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6 Examples of Kajabi Courses To Inspire You

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6 Examples of Kajabi Courses To Inspire You
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Kajabi makes it simple to sell online courses from your website, as well as making it easy to sell other digital products. But many people get stuck on trying to figure out what online courses to sell. Let’s look at a few examples of Kajabi Courses that can inspire you.

Success Academy: Learning to succeed 

Screenshot of Success Academy website

The Success Academy bills itself as the “place where the world’s highest achievers go to learn.” It includes educational talks in the field of personal motivation, self-improvement, relationships and well-being.

Some of these courses dive into well-known names like John Wooden. In particular, the John Wooden, Pyramid of Success course provides 10 weeks of guided instruction based on the famous coach’s Pyramid of Success. It also includes more than 40 lessons, actionable tips on how to apply the advice to your career, worksheets, exercises and more.

Your Guitar Sage: Teaching you to play guitar

Screenshot of Your Guitar Sage website

Your Guitar Sage helps people realize their musical dreams. Kajabi Hero Erich uses his online courses as part of his membership site. His free tier offers more than 30 free lessons and his paid tiers offers even more online courses, as well as a live, interactive orientation. Using your online courses as part of your membership model is just one of the business models you can use when you’re on Kajabi.

3D for Designers: Focusing on a specific niche

Screenshot of 3D for Designers website

The first two examples cast a fairly wide net of potential customers. But you can narrow down to a specific niche and still be successful. A great example of that is 3D for Designers. As the name implies, this business offers courses aimed at designers wanting to learn how to create, manipulate and animate objects in 3D.

Kajabi Hero Devon was an early designer at multiple tech companies, directed and animated a music video for the band Wilco and is now dedicated to helping designers with the next step of their career. Her course lets designers go at their own pace and offers design techniques for designing in 3D.

Adventure Instead Academy: Training travel photographers

Screenshot of The Elopement Photographer Course, from the Adventure Island Academy website.

Another example of focusing on a specific niche is Adventure Instead Academy. This site focuses on photographers who want training on how to be travel photographers. That can be for weddings, elopements or other forms of travel photography.

Adventure Island Academy offers multiple courses but let’s dive into The Elopement Photographer Course. When you purchase this course, you get training on:  

  • How to build your brand for this specific market of wedding photography 
  • The marketing strategies you need to find the couples in need of this service 
  • How to turn inquiries into actual bookings 
  • How to deliver amazing results that turns into rave reviews and referrals.

This course is taught by Maddie Mae, who has shot many elopements and has traveled to 15 countries for gigs. She brings immediate credibility to those interested in this course.

720 Fico: Addressing a large pain point

 Screenshot of 720fico.com, a site aimed at helping people improve their credit score.

Your credit score has a huge impact on your life. It can be the difference between qualifying for a loan or not and it can even be a reason for employees to reject you. 720fico.com is using an online course to help Americans improve their credit score.

The most-popular online course offers step-by-step video courses on how to improve your credit score. It also have templates to dispute items on your credit report and personal support from the 720fico credit repair experts. They say many of their online course takers see a 50+ point increase in 30 days.

Laura McKowen: Inspiring people

Screenshot of Laura McKowen's online course

Kajabi Hero Laura is also addressing a major issue in people’s lives: choosing and living a sober life. This choice and lifestyle comes with many challenges and Laura aims to help those with her online courses.

These instructor-led courses last for seven or eight weeks and empower learners to find joy, resilience and stability in their sobriety. Along with the courses, Laura also offers a community, sells books and more.

What online course will you build with Kajabi?

Person working on a laptop, overlaid with Kajabi screenshots

Kajabi makes it simple to build an online course business. Not only does Kajabi have a world-class tool for creating digital products, it also has everything you need for an online business. With Kajabi, you get: 

  • Digital product creation tools 
  • Website builders and landing page builders 
  • Email marketing software 
  • Sales automation software 
  • Payments gateways to accept payments 
  • CRM software to manage your customers
  • Robust analytics to improve your business 
  • And much, much more.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started today creating and selling your own online course.

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