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How to sell online courses from your own website

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How to sell online courses from your own website
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Selling online courses is a great foundation for a successful online business. Let's go over how you can sell online courses from your own website.

Is selling online courses profitable?

Yes, selling online courses can be very profitable. The beauty of online courses is that you can build them once and sell them almost infinitely. Unlike physical products, digital products like online courses don't have increased marginal costs the more you sell.

Of course, be sure to factor in all of your costs when calculating your profit margin. This should include your software costs, advertising costs and your time. Still, selling online courses is wildly profitable for most entrepreneurs.

How can I sell my digital course online?

There are two major ways to sell online courses:

  • Directly through your own website
  • Through an online course marketplace.

There are some benefits of selling through an online course marketplace. These marketplaces often have lots of existing potential customers.

There are also many downsides of putting your online courses on these marketplaces:

  • Marketplaces take a large cut of your sales, sometimes up to 75%
  • Your branding gets lost: you're just one of thousands of online courses in a marketplace
  • You have limits on your pricing, discounting and more.

What are the advantages of selling my courses on my website?

Screenshot of the Doodle Institute website.

The three major advantages of selling your online courses on your own website are: you keep more revenue, you keep the relationship with your customers and you have more control over your business.

As mentioned, online course marketplaces can take up to 75% of sales. You work hard on your online courses, so you should keep as much of your sales as you can.

Additionally, you maintain the connection with your customers when you sell through your own website. This includes things like the customer's email, which you can use for email marketing. This may not seem important initially but having that connection is the key to having repeat customers.

Finally, selling your courses on your own website gives you more control over your business. You can create bundles offering courses, coaching and physical products, if you'd like.

For example, Kajabi Hero Diane sells online courses about how to draw through her website, Doodle Institute. Because she controls the website, she also offers physical art supplies, PDF printables to color, a membership service and more.

How do I sell online courses on my website?

You need three major things to sell online courses on your own website: a way to build your website, a way to create online courses and a way to accept payments.

  • Building a website: Naturally, you'll need a website. You should build one that's easy to use, can rank for SEO, is able to be high-performing when it comes to conversions and your website must also be customizable to fit your branding.
  • Building online courses: You want the tools to easily create your course. This must include the ability to create a proper learning structure, include the ability to download assets and you should also consider how much your video hosting costs could be if you're selling video classes.
  • Accepting payments: You must have a secure, safe way to accept payments for your online courses. Services like PayPal and Stripe make this relatively simple in exchange for a small percentage of sales. Be aware that if you're using PayPal or Stripe directly, you need some technical chops to keep up with their APIs and rules.

Kajabi brings all these elements together in a single, all-in-one solution. Not only does Kajabi make it easy to create a website, create online courses and accept payments, it also includes a variety of digital solutions to grow your online business.

How Kajabi helps you sell online courses from your own websites?

Person working on a laptop while sipping from a coffee mug

As mentioned, Kajabi is everything your online course business needs, all in one place. Kajabi provides:

  • A world-class website builder. Kajabi includes amazing templates that empower you to get up-and-running with a well-designed website. You can also customize your sites to match your brandings and desires.
  • The leading digital-product builder. Kajabi makes it simple to create robust digital products like online courses, membership sites, e-books and more.
  • An easy payment gateway. Kajabi integrates with PayPal and Stripe to make payments simple and secure. Kajabi doesn't take a cut of your sales and ensures your payment gateways are up-to-date.
  • Email marketing software. Kajabi includes email marketing capabilities that empower you to create customizable emails for your campaigns.
  • And much, much more. With Kajabi, you also get page builders, automations for sales funnels, analytics, a CRM for tracking customers, a mobile app, a robust community of digital entrepreneurs and more.
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