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10 Kajabi online course examples to inspire you

10 Kajabi online course examples to inspire you
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We’re perpetually inspired by you Kajabi Heroes and how you share your knowledge with the world.

In fact, more than 40,000 digital entrepreneurs like you have used Kajabi to easily make an online course and sell online courses

So today, we’re sharing some Kajabi online course examples to show you what’s possible. Maybe these will inspire you to start your own online course or to expand your existing knowledge business.

1. Somatopia

Somatopia website screenshot

Somatopia offers online training in somatic psychology, the body-mind connection, and embodied approaches to healing. While it sounds advanced, course topics are surprisingly  accessible:

  • Healing Trauma
  • Reclaiming Connection
  • Restoring Well-Being

Run by Dr. Albert Wong, former Director of Somatic Psychology at John F. Kennedy University, Somatopia has automatic credibility. Visitors know right away that his training is based on science, not their own spiritual journey.

This is a good example of an online course that leverages your training and work experience. You don’t always have to teach other people to replicate your success. You can simply use your knowledge to help people overcome their challenges.

: Tap into your work experience and training to find your best niche. And don’t be shy about telling visitors why you’re the best person to teach on your topic. 

2. The Last Amazon Course

Screenshot from The Last Amazon Course

For anyone wanting to sell products on Amazon, this really is the ultimate course. It provides everything a seller would need to know to build an Amazon-based business. 

One thing that stands out in this example is the course’s price. It sells for just $1 per week. (No, that’s not a typo!) Brock, who created this course, explains that he didn’t feel right selling his course for thousands of dollars. He wanted it to be accessible to people who are just starting out, who don’t have a lot of money yet.

With 18,000+ members, The Last Amazon Course is still making bank. Clearly, quality training and a low price are a good formula for success.

: Trust your gut. You can break the so-called digital marketing rules and profit. Focus on creating an amazing course and getting it into the hands of your ideal students. The rest will take care of itself.

3. The Doodle Institute

The Doodle Institute website screenshot

The Doodle Institute has completely reframed the art of doodling. It’s not a waste of time. It’s a creative exercise. According to The Doodle Institute: 

  • It boosts creativity.
  • It ignites your imagination.
  • It supercharges your visual thinking skills. 

Who doesn’t want that? This program offers beginner courses that help people step into their creativity. Advanced courses help students take their doodling to the next level, even applying them to work presentations. 

: Anything you’re good at can be turned into a course. Don’t overlook the skills that you take for granted because they don’t seem professional or life changing.  

4. Voice Body Connection

Screenshot of the Voice Body Connection website

Voice Body Connection
helps people build their vocal strength and confidence through weekly episodes, podcasts, and virtual courses. 

We like this course for a few reasons. First, you may not have realized you can teach voice in a digital course. But anything can be taught digitally!

Also, this is more than just vocal training. It helps people gain confidence to speak their truth.?

Founder Elissa Weinzimmer lost her own voice at age 21. Since then, she’s earned an MFA in Theatre Voice Pedagogy and has won awards from the Voice and Speech Trainers Association. Through her training, she helps speakers turn their nervousness into on-stage charisma.

: If you’ve overcome a big challenge, why not build a course that helps other people overcome as you did? Don’t just inspire them with your story. Teach your process.

5. The Seasonal Diet

Screenshot of The Seasonal Diet website

Changing the way you eat can be challenging. Not only are you giving up your favorite foods, you’re also having to learn how to cook with new ingredients and cooking methods.

That’s why we like this online course example. Founders Sarah and Peter were suffering from unbearable health issues. Almost by accident, they discovered plant-based eating. It was a hard journey educating themselves, so now they teach other people how to make the transition quickly and easily. 

The Seasonal Diet
courses help people get started with a plant-based diet. They also teach meal planning, detoxing, and morning routines that help you lose weight.

: Everyone wants to improve their health and fitness. If you’ve got a system that works, you can easily create a course that sells. 

6. My Yoga Pal

Screenshot  of My Yoga Pal website

Yoga is traditionally done in a gym or studio. But as My Yoga Pal has proven, you can just as easily teach it online in a digital course. 

My Yoga Pal keeps it simple, stressing a daily practice that will help you recharge, reduce stress, and feel better. It offers a range of courses for beginners and the more advanced. It also has courses that help students achieve specific benefits, such as better sleep, alignment, and joy.

New students must join a wait list until their favorite course opens up. This is a smart way to offer multiple courses that need live instruction. When a course has enough students, you can open it up and begin teaching.

: The fitness niche is hot. And lots of people would rather learn at home than go to a physical class. 

7. Genuine Attraction

Screenshot of Genuine Attraction online course about moving on after betrayal

Genuine Attraction is specifically for men, teaching them how to move on after a relationship ends badly. It offers support, coaching, and video training to help students start feeling like themselves again and rediscover their mojo.

We especially like the free video promising instant relief from pain in 25 minutes. Prospects can sample the training in the privacy of their home and know in advance whether it will work for them.

: Stereotypes say men don’t need emotional coaching. The truth is: Everyone needs guides for love and relationships. Rather than offering generic relationship coaching, target a specific audience and need.

8. Functional Lawyer

Screenshot of the Functional Lawyer's website ad offering to schedule a consultation

Functional Lawyer
provides legal education and documents for functional medicine practices. Its goal: “to help physician-preneurs protect their business and license.”

This program is run by Scott Rattigan, a licensed attorney whose wife runs a functional medicine practice. After helping her get her business off the ground, he realized other functional medicine providers are equally anxious about legal issues. 

So he developed training that helps them move forward confidently. Members get a legal health assessment, customizable templates, and best of all, peace of mind.

: Choose a niche you care about. Then offer a real solution to their nightmare problems.

9. Rhythm Monster

Screenshot of Rhythm Monster website

Rhythm Monster
is changing the way you learn to drum. With instructional videos, downloadable exercises, and live streams of events, it gives drummers an immersive learning experience without having to join a band.

This course is unique because it focuses on Scottish Pipe Band Drumming. It takes students from “I’ve never played” all the way to “I’m a pipe band drummer.” All training is accessed through a monthly or annual subscription.

: It doesn’t matter what your passion is, others probably share it. Put your knowledge into a course, and watch your community grow. 

10. Insightful Firefighter, LLC

 Screenshot of Insightful Firefighter website

One of the most interesting Kajabi online course examples is Insightful Firefighter LLC. It helps aspiring firefighters pass their tests, soar through interviews, and get hired.

This program is taught by Lt. Shannon Sedlacek, a lawyer turned firefighter who made a lot of mistakes getting her first firefighter job. Her course helps people avoid those mistakes and get hired faster. 

: Everyone wants help getting the job of their dreams. They’re also willing to pay for advice and training. If you know an industry, create a course to help those aspiring to enter that field. 

How about you?

As you can see, Kajabi creators build some of the most unique, interesting, and helpful online courses. If you want to create a course, now is the time to do it. 

You can succeed in just about any subject area, from psychology to drawing, health and fitness to empowerment. Just find your passion and start sharing your knowledge. 

So what’s holding you back? With Kajabi, you can launch your successful knowledge business today. Try Kajabi today for free and one day, we’ll use your online course as inspiration for others. 

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