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How to create a podcast on Kajabi

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How to create a podcast on Kajabi
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A podcast is a fantastic opportunity to market your business, grow an audience, and earn revenue.  They’re such a powerful tool that has ascended in popularity, moving from just 11% of the US population ever having listened to a podcast in 2006, to 57% in 2021.

That’s why every Kajabi membership comes with the ability to host and syndicate a podcast to the top audio streaming services, all from within the Kajabi dashboard!

Watch this video or read this blog post for a walkthrough of how to set up a new podcast in Kajabi.

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Creating your podcast on Kajabi

Kajabi podcasts allow you to distribute your podcast to Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify. Once you’re ready to build your podcast in Kajabi, you’ll navigate to Podcasts under the Product section. 

Step one is to choose which type of podcast. There are public and private podcasts. We’ll start with a ‘public podcast’. 

In step two, you’ll add in the name of the podcast, who hosts it, and a description. This is what gets sent to the actual RSS feed that then ends up on Google, Apple and Spotify.

You’ll also upload your podcast image. Everything in the podcast industry is based on album art in a square format or a one-to-one ratio. We recommend a 3000 by 3000-pixel file. These are big images but they can end up on big desktop screens, so for brand awareness, we suggest the highest pixel density image that you can get. Once that’s uploaded, you’re going to click continue.

In step three, you’ll add the public owner email and the language. The public owner email is used to verify ownership of the podcast and it’s the address that will show up on podcast directories. As for language options, there are dozens of languages supported across different podcast platforms. 

Then you must select at least one podcast module but you can choose up to three if you’d like. Finally, you’ll decide whether you want to list your episodes from newest to oldest or oldest to newest split up by season. If you upload your episodes individually on a set schedule, you may want to choose episodic, from newest to oldest, so listeners can easily access the latest episode.  

After that, you can click “create podcast,” and just like that, Kajabi will generate it!

From there, you’ll see the podcast overview with more customization options, such as preventing downloads, marking content as explicit, and page customization options as well.

Uploading and publishing podcast episodes

Now you’re ready to create your first episode. You’ll enter an episode title and type - either an episode, bonus, or trailer. You can add it to a season if you wish. You’ll also create a detailed description that will be visible on your page and the various listening apps. Then you’re ready to upload your episode. The maximum file size is 250 megabytes and we support a .mp3 format. 

After you’ve uploaded the episode, you’ll still need to take action to schedule it. Just click back into the episode, where you can make any additional adjustments, like adding in a transcript, And when you’re ready to schedule, on the right-hand side, click ‘schedule’ and select the day and time from the calendar. Also, keep in mind the time zone defaults to whichever one you’re in. 

After you’ve published, you can go back into the episode to copy the link which will direct the visitor to where the episode is hosted on your web page. 

Podcast syndication 

For public podcasts, you’ll need to syndicate the podcast with the directories, or listening services. So from the podcast page where you can see the list of episodes, click “distribution”. 

Each directory has its own process to approve and list each incoming podcast. We have information and links that you can access by clicking “learn how.” 

For example, with Apple Podcasts, you’ll need to create or sign in to an Apple Podcasts Connect account. We provide the podcast’s RSS feed URL at the top with a copy button so that you can easily copy and paste it into the field when you provide it for each service. When they approve, the directories will give you a URL that you paste into the field. Then the podcast will connect and become available to listeners on those platforms.

Private podcasts

Kajabi also allows you to offer a premium podcast, which you can directly monetize and sell with Offers in Kajabi. To create one, you can go back to the Create Podcast setup menu and select Private Podcast.

Just like with public podcasts, you’ll need to add a title, description, and thumbnail image, then you’ll choose the language, category, and episode order. Where it differs is that instead of distributing the podcast to listening services, you’ll use Kajabi Offers to grant listeners access to the podcast. 

You can attach the private podcast to any of your existing Offer. Or, you can create a new offer, choose the private podcast as the product, and select a price. You can edit this information like you would for any other offer on Kajabi. 

For Private Podcasts, on the Podcast overview page, you can see how many subscribers you have, and that it’s tagged as Private.

You’ll upload episodes the same way that you would with a Public podcast. 

Private podcasts are locked behind the login portal for your customers who have purchased them. You can also choose to grant the Offer to any existing customers. When you do that, it generates a specific RSS feed URL with an authorization token just for that customer. That way, they can still access your private podcast via one of the listening services. You can gate the content but still let your customers enjoy the content within their preferred podcast directory.

Podcast Analytics

What’s great about podcasts in Kajabi is that you’ll also get podcast analytics built right in. You can choose to look at data points for the full podcast or individual episodes. 

To view the full podcast analytics, click the analytics button from the podcast overview. To check out how an individual episode is performing, click on it from your list of episodes, then click the analytics button. You can see the number of downloads, the apps used to access the podcast, the devices, the device operating system, and the countries where your listeners are located. 

You’ll also see your top 10 episodes by downloads and links to get more data from each listening service.

Getting started with Kajabi

Now you’ve seen how simple Kajabi makes it to create, host, and distribute a profitable podcast. 

Beyond giving you the ability to easily create and manage your podcast, Kajabi includes the tools and services you need to take it a step further and build a thriving online business … all in one place. 

Kajabi provides a website builder with customizable templates, hosting for video and audio courses, assessments, a membership community, email marketing, contact management, automations, analytics, and much more. It’s a comprehensive suite of tools to help you manage your knowledge commerce business. It’s also easier and usually less expensive than stringing multiple other tools together.  

Ready to get started? Redeem your free 14-day trial today.

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