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Innovate Your Marketplace With This Week's #KajabiHero

Innovate Your Marketplace With This Week's #KajabiHero
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Are you struggling to find marketing ideas for your business?

From content, course topics, and even new marketing strategies, if your well of ideas is dry you will have a difficult time growing your business. Finding ideas can be one of the biggest challenges when creation and marketing are crucial to your business.

And isn’t it so hard sometimes?

You want to come up with the best marketing ideas ever, but for some reason… your imagination is shot. You feel that creative block in the worst way. And the more pressure you feel, the harder it is to come up with ideas.

Before you know it, failure is breathing down your neck, and you sense that everything is going downhill for your business in a hurry.

But here’s the deal:

Take a deep breath and relax, because it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our newest Kajabi Hero is living proof of that. We sat down with Bro. Steve, a course creation veteran who knows exactly how to find, collect, and put his ideas into practice to grow his business. In his interview, he gives such valuable information for, not only course creators, but entrepreneurs of all kinds.

In this post I’ll go over his story and unpack how you can put his knowledge and expertise into practice for yourself, and kick that dreaded idea block for good.

Here’s what I’ll cover today:

  • Bro. Steve’s journey to Kajabi Hero status. 
  • How you can follow his lead and come up with your best marketing ideas ever. 
  • And how to put those ideas into action in your own business with Kajabi. 
  • (Plus some bonus tips and tricks you can use to become an idea generating machine!)

By the end of the post, you will know exactly how to never run out of ideas for your business; from content ideas to marketing tactics.

Once you know how to do this, and put your ideas into practice, you can grow your business faster, share your knowledge more effectively, and help more people solve their problems.

From Physical Products to a Digital Powerhouse

Bro. Steve isn’t new to marketing and selling his knowledge to help the people that need it.

Long before he ever heard of Kajabi, Bro. Steve saw so many church communities closing their doors for good. He felt a passion and call on his heart to help put an end to this crisis. He could see why this was happening: churches didn’t have the funds or mentorship they needed to thrive.

And since Bro. Steve had the experience and knowledge to solve these problems; he couldn’t sit back. He had an idea that could help so many people, and he had to do something.

Bro. Steve has always been on the hunt for new ideas (even when he didn’t realize it.)

While he was interviewing church leaders, organizing conferences, and putting his idea into action, he was recording everything on video. And even though he didn’t realize how it would impact his business at the time, he also had the idea to have every speaker and church leader sign a release form.

Bro. Steve created DVDs to help churches. And they sold like crazy.

Then Bro. Steve had another great idea…

Why not take everything he learned about selling physical products and expand his reach even more with digital ones?

You’d think, being the idea generating machine he is, that he’d reach Kajabi Hero status in record time.

Eh, not so much.

Truth be told, in the beginning, Bro. Steve was actually losing money after using Kajabi.

Why is that?

Despite being a beast at finding new ideas for his business, Bro. Steve took a while to get off the fence and put any content up.

Bro. Steve Put His Ideas Into Action With Kajabi

Bro. Steve finally stopped hesitating and digitized all of his DVDs, content, and recordings with Kajabi. (See why those release forms were such a great idea?)  

He expanded his business with Kajabi, without the hassle of technical frustrations and plugin juggle of other platforms. He became a Kajabi Hero, and the process of using Kajabi is so easy, his 75-year-old mother helps him manage his website.

And to this day Bro. Steve is still generating ideas.

His next plans for Kajabi are to:

  • Release three more courses on autopilot. 
  • Teach other people how simple it is to use Kajabi. 
  • And train people how to pursue their dreams.

And all of this started with one idea: to help church communities thrive with the knowledge Bro. Steve had about finances and mentorship as a church leader.

From that one idea, everything snowballed. Ideas led to more ideas, and as each one was put into action, Bro. Steve grew his business, expanded his reach, and has helped so many churches thrive.

How to Find Your Best Marketing Ideas Ever

Ideas come naturally for some people. But for the rest of us… it can be a challenge. But there’s great news! Even if you struggle to come up with ideas you can learn how to find new ideas.

Bro. Steve never stops looking for innovative ideas in his business so I’m going to break down how he does it so that you can follow his lead. (Plus I’ll expand on the topic with some bonus tips and tricks to fill in any gaps and cover all the bases.)

One of the biggest keys to finding great marketing and content ideas is knowing where to look.

Looking outward to find new ideas.

You ever get stuck in your head sometimes?

I know I do.

That’s why it’s good to start looking outside of yourself first because the world is bursting at the seams with ideas waiting to be utilized.

The backbone of any great idea isn’t innovation, creativity, or even revolutionary technology. All of these things can be a part of a great idea, but the most important aspect of a great idea is that it solves a particular “pain point.”

Think about it.

Solving a pain point (even small ones) is the heart of any great idea.

Bro. Steve saw that churches didn’t have the tools to generate funds or effective mentorship to succeed. (Pain point.) So he organized conferences, made DVDs, and now has courses on Kajabi to help.

Kajabi started because there wasn’t a platform for entrepreneurs out there that wasn’t frustrating and difficult to use. (Pain point.) So we built a new one that anyone could use to grow their business.

