How To Create Compelling Organic Content

You’ve most likely noticed a rise in the number of people on social media posting leadership style organic content. Whether it’s text, video, or even sometimes audio, this type of content is an effective marketing strategy in generating interest in any services or products you provide.

What Is Organic Content?

Organic content is essentially anything that you’re not paying to send traffic to. When you see people posting on their Facebook or Instagram pages (even if they have a call to action) that’s organic content.

When you see someone running ads on those same platforms, that’s obviously paid content.

With the rise of social media and the ease of accessibility, there’s been a dramatic increase in the number of people posting this type of organic content. And for good reason…

It works!

Posting organically not only helps you position yourself as a thought leader, but it can also be a great way to help people learn about what you do, validate offers, and even test specific messaging to see what best resonates with your prospects.

This type of strategy is essentially free to implement and one which you’ll always want to be using in your business. Organic content has turned simple ideas into successful online businesses.

5 Ways To Create Compelling Organic Content

#1: Speak To Pain & Problems

Effective digital marketers know that people respond to those who offer solutions to help them overcome their pains and problems. It can really be that simple.

Just like you perk up the instant police lights turn on behind you (even if they’re 9 cars back), your brain perks up the moment it sees a problem. We always pay more attention to potential pain and problems than we do anything else. 

Let’s imagine you sell online courses which help entrepreneurs with time management. Here are three examples of how you might lead off different Facebook posts with pain or problems…

[The Real Reason Entrepreneurs Feel Overwhelmed And Stressed]

[How I Turned Burn Out To Location Independence And Made More Money]

[Does Running Your Business Give You No Time To Do Anything Else?]

Then you would follow those headlines by further elaborating on the pain of what your prospect may be experiencing. No matter what you sell, people will only buy it if they can see that it can solve their problems or alleviate their pain.

The more effectively you can work these two p’s into your content, the more action you’ll be able to spur from it. 

Approach your organic strategy like a doctor approaches their patients. They diagnose to find the problem by talking about the symptoms that person is experiencing. Clarity around the symptoms creates urgency in the solution.

#2: Vision Drives Decision

Jim Camp, one of the world’s most renowned negotiators, had a famous saying which can be used to create more compelling organic content:

“Vision Drives Decision”

All this simply means is that the more you can create a vision for your prospect of both the consequences of inaction and the benefits of moving forward, the more likely that vision will drive their decision to work with you.

The important thing to get here is that it’s your prospects vision that drives their decision, not yours. So as you create your organic content whether in text, video, or audio, you want to create it in a way that expounds upon their current reality. 

What will they continue to experience if they don’t work with you or use your product?

How will their life look after they start applying what you teach them?

How will they continue feeling if they don’t do anything, and how will they feel once they’re starting to see the new results you’re promising them?

By weaving the answers to these questions into your content, you’ll help your prospect see in their mind's eye the two distinct futures which await them.

One of “more of the same” and the other which contains everything they want in their life.

Use stories, personal experiences, transformations of previous or current clients, all to help them sample both the good and the bad “visions”.

#3: Say Something Different!

This may be the fastest way to create compelling organic content.

In the words of Mark Twain:

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority; it is time to pause and reflect.”

While your newsfeeds are filled with leadership style organic content, much of it may read or sound the exact same! Same promises, same benefits, same “unique” marketing angles.  

Sometimes standing out can be as simple as saying something different.

Here are a few ideas to quickly find your own different content ideas:

  1. Is there a commonly held belief within your specific industry that you disagree with?
  2. Are there facts that you can show just aren’t as true as everyone thinks?
  3. Have you ever followed the “proven advice” and got the opposite result?
  4. Can you identify what everyone’s doing “wrong” and why they keep doing it?

The phrase “when everyone zigs you zag” is a creative way to look at your organic.

Because before your content can ever be compelling, it first must capture the attention of the audience. So instead of nodding your head and agreeing with everything that’s already out there…

You take a stand for something totally different. Your organic should strive to be unique, both in content, delivery, and personality. You want to be that “breath of fresh air” to your prospects who are tired of hearing the same things over and over again.

Find areas to be different and bring them to the forefront.

#4: Make It Easy To Consume

Have you ever seen a post on Facebook but immediately scrolled by it because it was just one long paragraph with no breaks whatsoever? We all have.

Like we mentioned above, half the battle in creating compelling content is creating content that gets read! And when a post looks intimidating, the majority of readers will pass it right up. 

A few ways to make your content easier to consume are:

  • Let it “breathe” by spacing out your sentences. Often times just 1-3 sentences per paragraph are enough to keep your text looking easy to read.
  • Use stylistic elements like bolding, italics, or even emojis to add contrast within the content.
  • Use subheads where appropriate.
  • Create lists within the body of the content using bullets, numbers, or checkmarks.

If you’re just starting out and are curious as to how easy your content is to read, simply Google “Flesch Kincaid Checker” and plug your copy into any number of online readers. These tools will instantly provide you with data on how readable your message is.

Length of words, sentences, and paragraphs all play a role in making your content approachable.

Many copywriters aim for as close to a 5th or 6th-grade reading level as much as possible. Often times, simply adding spaces between your sentences will bring down your score dramatically.

Remember, the goal of your content is to get it consumed. And in our attention overload environment, the easier you make something look, the more likely someone will give it a chance.

#5: Ask Interesting Questions

Similar to how our brains automatically respond to pains and problems, we’re also drawn to answering interesting questions.

By posting interesting or contrasting questions, not only will you increase the level of engagement on your posts, but you’ll also gain favor on the social media algorithms and your content will be shown to more people.

Your questions can range from industry-specific, controversial topics, or even what books people are reading. People love to give their opinions and engage with others online.

This also gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts and provide insights to your readers.

This is a way to have your audience create your compelling content instead of you having to write a post or create a video. And never forget that there are most likely more people just watching and never commenting.

Those people may end up opting into your email list, private messaging you, or buying one of your low ticket offers.

The name of the organic game is getting the right kind of attention, and creating engaging conversations is an effective way to do just that.

 Organic Content Done The Right Way

As a digital entrepreneur, one of the most effective ways for you to generate more leads and customers is to simply lower the net into your existing audience using organic content.

When you can provide thought leader type insights, or explain your prospects problems even better than they can, you’ll create trust and a bond unlike any of your competitors. 

This trust will ultimately lead these prospects to try your online course, coaching, or join your membership site. Few things are as powerful as compelling content.

 Use any of these 5 strategies to help make that happen:

  1. Speak To Pain & Problems
  2. Vision Drives Decision
  3. Say Something Different!
  4. Make It Easy To Consume
  5. Ask Interesting Questions

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