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Affiliate marketing campaigns made easier with Kajabi

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Affiliate marketing campaigns made easier with Kajabi
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Affiliate promotion can be a fantastic method to gain new customers for your knowledge commerce business. Kajabi offers our Heroes an affiliate marketing program, and we are making some improvements.

What’s new with Affiliates in Kajabi?

We’re updating the Affiliates user interface to make it easier for Kajabi Heroes to run an affiliate program. 

This makes it easier for you to manage the affiliate marketing of all of your offers, so you can be confident knowing that you are paying out the correct amount of commission for every offer.

“Commissions by Offer” 

We have added a feature that allows Heroes to toggle affiliates on or off for any offer, and change your commission percentages straight from the Affiliates section. This will accelerate the set up process and improve the workflow. 

Screenshot of the Kajabi affiliates Commissions by Offer page

Lengthen your Affiliate Referral Conversion Window

Now, you can extend the referral conversion window from 30 to 60 or 90 days, so your affiliates get paid commission for any sales generated from their affiliate link in that time period. This feature allows you to reduce the frustration often caused by manual work associated with “lost transactions” from conversions outside of 30 days. This also opens up the possibility of running longer campaigns, giving your customers the flexibility to promote your business in new ways.

PayPal Mass Pay Reports 

We’re also adding the ability to use PayPal Mass Pay reports. They are a great way to save time doing manual work to pay out affiliate commissions on a regular basis.

The Mass Reports are a pre-formatted CSV download that Kajabi generates, which you can upload to PayPal’s Mass Pay feature that allows you to pay everyone at once. This feature will be live in early September.

What does this mean for Kajabi Heroes?

With this update, you can save time, give your affiliates more time and flexibility, and avoid the stress of finding out that an affiliate has been marketing an offer for you and not receiving their commission payouts. You can rest assured you are not missing out on opportunities to generate more revenue and expand your customer base.

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