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The Quick Start Checklist will show you how to:

Create a business strategy

Use our easy-to-follow system to create a branded business strategy in under an hour so you can establish yourself as an industry leader and build trust with your audience from the start.

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Kajabi for Coaches
Kajabi for Coaches

Earn more from your podcast

Explore online courses, membership sites, product packages, and communities with a Kajabi expert and decide which products you’ll use to monetize your podcast in a scaleable way.

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Grow your audience

Get the strategies million-dollar business owners use to systemize content creation and craft 30 days of high-quality content in just a few hours. So you can keep your listeners engaged and turn leads into customers with ease.

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Kajabi for Coaches

People just like you are turning their podcasts into 6 and 7-figure online businesses

Kajabi customer testimonial for coaches

Avery Smith

Avery left his job at Exxon with the goal of turning his knowledge of data science into a business. Now he uses Kajabi to help his students land their dream careers and earns a reliable income on his own terms.

Kajabi customer testimonial for coaches

Blaine Anderson

Covid left Blaine unemployed and living in her parent's basement, so she launched an online course on dating. In less than two years, she’s grown her Kajabi course into a 7-figure business.

Kajabi customer testimonial for coaches

Dominique Broadway

After launching her financial consulting business, Dominique was deep in debt with an unscalable service. She added digital products into the mix and used Kajabi to scale her business to the 8-figure mark.