“Quick Fix” Your Copywriting In Under 15 Minutes With These 5 Simple Ideas

Imagine you’re in a pickle. Not a literal aged cucumber, but one of those “financial pickles” even the greatest of entrepreneurs go through every now and then.

Maybe it’s a looming tax bill, unexpected medical expenses, or a daughter who so thoughtfully just crashed the new (and only) family car a day before you had a chance to get the insurance all set up.

Long story short…

You need to generate some serious sales within the next 30 days or things could start to get a little dicey around your household.

The good news for you?

You’ve already done much of the heavy lifting. You’ve got online courses, digital products, and coaching all set up and ready for sale.

Better yet? Everything's set up on your Kajabi site so you have quick and easy access to the built-in email marketing and pipeline features which can help you generate all the sales you need. Luckily you’ve already made a few sales and have a good sized email list.

So generating an extra $10k-15k over the next 30 days is completely doable.

With a proven offer, your existing list of targeted prospects, and all the software pieces in place to convert them to new sales…

All that’s left is the “secret ingredient” which takes emails, sales pages, and webinars and quickly turns them into the picks and shovels to your own digital goldmine...


With all these other elements in place, the more effective your copy, the more sales you’ll generate. So if an influx of new revenue would help get you out of a bad situation, read on and apply the following tips to your own Knowledge Commerce business...

5 Simple Secrets To Quick Fix Your Copywriting

Quick Fix #1: Write Like You Talk, Not Like You’re Taught

People commonly make the mistake in thinking that copywriting is just about the words they’re using. Of course words play a critical part in the process and changing one can effectively alter the meaning of the message, but those words won’t matter if the words don’t get read!

And the way to help get them read is to write like you talk, not like you’re taught.

In school they teach you that your writing should be formal and professional. But out in the real world…the one where the sales of your digital products feed your family…you speak dramatically different than the way you were taught to write.

And simply writing more like this…like you talk…is a quick fix to any copy.

Be conversational. Be yourself. Be easy to understand.

Some markets you can’t always be “casual”, but you can almost always be conversational.

Bad Copy:

“As you peruse our delightful and extensively robust online multi-media course, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the nature and quality of the content related to hijacking, kidnapping, or any form of stealing from your competition.”

Better Copy:

“If some other business is doing something better than you, don’t worry! In this course we show the exact steps to force them to show you how to do it better. Not only is it in-depth, answering any question you can imagine, but it’s also fun!”

Don’t worry if it’s perfect or the best copy of all time.

The goal is to make it easy to read and understand, and the fastest way to do that is to simply write like you talk.

Quick Fix #2: Make It Look Friendly

So now your copy should read more like it was written by a real person instead of some business robot.

But even with “conversational copy” there’s still something you must do in order to get people to read it…

Make it look friendly!

Have you ever seen a post on Facebook where someone writes out what appears to be the entire first chapter of their upcoming novel instead of a normal Facebook post?

What do you do when you see that?


At best you skim through it quickly. At worst you completely skip by it wondering who in the world has time to decipher that sort of hieroglyphic communication.

To quickly improve that exact same post, all the author needs to do is properly let the copy “breathe” on the page. By add spacing and different formatting you’ll make it look easier to read.

So instead of this:

“Kajabi is the #1 Knowledge Commerce platform for digital entrepreneurs who want to take their knowledge and sell it online. As an all-in-one solution we offer email marketing, website and video hosting, one click upsells, payment integration, course building templates, landing pages, built in affiliate tracking, webinar tools, and even 24/7 chat support. If you’re brand new to selling your knowledge online, that’s ok too! We offer Kajabi Coaching which helps even the greenest of green online business owners get started simply, quickly, and without the usual tech hang-ups.”

It looks more like this:

“Kajabi is the #1 Knowledge Commerce platform for digital entrepreneurs who want to take their knowledge and sell it online.

As an all-in-one solution we provide everything from…

Email marketing, website and video hosting, one click upsells, and payment integration.

Oh but lets not forget you’ll also receive course building templates, landing pages, built in affiliate tracking, webinar tools, and even 24/7 chat support.

If you’re brand new to selling your knowledge online, that’s ok too!

