, insights that we would be able to share with our audience,

The purpose of getting these #kajabiheroes to our HQ (which was pretty easy considering they all LOVE Kajabi) was two-fold:

  1. Provided great content for our live event
  2. We were able to get in front of their audience

3. Created a Live Event-only Bonus

We wanted to give our audience extra incentive to attend and stay through the whole event, so we dangled a gift for our registrants.

We built a 6-module Automations training course that would be available only on the Live Event page to existing customers and new customers.

The course accomplished three things:

  1. Helped with Adoption by educating our members on how to actually implement Automations into their existing businesses.
  2. Boosted attendance by offering it to only those who registered and attended.
  3. Increased new signups by offering it as a bonus that users couldn’t get anywhere else.

4. Focused on Branding

We really wanted to focus on making this webinar a unique, one-of-a-kind event; we wanted to blow away our audience’s expectations for what is typically done in this industry. One of our main initiatives was to create unique branding for the event and exude it throughout all of our promotions.

You could see on our pages and email templates consistent visuals that conveyed the idea behind Flip The Switch and Automations.

Key Takeaways

The biggest takeaway from our Pre-Launch was that by relying on our own Pipeline Blueprints and our Premier page builder, we cut down all complicated, technical work to a that would have taken our team at least a week.

This meant we had more time to focus on creating content, promoting, and building excitement for the live event - all of which paid off BIG time for us.

So if you were looking at your next campaign, whether you’re planning on launching a product, running your next live webinar, or whatever, consider the easiest tech solution, and then put the extra time you get back to make the event special. 

See Our Entire Campaign In Action

Click here to see the campaign in its entirety

Get Started

Live Event Day

On the day of our Live Event, we sent one last-ditch registration email to anyone who didn’t register at that point.

To all event registrants, we sent out 3 email reminders leading up to the webinar start (at the 1-hour mark, 15-minute mark, and going live). Attendance was a key benchmark for this event so it was paramount to remind registrants not to miss out.

Live Event Page

Our Live Event was run through Kajabi and used a YouTube Live embed on a Kajabi landing page.  As we mentioned earlier, running YouTube Live was as simple as creating an Event inside YouTube, and then copying & pasting the Video ID into our Premier Page Builder.

Additionally, we ran YouTube Live through Wirecast so we could make use of ScreenFlow, live camera, and screen switching.

On the live event page, we set up a Kajabi Event that was tied to a countdown timer and a call-to-action reveal section.

All we had to do was pick our Event, then the call-to-action would reveal itself at whatever mark we set (in this case, 5 minutes into the webinar when Kenny announced the special offer).

Live Event Layout

The live webinar itself was hosted by Kenny and used a mix of Kajabi announcements, Automation walkthroughs, teaser videos, guest speakers, and more:

  1. Introduction by Kenny
  2. CTA: Flip The Switch special offer
  3. Sizzle Reel
  4. Introduction to Jeremy (VP of Product) by Kenny
  5. Automation Walkthrough by Jeremy
  6. Interview with #kajabihero Jasmine Schmalhaus
  7. CTA with Kenny
  8. #kajabihero Brendon Burchard Testimonial
  9. Special message by Jonathan Cronstedt (President of Kajabi)
  10. Interview with #kajabihero Jamie Dana
  11. Last CTA and signoff by Kenny
  12. Sizzle Reel with Interviews
  13. Interview with #kajabihero Erin Porter
  14. Sizzle Reel with Interviews (Replay)

At the end of our Live Event, we pitched Offer for an extended free trial to Kajabi and access to our 6-module Automation course.

For existing customers of Kajabi, we invited them to join our Automations course for free. It was our way of providing value to our users while educating them on functions of Automations.

Key Takeaways

Because the majority of the work was done before the Live Event, all we had to focus on during our Live Event day was pushing the actual buttons.

We didn’t have to worry about any complicated tech to work with it or plugins to manage, and certainly didn’t have to worry about our page breaking because of the massive influx of traffic.

We literally just had to press the go-live button on YouTube and we were broadcasting to the world, no hurdles to overcome.

One major piece of advice we have for you is to test and re-test your processes before you go live! Even if you feel absolutely sure everything is working fine, test again! Nothing would suck more than a Call-to-Action button to be broken on your Live Event!

Post-Event Strategy


Hours after the Live Event ended, we emailed out the replay to all registered attendees. This is very useful for registered users who were unable to attend (maybe they’re in a different time zone or they had something else come up) or those who had to leave early.

We highly recommend that you send your audience a replay for any live event you host.

Sending out a replay also gave us the opportunity to remind our attendees about the Offer again if they didn’t sign up during the Live Event.

Follow-up Campaign

Over the next few days, we followed up with more emails to webinar registrants to pitch them on our live event-only Offer. The goal was to take advantage of the warm audience and convert as many as possible into Kajabi accounts.

We also created specialized landing pages on Kajabi:

  1. We curated our video interviews and hosted them all on one landing page for easy access. We also collected and shared screenshots of all the amazing feedback to Automations we were seeing on social media.

  2. We released Lesson 1 of our Automations course to provide more context to the actual course, with the understanding that the viewer would need to sign up to get the rest of the video lessons.

  3. We created a more focused Sales Page that laid out the Offer in detail, stacked the bonuses, and gave the prospect a clear call-to-action.

Of course, all of these pages were seamlessly built on Kajabi.

Key Takeaways

The work that we put in after the Live Event was just as critical as the actual event itself.

Sending a replay, reminding your prospects of the offer, and finally, giving your prospects reason to act will go a long way in ensuring your launch goes wildly successful.

In fact, more than HALF of our total signups during this campaign came on the LAST day.

Having a follow-up/close is absolutely essential. Whether that’s a product launch, webinar, or whatever, you are doing yourself a disservice by not utilizing this tactic.

So if you ever doubted the power of a close cart, then take it from us: it just works.

See Our Entire Campaign In Action

Click here to see the campaign in its entirety

Get Started

What We Learned

Overall, the campaign was one of our biggest successes we’ve ever had with a feature release!

Flip The Switch accomplished multiple goals:

  1. The Event injected a new, creative way we could market our features.

  2. Allowed us to reconnect with our user base and build more excitement for the app and its future roadmap.

  3. Let us connect with our prospective customers to give them an idea of what we’re about (while netting new sales).

  4. Educating our users on how they could use Automations to both simplify and empower their online businesses.

What We Want To Improve On

One issue we ran into that we want to improve on for next time is simplifying the process of giving access to our Automations course to existing customers. We noticed during our live chat that many of our customers had issues signing up for the free course, so ensuring the signup process is as smooth as possible will be a priority.

We also noticed a lot of drop-off in the Post-Event campaign due to all the different landing pages we created. In the future, we’ll likely gather any promotional material and make them easily accessible from just one landing page, instead of many.

What’s Next

Taking on an ambitious project in a week’s time provided many learning experiences for the team. While Flip The Switch isn’t a campaign we’ll run very often, many of the lessons we learned will stay with us for other future campaigns.

Reflecting back on Flip The Switch, our biggest takeaway was that by reducing the amount of time and energy spent handling the technical aspects of marketing (such as, coding out the pages, linking together all the different pieces setting up an autoresponder based on certain conditions, etc.)...

We were able to really focus on what actually pushes the needle for us: creating great content and focusing on getting people in the door.

Hopefully, you enjoyed that post and found it valuable! 

Now It's Your Turn

If you didn't realize by now, you can run an entire event just like this all yourself using only Kajabi.

Everything you need from your pages, to your autoresponders, to your webinar platform, and finally your SALES are all here.

Start your free 14 day trial today!

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