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The Wait is Over: The Kajabi Mobile App is Here!

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The Wait is Over: The Kajabi Mobile App is Here!
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Ready to deliver value to your customers like never before? You may sell online courses from your own website and your customers want to take those courses with them on their phones.

Today’s the day: The Kajabi Mobile App is live and ready for download!

We’ve anticipated this launch for a long time and we know you have too. 

Last week we did a Facebook Live to demo the app and we got a ton of great questions, including this one:

“What’s the difference between using the new Kajabi app, and accessing content on a mobile browser?”

We like this question because it cuts right to the core of why this app is going to revolutionize online learning, and what’s going to change for your customers now that it’s live.

So let’s get right into it...

One-Touch Access

When trying to access your content with a mobile browser, your customers need to remember the URL of your course and the login they created when they purchased. 

Your customers might have those bookmarks saved on their computer at home, but that doesn’t help when they want to pull up a training to listen to while riding the train or driving long commutes.

The Kajabi mobile app puts your content one tap away, with no logins to remember.  

When your customers download the app, they sign in once using our “magic link” and then they never have to worry about typing in a URL or password ever again. 

Just one tap to open the app — that’s it. 

Push Notifications for Instant Engagement 

Push notifications are perhaps the biggest engagement win inside the app vs. using the mobile browser experience. 

They put your important updates front and center on the screen your customers look at the most, so that they’re received as quick as a text message. 

With push notifications, you’ll never be more than an arm’s length away from engaging with your customers on-the-go. 

A World-Class User Experience

Up until now, when your customers accessed digital products on a mobile device, they’ve gotten a web experience that never quite lived up to its potential. That’s because it was created for desktop first, mobile second.

The Kajabi mobile app completely changes this. 

It creates an experience designed for mobile from the ground up so that your customers will immediately feel more connected to you. Everything works better, looks better, and is easier to use. 

It’s like the difference between using a chef’s knife and a butter knife in the kitchen. The right tool makes all the difference. 

Take the app for a spin

Download the Kajabi mobile app for free and experience the ease of one-touch access for yourself. 

All of your Kajabi University courses are in there as well, and we’re constantly adding new ones to our KU library. 

Take the app for a test-drive and find out first-hand how easy it is to consume content on-the-go!

Leave a comment and tell us what you think below…

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