We offer Kajabi Coaching which helps even the greenest of green online business owners get started simply, quickly, and without the usual tech hang-ups.”

You could be offering free gold bars using the best copy in the world, but if it “looks” hard to read, most will still skip or skim it.

When you let it “breathe” by spacing it out, adding stylistic elements, and make it easier to jump right in, your conversions will immediately take a jump up too.

Quick Fix #3: Don’t Water Yourself Down

Another critical mistake many online entrepreneurs make when writing copy is they “water themselves down” by not including their full personality in their messaging.

This doesn’t mean you should be slapstick funny, but instead just be you.

Remember, effective copywriting is more a transfer of enthusiasm and emotion than anything else. So by putting more of “you” into you’re writing, there’s a good chance your readers will connect with it even more.

Is it a little scary putting more of your personality into what you write? Of course. You feel vulnerable and wonder what if people don’t like it.

Well, the good news? Not even the best of the best can truly predict when their art – whether copy, film, or novel – will be a huge hit, complete miss, or if people will even like it.

But almost every time you’re more likely to miss (and miss big) when you leave out your personality.

Your audience will be attracted to what’s different. They’ll be attracted to what’s real. They’ll applaud you for being yourself and letting it all come through in what you write.

And those who don’t…don’t. And that’s ok! You don’t need every person on the planet to love you in order to run a wildly successful Knowledge Commerce business.

So the next time you want to start a blog article with a dumb kidnapping story that might not make any sense…just go for it. We’ve got your back!

Quick Fix #4: They Don’t Believe The Hype

Another common hiccup many online marketers make is thinking that the more “hype” they include in their copy, the more powerful it will be.

While you do want to highlight uniqueness and promised benefits only available through your specific product, you want to also be aware of your prospects “Yeah Right Meter”.

In this digital age, your prospects are inundated with copy throughout their entire day. They see empty and bloated promises shouted from every which way you can imagine. So while the other marketers are using this sort of strategy, do this instead…

Connect proof to promises.

Obviously still sell your product, but anytime you make a promise of any sort, see if there’s a way to attach some sort of proof to it.

Let me show you what I mean…

“This online course will TRIPLE your revenue!!!”

What was your first thought when you saw that? “Yeah right…I’ve heard that before”. That’s what happens when you make a promise or use too much hype but don’t connect it with any form of proof.

Here’s how a quick fix for it…

“This online course really can TRIPLE your revenue because we use a proven 4-part sales boosting strategy to find more customers and sell them more of your stuff more often.

We’ve had 50+ private clients use it and each one (on average) has quadrupled their overall revenue within the last 12 months.”

Simply adding “because” behind a promise and providing some simple explanation or proof to why that claim is true will immediately help your copy feel more believable.

Again, don’t worry about perfection, just on connecting whatever proof you have available to the promises your making.

Quick Fix #5: Your Readers Are Selfish

If you keep the phrase I’m about to share with you on the top of your mind, your copywriting and pretty much all marketing will undoubtedly be better. Your readers are always thinking one thing whenever they’re reading your sales page, emails, or anything form of promotion…

“What’s in it for me?”

For the most part, they only care about you in order to confirm that you can in fact deliver the result they seek. And this isn’t to say they’re bad people. In fact it’s the opposite. They’re being intelligent consumers.

We all do this.

Even if you’re a non-profit the people coming to read your sales material are still wanting to know “what’s in it for me if I donate to this cause?”.

Where does the money go? How do the people your helping receive aid? How can I know you’re a legitimate organization?

These are all parts of the “WIIFM” equation. You’ll want to expound upon what’s in it for them to work with your non profit as opposed to any other one.

So as you write or review your copy keep the “WIIFM” phrase written down close by.

Remember, people only care that you’ve been in business since 1901 or any other business slogan IF that translates into some sort of benefit to them. And it’s your job to show them how it does.

A quick recap of our 5 quick fixes for your copy:

  1.         Write like you talk.
  2.         Make it look friendly.
  3.         Don’t water yourself down.
  4.         Connect proof to promises.
  5.         What’s in it for them.

But when you combine effective copy with Kajabi’s easy to use, all-in-one platform, you really don’t have to worry about kidnapping anyone ever again…

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