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Makeup artist makes over $80,000 in online course sales

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Makeup artist makes over $80,000 in online course sales
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Since we originally published this post in August 2016, Tiffany has gone through 3 highly successful launches, making over $80,000 in the process.

What’s amazing is that all of the income she’s made through these launches were from the same course!

That’s right - Tiffany was able to greatly increase her income just by marketing her existing content, and now she’s also been able to leverage her business into paid speaking at live events.

Read the original post below to see how Tiffany got started from makeup artist to digital entrepreneur...

 Tiffany's story starts out a bit differently than most. She actually met Kenny and Travis (co-founders of Kajabi) a couple of years before she got started teaching online. While doing makeup and design work for her mentor, Chalene Johnson, she was introduced to Kajabi by Chalene who has had enormous success on the platform.

One might think that the meeting between Tiffany and Kajabi would spark an instant urge to get up and running on the platform, but as time would tell, that wasn't the case. 

The Power of Observation

If there's one person to exemplify how a lot can change in the course of a year or two, Tiffany would be that person. A couple of short years ago, she had absolutely no idea what an email marketing list was, or how to gain a presence on social media.

She simply knew she was amazing at makeup and design work, but not the marketing side. While doing contract design work for Chalene, she started to ponder if she could create a successful online presence herself. Well folks, this is the mental seed that was planted, which started growing her tree of success. 

Branching Out

With the seed planted, it was time for Tiffany to branch out and begin mapping out her online destiny. With such a close relationship with Chalene, one might assume that Tiffany would reach out and ask for help marketing and branding her own online course. That proved to be just the opposite of what took place.

"I purposely didn't reach out to Chalene because I wanted to prove to people that I could do it without getting the leverage of someone else. I wanted to show that this works and that if you're constantly getting out there and serving your audience, then you too can do it."

After observing the success of her mentor for years, Tiffany finally got to work by building her social media presence and email list. Yes, that's right, the same social media presence and email list that she had no idea about just a few months prior. 

Am I an Expert?

"I never thought people would want to pay for the things that I knew I was an expert at. I didn't think people would want that in the online space, and there's so much free content on sites like YouTube." Tiffany continues in a way that we couldn't say it better ourselves, "NOBODY can do ANYTHING the way that YOU do it." 

This fact instantly separates every person from the rest in their own right. Now, all that needs to happen is the execution. 

Prepare for Launch

With the first step of building a social media presence and an email list under way, the wheels were finally in motion. What about the content to follow suit? "I kept it simple. I started filming videos on how to feel more comfortable on camera, and how to grow your outreach." Once she had her Kajabi engine running, her videos unintentionally created beneficial by-products such as how to be better on film, how to do makeup for being on camera, what lighting is best for filming, and how to create sets with what you have around the house.

The content was at a seemingly freeflow at that point. "I tip-toed my way in, creating a course and preparing to launch as a low-tech person." As with any success story, Tiffany's story comes with plenty of hurdles she had to overcome.


Clearing the Hurdles

If success came easy, then it would become synonymous with average, lackluster, and ordinary. There's nothing necessarily difficult about obtaining success, but the journey proves to be the biggest hurdle of all.

Tiffany has had her fair share of hurdles, and the fact that she's been able to achieve the first goal she's set for herself, has opened the doors to a future of freedom and flexibility. One of the underlying hurdles in Tiffany's start on selling her knowledge online, was the mental factor.

"Don't set yourself up to not achieve success by thinking 'I'm not going to do well.' I kept telling myself 'I'm going to kick butt when I finally get around to doing this'.... and I did."

Of course, not everything Tiffany produced was solid gold, but that was just fine! Taking every failure as a learning experience, and every piece of feedback as a building block to changing her content for the better, Tiffany turned her mere 20% successful opt-in pages into her content refinery.

Brilliantly, she was giving free content away in order to introduce her personality and teaching approach to her future paying audience.

"Free opt-ins give you the chance to show people your personality and style. It gives them the opportunity to see if they like your teaching style. The first free opt-ins weren't successful, but not because of the content, but the way I was presenting it."

Seeing Success

Tiffany has definitely had her fair share of hardships, some of which have made it hard for her to work the usual 12 hour days. A health hurdle had given her a need to create an income for herself, while not always needing to devote the majority of her week to commuting and working long days away from home.

With only a 3-day launch to an organic list of people familiar with Tiffany, she was able to make 7x what she would have made working for a client, all from the comfort of her home! With the sales rolling in, Tiffany was able to start paying down her medical bills and get to work on expanding her products.

"Working on a production full time is so taxing, it puts me to ease that I'm able to put my passive income towards medical bills. Its given me the freedom to focus on the things that make me healthier."

What's Next?

You may be wondering what's next on the list for Coach Glitter. Her roadmap is right on par with the driven entrepreneur who takes great care in serving her audience. LightsCameraBranding.com will have a longer and more extensive launch coming up in the near future, but right now Tiffany is focusing on reaching out to her list, gaining feedback, and improving her courses. 

Words of Advice

For anyone out there thinking about taking the leap and selling their knowledge online, Coach Glitter offers some strong words of advice:

"My launch was an amazing experience, and it squashed so many of the fears and doubts that I had. I don't know why we bet against ourselves, when we should be betting for ourselves. Go figure out what the problem is, and figure out how you can provide a solution to it. You have to just put yourself out there, figure out who your audience is, and what you can do to offer them value or help. You can't improve something you never begin, you can't make something better that you've never produced, so if you love something... share it!"

To stay updated on all things Tiffany visit: http://coachglitter.com/ and see her course at Lights Camera Branding.

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