The Untold Secrets of “Knowledge Commerce” Entrepreneurs

3 Non-Techy Strategies That Create Breakthrough Success Online

If control, freedom, and doing what you love are things that keep you up at night, then today’s article is one you’ll most likely enjoy.

We’re taking a quick detour from our technical do’s and don’ts, and instead head down the less talked about path of what really makes entrepreneurs successful. Especially ones like you who want to share what they know with the world through online courses, membership sites, and digital products.

But before we dive in, let’s identify a few things…

In all the history of mankind...

There’s NEVER been a better time to be an entrepreneur.

The opportunity and ability to go from “random idea” to a profitable business is easier and quicker than ever before.

And even more so for those of us who have Knowledge Commerce businesses, because we don’t need expensive inventory or additional real estate, but instead simply sell information.

According to a report released by REUTERS in June of last year, the already booming "E-Learning" industry is expected to reach a $275-Billion-dollar valuation within the next 4 years!

So if there ever was a time to launch your online business teaching others what you know and love, that time is now. Seriously.

Even just 30 years ago…

  • You couldn't use your iPhone to record studio-quality videos for your content. You had to rent or buy expensive recording equipment then pay to get it edited and produced.
  • You couldn’t simply click a few buttons and have a beautiful, multi-use website up and running in a matter of minutes. You either knew were a programmer, or paid or partnered with one to custom code your site for you.
  • And you certainly couldn’t market it for free using things like Facebook, Instagram or even email. You had to risk your capital and use newspaper or magazine ads before you ever knew if you had a winning idea or not.

You see even just a handful of years ago, monetizing your skills or passions was a serious technological endeavor, requiring huge amounts of time, capital, and tremendous risk.

And that was just to get your idea off the ground!

That’s not even mentioning your in-person sales team, no automated fulfillment, and everything else which is so effortlessly included in your online business today.

Years before that it was even harder!

Many of the “titans of industry” risked all they had…life and limb…signing long-term leases and mortgages on capital equipment, required real estate, and manual labor.

Sheesh! And you thought you had it tough ; )

Before our online world and the astounding ability to reach customers throughout the world at the click of a mouse, the risk to launch out on your own was astronomical.

So yes, today truly is the greatest entrepreneurial age we’ve ever seen and with good reason.

Do we have our own struggles? Of course. With a low barrier of entry comes an increase in competition. Not to mention the daily distractions we’re bombarded with every day.

(Let’s see Einstein fail 10,000 times when he can barely stay off Facebook for 5 minutes! Lol)

But here’s the great news…

And it comes from working with thousands of digital entrepreneurs just like you…

Nearly anyone with the right mindset can success building an online business in 2018.

You’ve heard the quote “perception is reality”, right?

Well, the way digital entrepreneurs perceive themselves, their customers, and the opportunity around them impacts their ability to succeed.

Having a powerful perception can be the “secret sauce” to making everything work.

It can be the difference between going from zero to hero within the next 12 months…or going in circles for the next 5 years wondering when you’re going to finally catch your break.

So let’s dive right in…

#1: Become A Knowledge Commerce Scientist

Have you ever had an idea which you thought was foolproof?

You might as well quit your 9 to 5 now because everything’s about to change, right?

But then you launch it and it completely flops.

Maybe you act like you just brush it off, but deep down it stings. You feel a little embarrassed, a little let down, and are now hesitant and unsure if you’re even cut out for this whole online entrepreneurship thing.

Well instead of thinking of it as “win/lose”, you viewed yourself as a “Knowledge Commerce” Scientist?

Scientists have ideas all the time. Some work…but many fail. Or they fail at first.

Does a scientist give up or declare themselves useless when one of their experiments doesn’t go according to plan? Not at all. In fact, they do the opposite.

They know that experimentation is the game.

And when you get that…you my Knowledge Commerce friend become UNSTOPPABLE.

The laptop is now your lab. It’s where you go to test your ideas and theories.

Sitting in your white lab coat without shoes you, you’re on a quest to serve others, create wealth, and build a lifestyle of dreams.

