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Face Your Fears With This Week's #KajabiHero

Face Your Fears With This Week's #KajabiHero
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What would 2017 look like if every single day, you did something that scared you?

What if every day you made it your mission to do something out of your comfort zone and go after your goals?

Does that sound terrifying?

Exciting maybe?

Year of Fear

Kendra Wright started her first year of fear in 2013. It may sound like something out of horror movie or adrenaline junkie's dream, but for Kendra, it was the hardest, longest, happiest year of her life.

And now Kendra has created a movement and a career out of pushing comforts zones to the limit with www.HeyKendra.com.

I love Kendra's story!

I can't tell you how excited I am to be sharing it with you because it's an unconventional way to build a business. When you look at all the courses out there: marketing, business, and music based courses that Kajabi Heroes like Leah and Felicia have built, it's easy to be intimidated.

You may think, "These Heroes teach people awesome skills. Of course, they're successful! They have something useful to share." But everyone has something useful, something valuable, to share with the world.

By the time you're finished reading this, you'll know exactly how to get out of your comfort zone and set goals that will become a reality.

On the side, Kendra has made $10,000 from her course, Facing Fear.

Success can be scary

Starting your own business means you're going to have to push your comfort zone to the limit. Anytime we face a situation like that our self-preservation kicks in, and we can come up with any reason why we can't.

And sometimes it's not the failure we're scared of. Success can be even more terrifying. We know what failure looks like, and even though it hurts the pain is familiar.

Sometimes, so much of your identity revolves around your life now that you cannot grasp what success would look like for you. You can't fathom it because it is completely unknown.

The only thing you do know?

Your life will have to change.

So you come up with all these excuses:

"I don't know anything valuable."

"I can't do anything special. I'm not a marketing guru or personal finance ninja."

Just because you have something unconventional to offer, doesn't mean you can't share something with the world that changes lives. And keeping that to yourself is a disservice to you and to all those people out there who need your experience and knowledge.

I think personal development courses get overlooked a lot of times because they aren't conventional.

So many people struggle with depression, anxiety, and fear. And so many people desire to chase after something better. We live in a world that needs personal development courses.

Everyone has faced a tough time or some frustration in their lives and learned from it.

Every single one of us.

Kendra didn't set out to create a personal development course. She set out to expand her comfort zone. Her course shared the lesson she learned with other people who needed it.

Kendra picked up hitchhikers, went on police and EMT ride alongs; she went to a nursing home, and all of these things that challenged her. Not everything was scary. But when she did things she wouldn't normally do, her whole life opened up into this amazing experience full of possibilities.

She was growing herself, and it changed her life. After a few years of this, she knew other people could benefit from what she learned.

What do you have to share with the world?

So when you're looking at creating an unconventional course, where do you start? If you're stumped here are some ideas to point you in the right direction.

Hard times in your past

Look back at some of the darkest times in your life. What if someone reached out to you and walked you through it?

For me, there have been times in my life where I felt like I was stumbling through a storm.  I felt that I needed help, but I didn't know how to find it. And when I came out the other side of it, looking back,  the answers seemed a lot clearer.

Here are some examples that people face every day:

  • Grieving the loss of a loved one.
  • Recovering from a nasty divorce or breakup.
  • Freeing yourself from a toxic environment.

YOU can help people through those same situations. YOU can provide clarity in their lives with a roadmap that will get them through easier and faster than they would've otherwise.

Personal victories

On the flipside look at positive experiences in your past. What have you accomplished? It doesn't have to be huge. It could be something like: 

  • You grew up in a small town and lived your dream of relocating to a big city.
  • You were the shy kid in school, and you taught yourself how to break out of your shell and make friends.
  • You worked hard to have a great relationship with your spouse. 

You can show other people how to get the same results. You can teach people how to have their own personal victories.

Unique skills

The internet is awesome for showcasing quirky, oddball, and unique things to the people who are passionate about them. You can turn anything into a course. And through the power of the web, you can find the people who will buy these courses easily.

  • Maybe you practiced meditation, and it changed your life.
  • Maybe you know how to write killer stand-up comedy jokes.
  • Maybe you're good at making jewelry or spinning yarn. 

These unique, out of the ordinary, things are skills that someone out there wants to learn too.

The world needs risk takers.

The world needs people who are willing to expand their comfort zone, do the things that scare them, and help other people do the same.

If everyone stayed in their comfort zones we would stand still; we wouldn't have progress, we wouldn't have innovation, and we wouldn't have the technology and resources that we have today.