Even comedians and entertainers have the success they do because they help us escape, laugh, and stimulate our minds to help us with pain points. (Even if that pain point is as simple as boredom.)

Tools to find pain points and new ideas:


From groups to status updates on your news feed, Facebook is where a lot of people go to voice their pain points. Join groups in your niche. Scan posts and comments for pain points you know how to solve.

Blogs in your niche

You don’t want to copy other people's’ ideas for content. But you can put your spin on a common subject. You don’t have to come up with brand new, completely original ideas. (Hint: Most ideas are never really new anyway.)

As far as content goes, if more people are talking about a subject, that means the market is good for that idea. (Tip: Look in the comments of popular blog posts in your niche for any overlooked pain points that you can solve.)

And as for marketing ideas, marketing bloggers share their tactics for you to apply to your own marketing plan. Try something new that works for someone else when you have an idea block for marketing strategies.


A lot of people leave this resource out when it comes to finding pain points and new ideas. Filter common questions according to your niche, and don’t just look at the questions. Scan the answers too for any missing gaps.

Invite Guest Bloggers & Speakers To Make Content For You

You didn’t think you had to come up with content ideas on your own, did you?

Bro. Steve’s content is heavily reliant on guest speakers for his videos.

Plus you can reach out to them as affiliates if you use guest speakers in your courses. (It’s a content idea and marketing idea double whammy!) You can grow your business faster because you are teaming up with others for content, and they can help you market yourself to a broader audience.

Kajabi did this in the beginning. Our affiliates were a priceless asset in those early days.

Find Ideas That Are Hidden Right Under Your Nose

Sometimes you have a great idea hiding in plain sight, and don’t even realize it. If you train yourself to always be on the lookout for new ideas, it will get easier and easier to spot them. Here are some tips and tricks to have a never-ending supply of ideas.

Create an idea bank.

Ever get a random idea while you go about your day only to forget about it later?

The key is to catch those ideas instantly before they slip away.

Even if you don’t know how that idea will be useful one day, write it down or put it in your phone. Even “bad ideas” or strange ones (like Bro. Steve having people sign release forms) may serve you and your business somewhere down the line.

(Bonus tip: I like to keep all of my ideas in a spreadsheet to organize them all in one place. I have one for content titles/ideas for posts and videos. One for marketing ideas I want to try. And one for useful websites that always stimulate my mind with new ideas.)

Film or record everything (even if you don’t think it will be useful.)

At the time Bro. Steve was just organizing resources, and interviewing church leaders for his business. He didn’t know that one day all of those videos would be made into digital products with Kajabi.

Video content is a powerhouse right now, and Bro. Steve was way ahead of the curve by recording his interviews.

If you have a unique way you do online research, find leads for your business, or work your business while you’re out and about, screen capture and film your process. You never know how it may be useful to you in the future.

Look back at older content.

If you aren’t new to creating content take a look back at older blog posts, videos, and social media posts.

Can you update any information in new content?

Can you expand on old ideas? Maybe you missed something before.

Look at your comments too. The feedback of your audience is a great place to look for pain points you can cover.

Be a Consumer of Great Ideas

It makes sense if you think about it. Just like the most voracious readers make great writers, being a consumer of great ideas will help you come up with your best marketing ideas ever.

You may feel a little hesitant about this (because who wants to be a copycat?) But exposing yourself to great ideas can help you get unblocked and free up those creative vibes.

  • Follow top marketing blogs (and other entrepreneurs in your niche.)
  • Read good books on business, marketing, and subjects related to your niche.
  • Follow successful business owners on social media and study what they post.
  • Subscribe to newsletters from successful business owners and companies you admire. (You can even fill out the form to the top right for insider tips and ideas from the Kajabi team.) :)

Become a student of ideas. Don’t be afraid to test the waters and experiment with new things.

You can’t pour anything out of an empty cup. Consuming and studying the ideas of other people can help fill your mind with new ideas you can use to grow your own business.

How To Put Marketing And Content Ideas To Work in Your Business

Anyone can learn to come up with great ideas. And odds are, if you follow the advice above, you will have more ideas than you know what to do with. But the most important part of coming up with your best ideas ever is putting them into action.

All of your creative, unique ideas won’t do any good if you don’t get off the fence and do something with them.

You can try to share you ideas with the world on other platforms, but the process (and plugin induced headaches) can make it a heck of a lot more frustrating than it really has to be.

When you are frustrated juggling the technical end of your business it makes it that much harder to leverage your ideas to their full potential. And that’s why we built Kajabi. So you can get your knowledge and ideas out there with the least amount of effort.

Kajabi can help you put your ideas to work in your business faster, easier, and as stress free as possible.

Coming up with your best marketing and content ideas ever and putting them into action should be your focus.

If you are still on the fence about using Kajabi for your business, think about taking advantage of our free 14-day trial. Experience how easy it is to put your ideas to work and share your knowledge with the people who really need it, just like Bro. Steve did. Get off the fence and put all of your ideas into action, you could be our next Kajabi Hero!

And if you want to learn more about Bro. Steve and his courses check out his website here.

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