Whether an idea fly’s or flops…it’s all just chemistry to you now.

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So whether you already have a business, or you’re simply trying to figure out which idea you should run with next...

…remember, you’re a scientist. You experiment. You don’t take failure personally.

And if you’re wondering where to start, make sure you check out our new Business Starter Kits. They contain your A to Z roadmap from taking your knowledge and monetizing it online through courses and digital products.

#2: Think Small, Act Big

From our experience, most entrepreneurs (yourself included) don’t have any issue with “thinking big”.

They can quite easily get lost in the million dollar ideas, helping thousands of people, or the watching the waves ripple up onto the shore from their recently purchased beach house.

But very often it’s easy to get caught in the trap of thinking big but acting small.

Maybe it’s because you’re unsure of which actions to take, in what order, or to be honest, maybe it’s just the normal fear of launching something without the guarantee if it’ll work. And what will people think of you?

All of those things can cause the brakes to get slammed on.

But what if you reversed it?

What if you started to think small and act BIG?

Say, for example, you’re a photographer and you want to teach others how to take better pictures, use Photoshop, and get clients.

Well instead of thinking how you’re going to go from zero to $1,000,000 in your first year, what if you first just tested the idea? What if you thought small and then acted big?

One idea is you could write up a Facebook post informing your friends and family of your new business idea.

How over the years you’ve put in 1,000’s of hours learning how to take the perfect photo, mastering editing software, and learning the in’s and out’s of a photography business.

You go on by saying how you’ve helped many friends and family members for free, teaching them how to do these same things.

But now you want to help even more people and do it in an ever more professional and creative way. You then invite them to simply like your post, comment, or message you if they’d like to learn more.

Viola! See how easy that was? You’ve created nothing yet, taken zero risks, and are well on your way to getting your first customer.

We’ve seen thousands of businesses start this way.

Many of our #kajabiheros launched their 6 and 7 figure business and courses just like this.

They focused on today instead of tomorrow and the next step they could take instead of the miles needed for the marathon.

The magic of thinking small and acting big is that it keeps you in action. And remember, imperfect action is better than perfect inaction any day.

And for those of you who’d still like to think small and act big, but would like to have it be a little more professional than a simple Facebook post…

…maybe with your website or landing page ready to take emails…

You can get our free Business Starter Kit right here. It has a professionally designed plug and play website template, landing page, and even sales copy.

You could be ready to start generating leads by the end of the day.

But remember...think small and act BIG.

#3: The Daily Digital Detective

When you’re first getting started in online entrepreneurship, it can sometimes become a dark, confusing place. There’s no shortage of misinformation, overwhelm, and a constant barrage of someone telling you only their way is the right way.

You can easily become discouraged and question every move you make.

Which obviously doesn’t quite lead to huge success.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You see, just like a detective uses clues to solve a case, you too can use clues to launch or grow your business. In fact, it’s never been easier.

You want to begin thinking like a “Digital Detective”.

Instead of starting from scratch, trying to create something from can find someone who’s “been there done that” and see how they’ve done it.

You’re constantly looking for clues or proven templates which you can model to save time, money, and your own mind.

This is why we have “Zero To Hero” case studies of people just like you who’ve succeeded in everything from Fitness and Nutrition, to Coaching, Marketing, and even teaching people how to use Excel.

Because as you know…” success leaves clues”.

It’s far easier to model someone else (at least to get off the ground) than it is to start from nothing, with no direction or guidance whatsoever.

It’s 2018, not 1918 and the outline of everything you need is already here waiting for you.

That’s why we put together our Business Starter Kits.

There You Have It…

Ask any successful entrepreneur, both offline and online, and they’ll most likely agree…mindset is one of the critical ingredients to success.

Implementing these three ways of thinking will help you succeed faster than simply focusing on just the technology…

  1.         Become A Knowledge Commerce Scientist
  2.         Think Small, Act Big
  3.         The Daily Digital Detective

But when you combine a powerful mindset with Kajabi’s easy to use, all-in-one platform, it can sometimes become harder to fail than it is to succeed.


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