Avery Smith: Growing a Data Career into a Six-Figure Business

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When Avery Smith discovered the world of data analytics, he immediately wanted to make a career pivot. Having received a degree and a job in a field he wasn’t passionate about, data analytics opened his eyes to new career opportunities. Once he successfully transitioned into a data career, people began asking him questions like: How did you do that? What steps did you take? And that’s how Data Career Jumpstart was born. 

Data Career Jumpstart helps people who feel stuck in their career like Avery did and gives them an opportunity to make more money, work remotely, and do something they truly enjoy through a data analytics career. He does this primarily through his bootcamp, Data Analytics Accelerator. Avery also creates educational content on LinkedIn and hosts the biggest data podcast on Spotify called Data Career Podcast. Here’s a snapshot of his business success: 

  • Generated nearly half a million dollars from his products 
  • Helped hundreds of students increase their salaries 
  • Reached 100K listens of his podcast in 2023 

The Challenge: Piecing Together Multiple Product Offerings 

In less than three years since launching his business, Avery has expanded in several ways. His Data Analytics Accelerator program is his main product offering, but he also offers a free masterclass, runs a weekly newsletter, offers 1:1 coaching, and hosts a successful podcast. All of that to say, he knew needed a way to manage all of these components in order to scale. 

“When you're running an online business, it's really easy to feel like you're kind of Frankensteining your business together with different softwares,” he says. 

Avery tried multiple solutions before finding Kajabi, including Podia, Teachable, HighLevel, and ClickFunnels, but none of them gave him everything he needed to seamlessly run his business. 

“A lot of those try to be all in one, but they don't feel as complete as Kajabi,” says Avery.

For instance, ClickFunnels’ user experience is not very great.”

The Solution: Building and Earning on Kajabi

After learning about Kajabi and not finding complete success with other platforms, he decided to give it a try. 

His first impression of Kajabi’s all-in-one platform was how intuitive it was to navigate and start building your offerings

“When you first log in,” he recalls, “it's very clear and it's easy for any beginner to get started.” 

Avery also recalls how Kajabi ties everything together — from courses and memberships to landing pages, analytics, and payments — and makes it easy to find in one place. 

But what made him the most confident that Kajabi was the right solution over other platforms was once he began seeing money come in. 

“Honestly, it was the fact that the other ones were kind of failing, and I started making money on Kajabi,” Avery recalls.

“The proof is in the pudding when you're making money.”

Results: Scaling to a Six-Figure Business 

Avery now uses Kajabi to host all of his online courses and his Data Analytics Accelerator bootcamp. He also taps into Kajabi’s built-in marketing and sales features like email campaigns, CRM, landing pages, and the analytics and sales dashboard. 

Last year, Data Career Jumpstart made nearly $500K in revenue. 

“Kajabi is critical for my business because my users have a great experience and they're in a great learning environment,” says Avery. “Everything's in one screen for me to see and be able to go back and forth really easily. And it was super easy to get started.”

In just two and half years since launching, Avery’s business has allowed him to quit his day job and replace his six-figure income by being his own boss and working a fraction of the time. 

Outside of his own success, Avery has helped hundreds of people transition into a data analytics career which has led to millions of dollars in salary increases. 

Looking Ahead: Working Towards 1 Million 

With strong business and operations systems in place, Avery can focus on creating content and scaling. His biggest goal is to hit the $1M per year mark in his business. 

His advice for other creators who want to start their own online businesses like his? Stop thinking about it and just do it. 

“Just get started,” says Avery. “You learn so much more from starting than trying to learn — and start quickly, like within seven days.”

Avery’s Playbook for Creating Killer Social Media Posts 

With nearly 40K followers on TikTok, almost 120K followers on LinkedIn, and 13K subscribers on YouTube, Avery knows a thing or two about building an audience on social media. He’s grown his following across platforms to almost 180K people in just a few short years by creating killer social media posts like this: 

Follow Avery’s steps to create better social media posts for your business and stand out as a creator: 

  • Step One: Stop trying to do it on your own from scratch. 
  • Step Two: Find someone that you admire who is already having success. 
  • Step Three: Recreate their posts word for word, image for image, video frame for video frame to understand what they're doing and why it might be working. 
  • Step Four: Create your own version of one of their posts and see how it does. As Pablo Picasso says, all art is theft and that's the same with social media posts.

Ready to build your online business? See how an all-in-one tool like Kajabi can help you seamlessly scale like Avery did. 

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