Heart of A Hero: Bertrand Jacob

Welcome back to Heart of a Hero, our recurring blog series where we take a closer look at some of our Kajabi Heroes!

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In today’s Heart of a Hero, you’re going to meet Bertrand Jacob a “crazy” French customer acquisition specialist and learn how he went from setting up flash mobs to selling over 18 million Euros worth of online courses for his clients!

Before Kajabi:

Bertrand got his start running the first event company to put on meet-ups and flash mobs in Europe.

While his events company was successful, Bertrand was stuck in a cycle of boom or bust.

When his events went well, he was flush with cash.

But if any single event didn’t go well, it could bring the entire company crashing down.

Maybe you've experienced something similar in your business?

This created a lot of stress for Bertrand!

When his soon to be wife told him she was pregnant, Bertrand knew he had to slow down and find a way to make money without having to always be on the road.

Bertrand ended up meeting some HubSpot reps at a conference who showed him how to use his blog to acquire customers.

Within a few years, all of Bertrand’s customers were coming from his blog, and he was getting up to 40,000 new requests a day.

After seeing his success, Bertrand’s customers asked him to help them get customers online.

Using Facebook To Make Sales Online:

Around this time Facebook ads had just released Facebook pixels, and Bertrand recognized the incredible opportunity this represented for his clients to start using Facebook ads to make sales.

Bertrand asked his best clients to let him run Facebook ads for their business.

Five clients agreed to let him run Facebook ads, and Bertrand’s new career as a Facebook ads specialist was born.

Since that initial launch, Bertrand has sold over 18 million Euros worth of products for his customers using Facebook ads!

But just like with his events business, Bertrand had created another business that only worked when he did.

And he was still stressed out.

Finding Kajabi:

Bertrand initially found Kajabi through Brendon Burchard.

Even though Bertrand was skilled at using technology to build websites or host products he immediately saw how valuable Kajabi could be for his business.

There was only one problem.

Kajabi was an English language tool, while Bertrand was mostly dealing with French or Dutch speaking clients.

But in 2016 when Kajabi added multiple currencies and languages, Bertrand joined and was amazed at how easy Kajabi made it to run his consulting business.

Bertrand said:

“ I spent my days and nights creating Paypal buttons, linking to webpages and helping others do this. And then I realized with Kajabi 1 click saved 100 clicks!”

After using his Kajabi account to help automate billing with his consulting customers, Bertrand decided to create a course to help those entrepreneurs who couldn’t afford his services but still wanted to learn how to use Facebook to make sales.

Using Kajabi To Create An Online Course:

Bertrand ran into two problems when he was trying to build a course.

The first problem was that he had trouble relaxing on camera.

People would watch his videos and say “Bertrand, I like you, I like your videos, but they are not the same person.”

Bertrand had to learn how to relax and be himself.

This is a very common problem for first-time course creators! 

You can learn more about how to appear more confident on camera here. 

The second problem was that because he was a consultant, Bertrand had trouble finding the time to record his course while still providing service for his existing customers.

Bertrand recalls “If I am late for only one project, the day after I will receive a message that says “You have time for your newsletter but not my project.”

But eventually, Bertrand was able to relax and find the time to create a hugely successful Kajabi course!

Kajabi Is Not Just For Beginners!

By the time Bertrand found Kajabi, he had already been working with clients for years.

Bertrand knew how to create webpages, integrate payment systems and everything else you need to do to run your business online.

Even with all of that experience, Bertrand immediately recognized how powerful Kajabi was!

Whether you are just starting or have been in business for years like Bertrand if you run an online business Kajabi can help you make it easier and more successful!

How Can Kajabi Help Your Business?

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