5 Tips To Make Your Marketing More Persuasive

As digital entrepreneurs, the more persuasive our marketing can be, the greater chance we have of not only succeeding for the long term but also in making the greatest impact in the lives of those we serve.

In a recent Forbes article, they stated that the average American is exposed to around 4,000 ads every single day. Most of them going completely unnoticed as we’ve become immune to businesses constantly shouting for attention.

Which is why it’s that much more important for us to make our marketing as persuasive as possible. If we don’t, not only will we lose, but the people who you could help will never have the chance to hear from you.

Whether you’re selling online courses, coaching, or access to a monthly membership, using marketing in order to find new customers is the lifeblood of your business.

So the journey of discovering even just one new idea which can make your marketing more effective is always worth your time.

What Persuasion Is Not

To use persuasion effectively, we first must establish what persuasion is not.

For the record, lying or using “any means necessary” is not what we consider persuasion. Ethical persuasion consists of framing your product or service in the best way possible in the minds of your prospects. And there are many “non-sleazy” ways to do just that.

Imagine you were set up on a blind date. There’s quite a lot of existing assumptions or internal chatter going on with both sides, right? What could ultimately be a really great relationship may never get off the ground because that existing frame is never broken through.

But what if prior to the date, the girl ran into one of their friends who just happened to brag all about you. Think that would immediately make a difference? Of course it would.

So ethical persuasion is not lying.

It’s more about positioning and knowing what roadblocks are most likely already in the way of you connecting with your prospect.

5 Tips For More Persuasive Marketing

1: Overcoming Objections Proactively

Getting this right is like having the skill of a superhero marketer. The old copywriting saying says “you want to enter the conversation in your prospects head” and this is exactly what we’re talking about.

Your prospects have all sorts of objections which stop them from taking whatever action you’re wanting them to take. If you can simply bring them up and clearly overcome them, you instantly grease your marketing allowing everything to flow far easier than before.

Here are just two examples of objection and overcome:

Opt-In Page

Objection: “You’re going to spam me or sell my email.”

Overcome: “We hate spam as much as you do. We’ll never sell or rent your email, and we never send out emails which we don’t think could help your business.”

Sales Page

Objection: “What if this product doesn’t work for me?”

Overcome: “I know everyone’s business is different. And you’ve probably purchased products that weren’t like anything they were promised to be. That’s why this course comes with a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee. If it’s not for you, I’d rather refund you right away and maintain a great relationship! So you really have nothing to lose.”

While these are fairly common, you want to be working common objections into every step of your marketing. You want to overcome objections proactively...that’s the key!

From your ads to your emails, insert what you believe is stopping them from taking the next step and provide a powerful reason why that doesn’t have to stop them anymore.

Remember, people love to buy but hate being sold. All that means is we love when people gracefully answer our questions and objections making it that much easier for us to say yes instead of continuing to resist.

2: Great Welcome Email

The welcome email is one of the most important communications you’ll ever send your prospect or customer. At the time of purchase or opt-in is when they’re most interested in hearing from you and you need to capitalize on this window of attention.

By waiting even just a day later, you’ve already dropped lower in priority as hundreds of other emails have now found their way into the inbox.

So do not take the welcome email lightly! It’s a great way to create a relationship and turn a prospect into a future customer.

Pro Tip: Here at Kajabi we get asked about email subject lines a lot! And while there are definite ways which work better than others, the subject line is not the most important part to an email. The “from” portion is! The relationship the reader has with the sender drives open rates more than anything else. And a welcome email helps create that bond.

So here are a few ideas to make your welcome emails more persuasive:

  • Include a welcome video where you thank them for joining your list and what they can expect. Videos typically create a connection better than just text.
  • Surprise them with a free unexpected gift.
  • Share something personal which may also help them
  • Overcome any objections you think they may still have.

By leveraging the welcome email more effectively, your future communications will be that much more persuasive because people like to do business with those they know, like, and trust.

3: Being Honest

What sounds more believable (more persuasive) to you…

“My online course is the best and will work for everyone!”


“My online course is the collection of my life’s work. I’ve seen the material transform hundreds of lives. Will it work for everyone? I wish. Will it work for everyone who works it? In my experience, yes, most of the time.”

Being honest is actually one of the most persuasive things you can do. Your prospects have become so immune to hype or empty promises and resonate more with someone who is just real with them.

You still want to make bold promises and take a stand for your product being different or better than your competition, but you want to do it by using candor.

Some other ways to incorporate this same principle is to use phrases like:

  • Confessions of…
  • I admit I was wrong about this one…
  • This isn’t for everyone…

Again, you want to be honest. But by saying things like “if you’re looking for another get rich quick program than this isn’t for you” is a great way to not only create believability but also filter out prospects who may not be a great fit.

Honesty and candor equal persuasion.

It’s ok to admit a weakness in your product or service. Your prospects know nothing is perfect and will bond more with you when you don’t shy away from that fact.

#4: Focus On The Offer

Are people not opting into your list, buying your course, or not attending your webinar?

While you might think you have a marketing problem, in reality, you may have an offer problem.

Which is actually good news because an offer problem can be an easy fix. But many people never think about it. Instead, they spend more time, money, and energy marketing, pushing, and praying that people will show up.

Remember this: your offer is everything!

If you get your offer right everything else becomes incredibly easier.

Here’s a quick offer improvement checklist:

  1. Is what you’re offering for free valuable enough that you could sell it if you wanted to?
  2. Have you asked your audience to find out what they really want?
  3. Are you overcoming common objections?
  4. Do you have a clearly communicated guarantee?
  5. Are you offering additional bonuses? Are they exciting and not just “toss-ins”?
  6. If you read your offer to a prospect would they be anxious to have it?
  7. Can you offer different payment options?
  8. Have you provided social proof or other believability elements?

Your offer goes beyond just whatever product or service you’re offering. It covers everything from pricing and accessibility, to additional bonuses and convenience.

You could have average copy and marketing, but if you put the right offer in front of the right person, you’ll undoubtedly see tremendous success.

So keep it simple and focus on your offer to improve the persuasiveness of all your marketing.

#5: It’s All About Attention

“What holds attention determines action.” - William James

Effective and persuasive marketing is all about attention. Not only capturing it, but holding it and funneling it towards whatever the next action is you’d like your prospect to take. The more often you can do this, the more often you’ll generate opt-ins, sales, and recurring orders.

To put it simply: what’s different get’s attention. So find ways to be different.

While there are limitless ways in which you can capture attention, here are just a few relevant to Knowledge Commerce entrepreneurs…

  • Send something in the mail to your prospects or customers.
  • Use Facebook Messenger bots.
  • Be yourself and show your flaws or weaknesses.
  • Try doing the opposite of what everyone else in your niche is doing.
  • Find ways to be entertaining not just always giving information.

You’ll notice that both big and small businesses who are succeeding today are masters at getting attention. As digital entrepreneurs, it’s the same for us.

The Power Of Persuasive Marketing

At the end of the day, we all create marketing to help position ourselves, our product, or our service in a certain way in the minds of our prospects. We do everything we can to stand out and communicate that we have something which can help them.

The better we can do this, the more effective our marketing becomes.

These are just 5 of many ideas to help you incorporate persuasion just a little bit more in your marketing efforts: 

  • Overcoming Objections Proactively
  • Great Welcome Email
  • Being Honest
  • Focus On The Offer
  • It’s All About Attention

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