Course Creator Series #2: 12 Simple Ways To Turn Your Students Into Raving Fans!

Welcome back to the course creators series! 

In the first Course Creators Series, we looked at what to do after you launch your first course. 

Today we're going to look at how to create raving fans for your business! 

Let's get started by talking about what makes someone a raving fan. 

What is a Raving Fan?

Ken Blanchard coined the term "Raving Fans"  to describe customers who are so overwhelmed by the customer service and experience they receive from a business that they have to tell everyone they know about it.

There are two types of raving fans.

Good raving fans, and bad raving fans.

Bad raving fans can’t stop telling everyone they know how awful their experience with you was.

According to American Express, bad raving fans tell an average of 15 people! 

That's a lot of bad word of mouth. 

Good raving fans, on the other hand, can help your business grow like crazy by telling everyone they know about you. 

This is great news because 83% of consumers say they either completely or somewhat trust recommendations from people they know.

These recommendations lead directly to sales as  74% of consumers identify word of mouth as the key influencer in their purchasing decisions.  

Can you see the power of creating raving fans who can't wait to tell everyone about your course now?


Let's look at 12 simple ways you can turn your students into raving fans. 

12 Simple Ways To Turn Your Students Into Raving Fans

1. Focus on Customer Experience. Your customer experience is how you make your customers feel throughout their interactions with your business. You want to create the best, most memorable experience you can for your students.

2. Map out your student journey. As you create and sell your Kajabi course, you want to get an idea of what your students go through. The better you understand and support your student’s journey, the more they’ll spread the word about their fantastic experience.

3. Add additional value to your course. One of the easiest ways to create raving fans is to give them more than they expected. A few ways to add additional value to your course include adding a free Q&A call, adding additional modules, or creating a community.

4. Encourage your students to re-watch your content. The more your students go through your materials, the more they will feel like they know and like you. Be sure to recommend re-watching specific modules in your community, on your live chats, and in your course. 

5. Get and apply feedback. Another way to nurture your students into raving fans is to listen to them. Gather feedback on your Kajabi course using assessments and then apply it to make your course better. 

6. Consistently update your Kajabi course. You should update your Kajabi course at least once a year. Updating your course shows your students that you care about them having the most up-to-date information, even after they bought your course. 

7. Create a community. Creating a community that your students love and get value from is a surefire way to create raving fans! Use the new Community feature on Kajabi to set up your community today! 

8. Start a VIP list for students. Create an exclusive email list for students who have purchased your course. Once you have the list set up, send them exclusive content, and discounts as a thank you for being VIPs. 

9. Connect with your students on social media. Make sure that you display your social media links in your Kajabi course and set up an automated email to remind students to connect with you.

10. Share your life with your students. When you share details about your life, even mundane ones like preferring coffee to tea, you nurture a parasocial relationship with your students. These details let your audience feel like they know you even if you've never met. 

11. Feature your students in success stories. Gather testimonials from your most successful students and share them in your content. Featuring students in your content will also inspire some friendly competition to be your next success story. 

12. Create a brand ambassadors program.  A brand ambassador program is where you allow certain students to promote your business. Think of brand ambassadors as cheerleaders for your business. Encourage them to post on social media, tell their friends and make videos about how awesome your course is.  

Building a tribe of raving fans is the best way to create a sustainable business.

As the great marketer Dan Kennedy once said: " 1000 loyal customers will keep you in business for the rest of your life!" 

It might be tempting to try to apply all 12 of these ideas right away.

Don't do it! 

Instead, make it easy on yourself and pick the 2-3 easiest ideas for you to implement this week.

Then, when you’ve implemented those ideas, add 2-3 more until you have implemented all 12.

Start Creating Raving Fans Today! 

You no longer have the excuse of not knowing what to do to turn your audience into raving fans.

These 12 ideas are easy to implement in just a few minutes a day.

To create raving fans, your students need to know that you are serving them at the highest level and genuinely want them to succeed!.  

When your students know that you believe in them, maybe even more than they believe in themselves, they become raving fans and cannot wait to spread the word about you and your business.

As the famous saying goes when it comes to creating raving fans, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

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