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The 3 big myths of online marketing funnels

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The 3 big myths of online marketing funnels
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Those who succeed as online business owners — especially those infopreneurs who create incredible businesses around their knowledge and passions - all know how to do one thing extremely well.

They know how to turn attention (marketing) into customers or clients.

And the most effective, efficient, and predictable way we’ve seen thousands of others do this is through the use of what many know as “online funnels”.

Whether you call them funnels, pipelines, or just a series of connected web pages, their purpose is the same…

To lead your prospect to the next desired action.

What Is A Funnel?

Like we said above, a funnel is nothing more than a way to lead or direct your prospects. Just like you’d use a funnel to move motor oil from a container into your car's engine, your online funnel works the same way.

Funnels logically take a prospect or customer through a series of specific and well thought out series of actions. At Kajabi, we call these marketing assets Pipelines. But the meaning is the same.

Inside our platform, you’ll find pre-built pipeline templates for everything from generating new email subscribers to webinar attendees, and everything in between. You simply select the Pipeline which best meets your current goal, press “create”, and all the pages, templated copy, and automations are instantly built out for you.

The whole goal is to help your specific prospect take the next right action.

Where Marketers Go Wrong

It’s important to know that funnels have been around long before the internet was ever a thing.

If you’ve ever seen a McDonalds commercial promoting a special on Big Macs, you saw the front end of a funnel. Then when you’re there and they ask you “would you like fries with that?”, you’re at another part of their funnel.

All businesses both online and offline use funnels whether they realize it or not.

They all have structures in place to find and attract new leads, processes, and systems to turn them into customers, then ways to ultimately transform them into repeat buyers.

Yet with so many people talking about funnels out there, sometimes information overwhelm can set in and knowing what’s good advice can be hard to decipher.

So in today’s article, we’ll be diving into 3 of the biggest myths we see floating around about online marketing funnels.

Let’s get started!

3 No Brainer Funnel Myths

The point of highlighting these myths is to help create clarity for action. As a digital entrepreneur selling online courses, membership sites, and coaching, your greatest skill lies in the actions you take.

So don’t just use this article as a way to gather more information, but use it as a way to take new, immediate actions and improve your business in any way you can.

Myth #1: The Bigger The Better

Too often entrepreneurs and digital marketers assume that “bigger is better” when it comes to your online funnel. They think 13 steps beat 3 and that complication overrules simplicity. It’s “cooler” to show a long drawn out process than a shorter one. As though this improves sales.

But that’s just not the always the case, and it’s rarely the case for those just starting out.

Sure, if you’re a well established online veteran with a large array of digital products, offers, and payment options, there’s a good chance your funnel could extend further than the average. But it’s definitely not the rule.

In fact, we know many #kajabiheros who have thriving six-figure business and the majority of their funnels are only a few steps. For some the steps are as simple as this:

Step 1: Facebook ad to email opt-in.

Step 2: Frequent emails to strategy call.

Step 3: Strategy call and coaching offer.

That’s about as simple and most profitable funnel as you’ll see, but it has the potential to change any business owners life.

Inside Kajabi that type of Pipeline can be built in a matter of clicks and a few minutes of tweaking. It’s simple enough that even first-timers can do it.

Remember, bigger isn’t always better. Often times the more simple your process is, the more success it will have. One of the greatest artists our world has ever known and someone who would’ve made one great Knowledge Commerce entrepreneur put it like this...

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Leonardo Da Vinci

So how many steps should your funnel have?

However many it takes for you to accomplish your goal. Start small and build from there.

Myth #2: Funnels Require Tech Expertise

Our next myth is one which not only applies to online funnels but digital marketing in general. The belief that a successful funnel requires in-depth tech expertise is just no longer the case.

Years ago was it? Sure. Back when you had to custom code and create your own solutions or hire an expensive programmer just to make even the tiniest of changes, this myth was no myth, but a fact. But those days are long behind us.

And if you follow the advice in step #1 and strive to keep your funnels as simple as necessary, you’ll require even less tech help.

If you want to add specific changes unique to your funnel, well obviously you’ll need a little bit more knowledge. But even then it’s still relatively inexpensive with the rise of freelancer type platforms allowing you to hire out high-quality work for pennies on the dollar.

But most of the time, at least when using Kajabi, your funnels or Pipelines are fairly push-button. You should always be spending more time on sales and marketing than on tinkering with your technology.

Never allow tech intimidation to stand in the way of you sharing your knowledge with the world.

Even with how simple everything is now, will there be times you get stuck or don’t know how to do something? Of course there will.

But that’s also why we have 24/7/365 tech support available via chat, incredible customer support one email away, and an entire Facebook group of people anxious to help any way they can.

If you’re reading this right now you already know enough tech to be successful online and in building out your Kajabi Pipeline. And when you get stuck, we’ll be here for you.

Myth #3: There’s A “Right Way”

Some people falsely believe that there’s a set in stone “right way” and “wrong way” to create your online funnels. Some follow this guru, others follow that guru, and there’s conflicting advice everywhere you turn.

The truth is internet marketing and running an online business is more about testing and experimentation than anything else. You’re a scientist in a lab, not a mathematician working with definite yes’s and no’s.

And while advice from those who’ve done what you’ve done is always worth at least a listen, true wisdom is gained by taking your own action and testing your own hypothesis. Whatever that may be.

Everyone starts from zero, so you might as well figure it out too.

In our opinion what does the “right way” look like?

If you’re just starting out it’s getting the essentials in place like your Pipeline to collect email address or a sales page allowing you to accept payments. We think simple is always better than complicated, and action is always better than inaction.

Some people want to build every Pipeline they’ll ever need before they ever collect their first email subscriber. We’d suggest the opposite.

Start small. Get your first funnel in place. Even just a basic opt-in form leading someone to join your email list is better than spending months tinkering building things you don’t need yet.

Then once that’s in place, move on to what’s next. Your business will push you into the next logical funnel. Piece by piece you’ll build a series of landing pages and actions allowing you to get more subscribers, sell more products, and ultimately bring in more revenue.

By prioritizing small, simple actions over only following the “right way”, you’ll find success much faster and learn what works best for you.

Imperfect Action Always Beats Perfect Inaction

Remember, when building your funnels, Pipelines, or whatever it is you want to call it, imperfect action always beats perfect inaction.

Don’t get stopped by wanting to get it “right”. Take action, tweak as you go, and put your knowledge out there for the world to see.

Ultimately your prospects only care about the result you can help them get. They care about creating a better life. They care far less about you and your Pipelines. : )

But as you move forward now you’ll know these 3 myths are just that... myths:

Myth #1: The Bigger The Better

Myth #2: Funnels Require Tech Expertise

Myth #3: There’s A “Right Way”

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