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How Does Kajabi Stack Up Against Ruzuku?

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How Does Kajabi Stack Up Against Ruzuku?
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As more and more people turn to online courses to package and sell their knowledge, monetize their passions, or to launch the business of their dreams...the number of online course platforms has risen year after year.

Do you have a passion for teaching someone how to do yoga? Maybe you want to teach guitar lessons or help others better understand how to start their own business.

Whatever it may be, you need a platform to create your course and get it out to your audience. Knowing this, how do you know which platform is right for you?

You might be feeling overwhelmed or unsure if you can actually do this, so we’re here to give you the best information so you can choose which one is right for you and your business.

Today, we’re going to compare two different online course platforms, Kajabi and Ruzuku.

Kajabi vs. Ruzuku 


Kajabi and Ruzuku are both platforms which allow users to create, publish and sell online courses. You’re able to upload any videos, audio files, pdfs or even powerpoint slides and create a full online course which contains those different forms of content.


You’re able to teach whatever you want and choose how much you want to sell it for.

Course Creation and Delivery

Let’s dive in and look at each platform’s course creation and delivery methods.

Both platforms allow you to create a course that offers categories, attachments and discussions with no limit on how much content goes into each course. They offer unlimited bandwidth, drip content and unlimited amount of courses.

When it comes to selling your course, they both offer different payment options, upsells and multi-currency. They support PayPal or Stripe to make and receive your payments.

As far as the initial setup process goes, Ruzuku offers step-by-step guides on how to set up your course, whereas Kajabi offers step-by-step video tutorials that show you how to create your first course and how to sell it using our marketing tools.

Obviously selling your course is important too.

Marketing Tools


So let’s talk about marketing tools, since you can’t just create a course and expect to make money without marketing it.

Kajabi provides you with the tools and guidance you need to start selling your course.

Ruzuku gives you the tools to create your online course, but you’re on your own when it comes to marketing it and driving people to your offer.

This means you’ll have to pay for other services for your email marketing, landing pages and not to mention a website or blog platform as well.

With Kajabi, you’re able to do all of that in ONE place.

Landing Pages


A landing page is a separate page that’s used to get people to opt-in, purchase a product or download a pdf, etc.

Think back to a time when you entered in your name and email in order to download a free pdf. That was a landing page and it was being used to build someone's email list.

Kajabi offers a number of different customizable templates for your landing pages which include:

  • Opt-in pages
  • Squeeze pages
  • Sales pages
  • Thank you pages
  • Homepages

Kajabi’s templates are many of the proven winners you’ll see being used all over the web, both in design and functionality. They’ve made it about as simple as it can be to create a good looking page in only a matter of minutes.

Ruzuku doesn’t offer the landing page functionality, so you’ll need to purchase another platform which offers this functionality as well as a CRM (customer relationship management) to collect and store your data. We’ll cover this in a later section.

You can start to build your email list by creating an opt-in page followed by a thank you page. Once they enter their name and email, they’re automatically added to your list.

From there you can build your relationship with them, send them weekly updates or reminders, or promote your course all with Kajabi’s built in email marketing feature.

Email Marketing


Once you collect someone’s email, there needs to be a system put in place to build that trust in order for them to buy from you. This is your CRM, that we mentioned above.

Kajabi offers everything you need in email marketing in the form of broadcast email or email sequences (also known as autoresponders). This allows you to turn cold traffic into warm traffic before you start promoting your courses.

Let’s take the example from above using that same opt-in and thank you page to see how you’d use email marketing to build your business:

  1. When someone enters their name and email on the opt-in page you created, they’ll instantly be taken to a thank you page.
  2. From there they’ll receive whichever lead magnet you’re using (pdf., video, audio file, ebook, etc.) which will be directly on that thank you page or through an email you send them.
  3. Now that you have their email, they’ll automatically be added to an email sequence you have set up for that specific opt-in page.

All of this is automatically done inside of Kajabi.

Since Ruzuku doesn’t offer an email marketing feature, you’ll have to pay for a third-party email marketing service and connect it to your online course platform.


Kajabi’s pipeline feature is what ties it all together when marketing your online course.

We offer different pipeline blueprints which build out your marketing funnel for you. The pipeline automates the process of building your relationship with your prospects and building your business. It saves you the time and frustration of having to figure out how to build a funnel.

Here’s an example of how you can use the pipeline feature to build your marketing funnel.

  1. Pick which blueprint you want to use, in this case we’ll choose free report.
  2. Give your pipeline a title and upload your free pdf.
  3. You’ll then see the layout of your marketing funnel.
  4. Design your opt-in page and thank you page.
  5. Write your email(s).

