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AAPI Heritage Month Employee Showcase: Paul Choi

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AAPI Heritage Month Employee Showcase: Paul Choi
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Paul Choi is a Senior Community Manager here at Kajabi. We’re turning the spotlight over to him on our blog to showcase his role at Kajabi, a meaningful moment in Asian American and Pacific Islander history, and more!

Can you elaborate on what you do here at Kajabi? 

As part of the Community team, we oversee the Kajabi Hero Community and other community driven programs and resources. Our team’s vision is to help connect Kajabi customers around the world and empower our Heroes to achieve entrepreneurial success through community programs and resources.

What is a professional accomplishment you’re particularly proud of? 

I love working in the Community space, and am thankful for all of the opportunities I’ve had to help build unique communities across different industries. That said, being able to contribute to the growth and success of our entrepreneurs is very meaningful to me and I’m proud of the work that our team has been doing recently to help empower the members of our community.  

How has your cultural identity impacted your journey working in tech?

I think that’s something that I’m trying to better understand myself.  

Do you celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and if so what does it mean to you? 

No, not specifically AAPI Heritage Month, but growing up I celebrated and participated in Korean heritage and cultural events which would include festivals and other campaigns. I think like many others I’ve come to recognize just how important these types of cultural moments and events are in better understanding identity and belonging.  

Could you share an event or person in AAPI history that is meaningful to you? 

The most meaningful would have to be my parents, and all of the other countless immigrant families that uprooted themselves to seek out better opportunities elsewhere. It’s a bit mind-blowing to consider the types of challenges faced by the earlier generations of the AAPI community. Also, I have to say that I will never forget what an experience Linsanity was…so shout-out to Jeremy Lin! 

In what ways do you participate in the AAPI community? 

I generally seek community in the spaces where I spend the most time. So in college I participated quite a bit in KSA (the Korean Students Association), and at previous workplaces I’ve participated in different AAPI focused ERGs. 

What do you love about working at Kajabi?

My favorite part of working at Kajabi is easily the people and the teams that I’m able to work with. I really appreciate the friendly and supportive atmosphere that’s been cultivated, and seeing the passion that exists for our product and our customers is really inspiring to be a part of. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share on the topic with our Kajabi blog readers?

Just a shameless plug for our customers to join the Kajabi Hero Community! We’re going to continue to build the most engaged, and enriched community experience possible and would love to see you there! 

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