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4 Ways To Get Ready Before Recording Your Online Courses

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4 Ways To Get Ready Before Recording Your Online Courses
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Last Friday our Kajabi office got the pleasure of hosting our very own #KajabiHero Elissa Weinzimmer, founder of Voice Body Connection. Elissa is a voice and presence coach who trains performers, presenters, and even course creators (like YOU) how to better utilize their voices and presence while on camera. 

Elissa has a ton of knowledge about connecting to your body and becoming more comfortable while recording your online courses, so she wanted to give a little run down of 4 simple tips to warm up before you hit the record button. 

#1 Warm Up Your Body

Being stiff on camera is not what any course creators want, so it is important that you get your body moving before you record. 

Elissa suggests doing a warm-up such as stretching, yoga, swinging your arms around, wiggling out the nerves, or even dancing! 

Doing this will allow your blood to start flowing and will prevent you from looking too stiff in your videos. Have fun with it and find a routine that works for you!

#2 Connect Your Eyes

When recording videos, not having the presence of another person in front of you makes it easy to slip into a zoned out focus with your eyes glazed over. 

In order to prevent this Elissa recommends you imagine that one of your clients/students who would really want to learn this content was behind the camera. Connect with a specific person so that it is as if you are teaching them directly. 

#3 Steady Your Breathing 

A lot of the time when we get nervous to record we unconsciously breathe in, hold our breath, and then begin teaching. With this, our breathing is out of sync and can become very awkward with our sentence phrasing. 

A practical tip to make sure your breathing is steady is to exhale, slowly breathe in a smile at the same time, and then on your next exhale begin to speak. This ensures that you have a nice pace of breath for speaking and calms any nerves right before you begin. 

#4 Warm Up Your Voice

Try warming up your voice before you record to make sure you sound great to your audience. The first warm up to try is the "zipper" warm up. Take your voice from the bottom of your range to the top on an "ah" sound like Elissa demonstrates to really get your vocal chords awake.

Next, try repeating this tongue twister to warm up your articulators and ensure your audience can understand you: "The lips, the teeth, the tip of the tongue". This fun exercise can help you better pronounce your words to be as clear and concise as possible. 

Lastly, practice a little bit of what you are gonna by repeating a line a couple times, in different vocal patterns. This allows you to break up how you say things in order to be more present in your videos. You want to make sure you are not getting stuck in the same rhythm everytime you hit the record button. 

So there you have it! 4 simple techniques to warm up your body + voice in order to rock your online course videos. All of us here at Kajabi want to thank Elissa for coming to our office and sharing her knowledge with us! 

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