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Fish Fischer is the CEO and co-founder of Somatiq Breathwork, an emotional wellness modality that centers predominantly on breathwork to alter one's state. Fish explains the importance of health in entrepreneurship by drawing a superhero analogy. He highlights that true health is the ability to choose when to enter a relaxation state and when to be in an activation state, just like a superhero controls their powers.

  • Earns $1.5 million annually on Kajabi
  • Expanded from a solo venture to a 15-person team
  • Uses Kajabi's automations to maximize operational success

Being a multi-million-tier Kajabi creator, Fish has found significant business success through his unique approach to emotional wellness. Somatiq Breathwork aims to help individuals find and express themselves in their unique way by unlocking emotions on the mat. Through years of experience, he has learned the importance of slowing down in entrepreneurship and the value of building teams to avoid the loneliness often associated with solo ventures.

Fish's dedication to helping others heal and feel fully alive is evident in the offerings provided by Somatiq Breathwork, which include a 4-day in-person training and a 12-week online practitioner training certification program. With a growing team of 15 people, he continues to utilize Kajabi for both small and large-scale operations, acknowledging its crucial role in his success.

The Challenge: Balancing Authenticity with Online Integration

Before Somatiq took its first breath, Fish found himself grappling with a recurring issue — capturing a sustainable market fit for his innovative and fresh idea. Launching a business that offers an entirely different product comes with its unique set of challenges. Fischer admitted,

"One of the biggest challenges of starting a business is getting to product-market fit, and getting the right customers."

With a novel approach to emotional wellness, there were early hesitations about how his new breathwork practitioner certification courses would be received. Fish perfectly encapsulated the struggle of every empathetic entrepreneur: "I think most entrepreneurs come from life in a very penetrating way. They're like, this is my idea, I love it, and I want the world to love it too." This deep personal passion inspires entrepreneurs to persist, yet the inevitable challenges and rejections can take a considerable toll. These struggles became a part of Fish's journey, an intricate part of his challenge. He saw them not as burdens but as stepping stones toward his goal.

The Solution: Business Expansion Made Easy with Kajabi

Kajabi found its way into Fish's entrepreneurial journey just as he needed it. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Fish had been seeking a powerful tool that would support his needs in both small and large-scale operations. He recognized that Kajabi offered the automations he needed to optimize his business processes, ultimately choosing it for its intuitive use and how well it catered to his diverse business needs.

Regardless of the size of his endeavor, whether it was a solo entrepreneurial venture or when he expanded Somatiq Breathwork to a team of 15, he leveraged the power of Kajabi. "I used the automations from Kajabi to really help with that," Fischer says, pointing to the scalable solutions Kajabi provided. Kajabi not only proved beneficial to his individual business endeavor, but it also provided the necessary support as his team grew and the business evolved.

Overall, Kajabi gave Fish a sense of security for the successful mapping of his business blueprint without compromising his vision. As he succinctly puts it, "We still all use Kajabi. It's a great tool for me to utilize whether it is a big team or a small team."

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The Result: Powered by Kajabi, Driven by Passion

The moment Kajabi entered Fish's entrepreneurial journey, results and success followed suit. The platform complemented his dedication, allowing him to turn his dreams into reality. As Fish recalls, "It was an incredible business that really allowed me to travel the world and go out and search for things." Kajabi's implementation not only facilitated business growth, but it also granted him the liberty to explore his own journey of self-discovery.

Fish's Kajabi experience enabled him to build a flourishing business, positively impacting both his life and the lives of others. The improvement and transformation experienced by his customers are a testament to the effectiveness of Somatiq Breathwork and the strength of his unique offer, all made easier by the support of Kajabi. Fish's business thrived for years, ultimately contributing to his personal growth and healing — a priceless gift from entrepreneurship.

Kajabi's automations played a vital role, allowing him to grow with a small team and manage his resources efficiently. Fish shares, "The automations on the platform made it very easy to really run a small lean team." Moreover, these automations allowed his team to experience a seamless transition, embracing a tool that catered to their diverse requirements.

Breaking Boundaries: Fish’s Future and His Words of Advice

Fish’s entrepreneurial journey is ripe with lessons on perseverance, grit, innovation, and the power of a dream. His experience and success with Kajabi show that his methods are effective in improving emotional wellness around the world. But his journey isn't simply about scaling a business venture — it's about championing an idea, a fresh outlook, and the courage to chart an unfamiliar path.

Fish validated his offers through a unique personal approach and a deep understanding of human emotions, creating strong resonance with his audience.

Then, using Kajabi, a platform where he had already built 4 successful businesses, he saw immediate results and slowly began to incorporate more Kajabi features for even greater growth. His strategy prioritizes continual product refinement to keep aligning with market trends, making his journey a compelling blueprint for budding entrepreneurs.

Looking ahead, Fish's future beams brighter with every breath. The contributions he makes to the field of emotional wellness are priceless and his journey also inspires a new era of entrepreneurs to take a leap of faith, embrace the challenge, and keep moving forward despite every hurdle that may appear on their path. “In 2024, we will be focusing on the continual refinement of our product to the market because we understand the importance of word-of-mouth referrals.

His advice for budding business owners is multifaceted.

"I’ve built a $2 million business in the activated state and I've built a $2 million business in the relaxation state. You can build a business in any particular way. It comes down to how you want to be, but it's not in one or the other. Health is the ability to be in all those states, to know when to turn it on and when to turn it off."

The story of Fish Fischer and Somatiq Breathwork is more than a success story, it's a testimony showing that determination, passion, and the right tools can turn dreams into reality.

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