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Global business coach delivers faster results with Coaching on Kajabi

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Global business coach delivers faster results with Coaching on Kajabi
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Munyaradzi Dongo is an author and business coach, getting into the field for a reason we can all understand - he wanted to be his own boss. He has coached business owners globally, working with entrepreneurs in 23 countries since 2017. 

He says, “I help entrepreneurs to start, restructure and sustain their businesses through business coaching, entrepreneurship training and automation.” His coaching philosophy and book are all about encouraging his mentees to avoid excuses and instead, take action. 

Initial challenges

Munyaradzi is an action taker himself, overcoming multiple challenges in his journey to be a global business coach. He entered business at a young age and recalls, “I was just doing anything that was giving me money. I did not have the right direction, and it took me a long time to be who I am now.” He needed guidance, but struggled to afford business coaches or consultants of his own. 

He also shared about his inadequate business tech setup. He says, “I was using so many apps and different things so that I could have a flawless backend.” But far from being flawless, he recalls it was “time-consuming, because [he] had to click so many links to get the right thing.”

Plus, some of his team was unable to keep up with his complicated system, so he ended up doing almost everything himself just to keep his business running. He was losing out because he was not able to focus on the tasks that bring in revenue.

Munyaradzi's results

After his first coaching breakthrough, he dedicated himself to be a business coach and trainer so other aspiring entrepreneurs would not have to go through the same struggles.

To combat the challenges of having a disconnected set of business tools, he migrated to Kajabi. “When Kajabi came with everything together in an all-in-one product, [he] was very happy because now [he] can follow up, check progress and track the success of everyone just by one click.”

Implementing Coaching on Kajabi has streamlined and digitalized his coaching practice, benefitting both himself and his clients. He says, “now my clients are able to check the system, write notes where they can easily access them,” adding that his clients no longer need physical notebooks.

Having everything he needs on one platform enables him to “get results super fast because everything is at the same place.” Thanks to delivering faster results to his clients, Munyaradzi has also seen increased revenue. Now, his team is, “focusing on productivity other than a lot of systems.”

Start your coaching journey with Kajabi

Looking to become a coach? Check out Coaching on Kajabi. You can easily create and sell coaching programs, customizing everything from the number of sessions, the agenda, resources, and record notes from each session.

The best part is that it integrates with all of the other tools in Kajabi, like your website, email marketing, analytics, and other digital product offerings. You can save time, and like Munyaradzi, benefit from having everything in one place rather than wasting time stringing together tools that were not designed to work together.

Check out some coaching tips if you're looking to get started:

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