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Product Update: Email improvements to help your business grow

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Product Update: Email improvements to help your business grow
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Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools you can use to grow your knowledge business. We're always looking for ways to improve the tools you have. So we're happy to announce some improvements to Kajabi's email marketing capabilities during our Newport Cycle.

These new improvements include:

  • User interface enhancements for email broadcasts
  • Fine-tuning of our Auto Unsubscribe feature
  • Optimization of our backend spam rules

Enhanced UI for your email broadcasts

We’ve heard from many Kajabi Heroes how important email broadcasts are for staying connected to your members through newsletters, announcements and more. And because every broadcast counts, we've improved the user interface of Email Broadcasts so that you can clearly see when an email has been sent successfully.

These new visuals will give you the peace of mind that your email is on it’s way, so that you can feel safe to leave the sending page and get back to business.

To make things even easier we’ve also added a quick way to dive into your email analytics to see how your broadcast is performing, which you can access directly from the “email sent” notification...

And it’s easier than ever to craft an amazing email broadcast because you can now make changes to your emails from the preview page. Just click anywhere on the body of the preview email to launch the visual editor.

Updates to our Auto-Unsubscribe feature

A few months ago, we rolled out the Automated List Hygiene feature, but we're never finished improving the features and services on the Kajabi platform.  So recently, we’ve fine tuned this feature even further to help you improve your sender rating

In particular, we've fine-tuned this feature to better accommodate edge cases related to hard bounces (when an email has been returned due to a permanent error like an invalid destination email address). Too many hard bounces can have a negative impact on your email reputation and, ultimately, impact your deliverability.

The Automated List Hygiene feature will now only unsubscribe members if their email has experienced at least two hard bounces within seven days. This new fail-safe mechansimallows for any temporary issues with ESPs (for example, the recent outage at Google) to be resolved and helps prevent valid email addresses from being unsubscribed.

By making this feature more robust and fault tolerant, you can stop worrying about the technical details of your email marketing and put your energy toward more impactful tasks like growing your g lists and providing great content in your emails.

Improvements to our spam rules

As the Kajabi community continues to grow with more Heroes on their own quest for success, you benefit from the strong sender reputation of our shared sending domains.

In the past, it was possible that one recipient marking an email from a shared Kajabi domain as spam could block other Kajabi customers from sending to them. No any more! With our latest improvement to our spam rules, your audience will get your emails without disruption, so that you can continue to grow your business.

If you want to further strengthen your individual brand and not use Kajabi’s shared domains, you can also send your emails from your own custom domain. We’re still in the process of rolling this feature out, but if you would like to get access now, please reach out to our support team at support@kajabi.com.

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