Filming an Online Course: Video Lighting 101

After our last #Kajabi tutorial on camera gear for filming your online courses, we got a ton of feedback from you guys on different videos you would love to see us do.

So, inspired by Jon (hi, Jon 👋 ) we wanted to show you guys simple techniques to step up your lighting game while filming your courses. 

To start, let's talk about filming while seated at a desk, which is the method that many people use for their online courses. One of the most important tips to note is to place your desk right in front of an open window, doing so will allow for natural light to be your main source and will give you a more even look. This setup is best for when you want to have a computer in front of you. 

One of the most important tips to note is that the best time of day to film is in the late afternoon or early evening. These times are when the sun is letting off softer light that will not cast weird shadows and still look bright and beautiful for your video. If possible, avoid recording at night unless you have the proper lighting equipment to replace natural lighting altogether. 

You don't need to buy the most expensive equipment to get a great shot! Here are everyday tools you can use to recreate the 3-point lighting system Joe explained:

  • Big open window
  • Tinfoil
  • Scotch Tape
  • Imagination 💡

Step 1: Fill Your Space With Sunlight

Open the blinds on the window (which should be on your right or left side) and let the sunlight fill your space.

Step 2: Use Tinfoil

Create a fill light by taping tinfoil to anything that is around eye level of the subject. (we used an office chair). Adjust the foil to reflect the light onto the side of the face not lit by the natural light.

Step 3: Give Added Depth

Get a lamp and place it behind the subject (out of frame) to give more depth to the shot.

Step 4: Add Some Pop With Decorative Lighting

Add a decorative light to the background (in the frame) to add a pop. 

Ta-da! You have successfully crafted a free version of t the 3-point lighting system from household objects. Once you have this set, you can turn on your iPhone, point & shoot, or DSRL and start filming your courses!

Thanks for being so excited about these tutorial videos, and remember to let us know if you want to see a specific video from us! Now go film your beautifully lit online courses!

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