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Unlock early access to the next generation ofKajabi Communities

Kajabi is excited to announce that we have acquired Vibely and their ground-breaking community platform will become the foundation for new and improved communities on Kajabi.

Get ready for a next-level community experience that’s uniquely designed to support you as a creator. Foster real relationships within an interactive community where you call the shots. Exciting new features like live calls, challenges, leaderboards, accountability tools, real-time chat, and more are just around the corner.

Ready to experience the difference Kajabi Communities can make for your business? Plenty of Heroes are putting it to good use already, so add your name to the early access waitlist — we'll be unlocking access for more Heroes in the weeks to come.

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"I really like Vibely and think my users will too. I like the leaderboard/ gamification, like being able to control what members see rather than [them being] subjected to other media's control."
- Kathy Keats
"There’s already more interaction. It just flows."
- Dalea Faulkner
"You guys have blown my mind. I’ve already got everybody registering in here and everything set up."
- Marianne Emma


Kajabi acquired Vibely. What does this mean?

Kajabi has acquired Vibely and will integrate the Vibely community product into Kajabi as the next generation of “Kajabi Communities.” We’re excited to make Kajabi Communities a best-in-class tool to support creators in growing their businesses.

What is Vibely?

Vibely is a community product that allows creators to grow and foster authentic communities that scale. With Vibely — now Kajabi Communities —  your community can connect and learn with interactive tools, live sessions, collaborative challenges, and more.

Do I have to make a Vibely account to get access to the new community features?

No. To access the new Kajabi Communities features, all you need is your Kajabi account.

Are the new community features available outside of the US?

Yes! The new community features will be available for select Heroes in the US & Canada starting in November, and worldwide to all Heroes as of January 2023.

Will the new community features show up in my existing Kajabi community?

The new community features will only be accessible to new communities created after the Kajabi Communities relaunch has taken place in January 2023 worldwide. The new features cannot be incorporated into existing communities built on Kajabi before the update, but these communities will still be active on Kajabi with no changes to their functionality.

How can I move my existing Kajabi community onto the new Kajabi Communities product?

As we approach the 2023 general availability of Kajabi Communities, we’ll provide support and clarity around this process.

If I build a community in the future, how will it affect my plan price?

Inside Kajabi, communities will continue to be counted just like any other product toward your plan’s product limit. One community group equals one “product” in your plan limit, therefore, an existing community group and a new community group each count as their own product. You’ll have access to the full stack of new Kajabi Community features, all as a product that is a part of your existing Kajabi subscription.

When will I get access to the new community features?

The new community features will be available to all Heroes in early 2023. We’ll be slowly opening the doors to select Heroes who indicate interest, so make sure you sign up to get early access.

What does "early access" mean? Who can sign up for early access to Kajabi Communities?

Before Kajabi Communities is available to all Kajabi Heroes in early 2023, we're granting a group of Heroes access to our beta experience. Heroes in the US and Canada can sign up on our waitlist for a chance to explore the product ahead of our official launch. We'll add a limited number of Heroes daily, so don't worry if you don't get in off the waitlist right away. Because of the limited timeframe, we cannot guarantee that everyone on the waitlist will receive access to the beta. However, regardless of country or waitlist status, all Heroes will receive access when Kajabi Communities is fully live in early 2023.

What is the Kajabi Communities beta? How does it work? How can I sign up?

We are rolling out the new community features with a select group of beta participants. If you’re interested in access to the beta, apply for our waitlist here. Note that while we are accepting applications, only some waitlist members will receive beta access.

I’m a member of a Vibely community. What will happen to my membership?

For the time being you will be able to access your Vibely membership like normal. The leader of your community will be in touch if anything changes.

If I have an existing community on Vibely, what will happen?

Your Vibely community will stay as-is for now! Nothing will change for you and your members until early 2023, at which time you will be given the opportunity to migrate to Kajabi. When it’s time to join Kajabi in 2023, your community will stay exactly the same. If you decide not to migrate to Kajabi, your Vibely community will sunset during 2023. We will be in touch every step of the way, so you can focus on your community without having to worry about next steps.