Once you’re done, you’re ready to start building your email list!

Ruzuku doesn’t offer any marketing services. This is a vital part in building your audience and selling your course.

This means you’ll have to find (at least) two or three additional third-party services to sell your course. These would include one platform for building landing pages, one for building sales funnels and one for email marketing.


Both Kajabi and Ruzuku offer webinar functionality to host live webinars or pre-recorded webinars.

Inside of Kajabi, there’s a feature called events in which you’re able to choose from three different types of events:

1. Webinar

You’re able to host a webinar to teach and offer your products.

2. Virtual Summits

You can host a virtual experience for your target audience

3. Live Event

You can charge people to attend your live event.

Ruzuku offers live and pre-recorded webinar functionality as well. However, to make it even easier, Kajabi’s pipeline feature allows you to choose a blueprint for an event that you choose and it’ll create the entire marketing funnel needed to promote that event. You don’t have to worry about wondering if “you’re doing it right”.


Assessments and quizzes are a great way to test your customer’s knowledge while going through the course. It shows that they are consuming the content and learning from it.

Inside Kajabi’s assessment feature, you’re able to create different types of assessments, quizzes or surveys.

You choose which type of question format you want to use and type in your question. From there you’re able to choose which type of answer format you want whether it be multiple choice, user input, upload a file or multiple selection.

You’re also able to add the assessment to any course you want and require your customers to pass each quiz before moving on to the next lesson.

Ruzuku offers a basic multiple quiz functionality and offers integrations with certain quiz tools, but doesn’t allow you to require someone to “pass” the quiz before moving on.

So if you’re wanting to use your course as a certification program, class exam, or even just to make sure your customers are actually learning from your course, Kajabi is the best option for your needs.

Website Builder

If you want a website that features your services, courses and more, Kajabi has it all. Not to mention, there’s a built-in blog feature as well.

Our platform offers a dozen different theme templates that you can customize with a simple drag and drop.

Here’s how you’re able to build your own website using Kajabi:

  1. Pick a Kajabi website template
  2. Give it a title
  3. Customize using the drag and drop features
  4. Input your own branding and copy


With Ruzuku, you’re able to create your online course homepage, however, you will have to buy a third-party tool for your website and blog.

Not to mention, you’re not able to customize your course homepage as much as Kajabi. Ruzuku  give you presets and you can choose which color or text you want from a drop down menu.

Whereas Kajabi gives you full customization with our drag and drop functionality or even editing the code if you really wanted to.


When you’re looking for a online course platform you want to look at the overall functionality and think long term.

If you are wanting to add a third-party service, does the platform offer integrations?

Kajabi understands how important it is to have options and provides optimal functionality with integrations. We make it super easy to connect other services as well as Zapier, which connects to over 500 apps.

As for Ruzuku, you’re able to connect programs for your email marketing and payment processor. Right now the options are very limited. If you’re looking to grow your business, you want as many options as you can so you don’t have to switch platforms down the road.



Support is key when it comes to building an online business and you want to have the best of the best.

Of course both platforms offer great support, but how do they compare?

They both offer email support, a private Facebook group, FAQ section and guided help. Their Instructor Facebook group has fewer than 1000 members.

This is where Kajabi outweighs other platforms. Our user Facebook group has over 26,000 members that are networking and collaborating globally everyday. And not only do we offer step-by-step video tutorials and guides in our Help Center and Kajabi University we also have 24/7 support! We really value our customers needs and wants.

Ruzuku offers step-by-step guides in their help center.


Everyone wants to know about pricing, so let’s jump right to it.

When comparing Kajabi’s Pro plan to Ruzuku’s Up-and-Comer plan (comparative in nature), Ruzuku seems like the more cost-effective choice.

However, by the time you add up the other third-party services you would need for your business, you’d be spending more than the Pro plan for Kajabi. The cost of a website and CRM/email marketing on topof Ruzuku will often not be cost effective the more contacts you have to store.

So as you can see, if you chose to go with Ruzuku, you’d be spending a lot more on other platforms just to make up for what you need to run an online business.

Bottom Line

Ruzuku focuses more on online course creation whereas Kajabi specializes in online course creation but also offers many different features to help you build and grow your business.

If you’re just wanting a platform to create and sell your online course, Ruzuku isn’t a bad option. Just keep in mind you’ll be spending extra for other third-party services.

The cost of just one of these other services can be much more than the cost of Kajabi.

If you’re wanting to take your business to the next level by creating your course, marketing your course and selling your course but want everything all in one place, then Kajabi is the right fit for you.

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