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The best podcast editing software: a complete guide for creators

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The best podcast editing software: a complete guide for creators
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In 2021 alone, around 57% of consumers in the United States listened to audio podcasts. That number has continued to grow as audio content remains popular. 

For creators, podcasting is one of the easiest ways to develop personal branding and to tell a story - whether that means interviewing experts from your field, discussing finance tips, or chatting with your best friend. Plus, it’s an excellent way to monetize your content.

In fact, Kajabi users with a podcast earned 26% more than those who did not have a podcast. If you are ready to start recording your podcast, or you already have a first draft, don’t neglect the editing phase. Let’s be honest - first drafts tend to be entirely too long, filled with barking dogs, background noise, and long, awkward pauses

Keep reading as we guide you through what you should look for in a podcast editing tool along with the pros, cons, and costs of a few of the most popular tools out there.

Things to consider when choosing an editing route

If you choose to edit your podcasts, as we suggest you do, using software or hiring help can be a great option in the long run. While you might be rolling your eyes at the fact that you need to purchase another tool, having a cleanly edited podcast will help you achieve podcasting success by attracting more listeners and therefore growing your revenue stream. In other words - no one wants to listen to a podcast with poor audio quality.

Here are a few things to consider before you jump into editing:

  • Your level of editing skills: While there are many DIY softwares out there, you need to decide if you’re at a beginner level or if you have any multimedia skills that could be useful. This can help you determine the type of software you need or if you’d rather hire someone to edit for you. 
  • Features you want in editing software: Depending on your level of editing experience and podcast goals, you might want tools such as podcast video editing, automation aspects, an easy-to-use layout, or even specific sound editing capabilities. 
  • How much time you have: Podcast editing tools make it easier, but it still takes time. Whether you are a full-time or part-time creator, consider how you’ll organize yourself and work podcast editing into your content schedule to stay productive.
  • How much it costs: If you have a little extra change to spend, then opting to hire someone like a freelancer, or even buying a premium software, would be ideal for your situation. 

Most full-suite podcast editing software comes with a price, but if you’re looking to minimize costs for your knowledge business, there are free options out there. Most include the basic functions you’ll need such as sound editing, trimming, audio track compression, background noise filters, and automation features.

Once you decide what you’re looking for in podcast editing software, it’s time to test out which one is best for you!

Podcasting editing software: the big decision

Like many editing tools, there are tons to choose from. Below, we’ve compiled a list of popular podcast editing tools for creators along with their pros, cons, and prices:

#1: Pro Tools

Pro Tools is great for beginners or experienced sound editors as it has everything you need at the basic level as well as more advanced features and plugins for when you’re ready to go further. It’s a go-to in the music industry, but it’s also excellent for podcast editing. One key feature of Pro Tools is its automations for sound editing.

Pricing: Pro Tools includes a free trial, and then has three subscription levels starting at $99/year.

#2: Audacity

The most appealing feature about Audacity is that it’s free - it includes all of the basic features you need to edit your podcast like removing background noise, cutting, and sound effects. The layout is nothing fancy, but it’s one of the easiest sound editing tools to use. There are a few limitations that come with this free product such as no automation - which means you’ll be manually editing your files. Overall, Audacity is a great option for beginners or for someone looking to save a little cash.

Pricing: Free

#3: Logic Pro

Logic Pro is an Apple product and is only available for Mac users. However, it’s a sleek, all-inclusive audio editing software that is an industry standard. Because it has many comprehensive professional features, it can seem daunting to beginners. Automation tools are included, but it’s mainly marketed for music and sound mixing. Unless you are going to use Logic Pro frequently, the price tag might not be worth it for simple podcast editing.

Pricing: $199

#4: Adobe Audition

You’ve probably heard of other Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop and Premiere Pro - Adobe Audition is both a recording and editing software making it a great option for podcasts. It’s marketed as a great place to create your podcast, and includes features such as cleanup, restoration, mixing, exporting, and the Essential Sound panel to help you achieve professional sound quality. 

Price: $20.99/month or $54.99 for all of the Creative Cloud apps

#5: GarageBand

GarageBand is a classic music creation studio - again since it is an Apple product, it is only available to Mac users. However, it comes on your Mac already and is free to use, and might be the best choice for beginners as you can do both your recording and editing in GarageBand. Additionally, it has a variety of features to start you out like pre-recorded loops and synths. 

Price: Free

These are only some of the sound editing softwares available for your podcast editing - make sure to choose the best one for your skills and schedule. Don’t be afraid to try a few before you finally commit. 

Upload your edited podcast to Kajabi

After you’ve edited your podcast, it’s time to broadcast it to the world! You might be asking - how do I do that? We’ll tell you. Through Kajabi, you can easily upload your podcast audio file for distribution on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify. 

Once you upload the audio file, you can choose to syndicate it to the listening services or keep it behind closed doors for your membership site subscription. One of the best parts about uploading your podcasts through Kajabi is that analytics are built right into the dashboard so you can measure your podcast’s success, to see where people are listening, the number of downloads, and more. For full instructions on how to create your podcast on Kajabi, read here.

Podcasts are an excellent way to increase your ROI as a content creator and to grow your existing audience and community. No matter which editing tool you choose to use for your podcasts, ensure it’s the right fit for your skill level and price range. 

If you’re ready to create your dream podcast with Kajabi, start your free 14-day trial here. We’re all ears!

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