The bottom line?

You have something valuable to offer other people.

So... how do you get it out there?

How to set goals that work.

I haven't covered this topic before, so I want to take some time today to go over the basics of what makes an effective goal. I can't tell you what goals you need to have, but I can guide you along the way to create a custom roadmap for yourself.

SMART Goals:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time bound

Once you learn this system, you will know exactly how to set goals that work! If you're a little confused, let's go into detail about what a SMART goal is.


Generalizations don't hold up well when you're setting goals. If your goal is to start an online business, for example. "Start an online business" doesn't give you precise steps to follow.

But the long-term goal "Make $10,000 selling courses online" gives you a clear picture of what you're aiming for. Suddenly your goal isn't such a mystery because you have a clearer picture of what you want.


For every goal, you need a measuring stick to gauge progress. That’s where short-term goals come in. Without this, you'll only fumble around hoping to hit your mark.

In the example above: "make $10,000 selling online courses", you need to determine what progress looks like. You need to identify each step that will get you to your end goal.  Write them down, and you'll have a way to tell if you are any closer to your goal or not.   

Starting from square one, short-term goals could be:

  1. Outline your course idea.
  2. Build a list of 300 people in your niche. 
  3. Presell your course at a reduced, founding member price. 
  4. Build your course. 
  5. Launch your course.

You can always adapt and change your short-term goals to fit your situation, but you've got to start with an idea of what progress looks like in your day-to-day life. That way you can focus yourself on doing things that bring you closer to your long-term goal.


I'm all for encouraging people to dream big. There's nothing wrong with that. But there's a point where you can make your goal so unrealistic and unachievable that you set yourself up for failure right out of the gate.

Setting a long-term goal of " start a business and make a million dollars in three days" is setting yourself up to fail. But starting a business and making $10,000, that's doable for anyone.

You want your goals to be challenging, but not so challenging that there is no way you will acheive them.


You need a clear picture of where you're going. If you're working on something that doesn't get you closer to your result, you're not going to make any progress.

If your goal is to make $10,000 with a brand new business, but you spend all your time designing your website without attempting to build a list, you're wasting your time.  

Spend your time in ways that are relevant to your goals.

Don't lose sight of your vision, and continually evaluate your actions, so you know if you're getting closer to what you want, or chasing rabbits.

Relevance is all about focus: clear intensity in pursuit of the long-term goal.

Time bound

Every goal needs a timeframe: "Make $10,000 selling courses in a year."

Now we have a timeline! Now we have a sense of urgency!

Your short-term goals need a timeline too. Start with baby steps, like checkpoints along the way.


One thing crucial to Kendra's success were the people she allowed to influence her life.

I'm not here to tell you that starting your own business is easy. Kajabi makes it simpler than other platforms, but like any business, you have to put in a lot of work.

With that process, you get a lot of ups and a whole lotta downs. And when you're in the middle of those low points, when you doubt yourself, it is so important to have at least one person who believes in you more than you believe in yourself. Like Kendra said in the interview, someone who it would break your heart to let down.

The key is allowing the right people into your life. You need individuals who give you encouragement and motivation without making you feel like you won't measure up to their expectations.

When you break out of the mold and do something that no one else has done before, even the people that love you may tell you what you're doing isn't a good idea. When you break out of your comfort zone, it can make the people around you uncomfortable too.

That's why you need at least one accountability partner.

Find your cheerleaders.

Find the people that believe in you and go after your goals.


You have goals.

You have accountability.

Now it's time to do something.

All traction happens through action.” - Kendra Wright

You can sit down, write out some killer long-term goals with short-term goals in between, and you can have all the accountability you need... but if you don't put that plan into action, that goal is going to stay on a piece of paper.

This is the scary part. But this is also where your dreams become a reality: one day at a time, working towards your goals without giving up.

All you have to do is take that first step. Without that, you're going nowhere. You're holding back all the value and knowledge that the world needs from you.

Maybe that first step is signing up for Kajabi.

If you always put your goals off until tomorrow, you'll look back years from now and regret not getting started. This isn't the time for resolutions that fizzle out a month into the new year. This is the time to follow a plan and do something real.

Hold yourself accountable!

Drop me a comment below. Announce to the world that you're starting today!

I want to know, what's your long-term goal? What is the first step you need to take to get out of your comfort zone and pursue that goal? And what will your life look like a year from now if you start this process today? 

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