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How a Graphic Designer Makes 20k in 5 days Selling Online Courses

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How a Graphic Designer Makes 20k in 5 days Selling Online Courses
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Russ Perry, Design Pickle - 20k in 5 days

Russ isn’t your average patron seeking passive income. In fact he already runs a successful graphic design firm, helping people and businesses alike create a new image and presence online. 

While countless business owners attempt to maximize profits by adjusting prices, sending out flyers, hiring sales teams, and countless other measures, Russ decided to use Kajabi to create an online course to assist his clients on their creative projects. With a bit of creative thinking, the gap between clients’ use of their services, and their understanding of said services was bridged by the way of sharing Russ’s knowledge online.

We recently sat down with Russ Perry of design pickle to talk about his online success.

From Problem to Solution

Even having a successful graphic design firm with multiple clients can run into problematic road blocks. Russ witnessed this first hand, when clients would cancel their subscription after receiving the content they needed.

The retention rate of clients for services such as graphic design is much lower than an average business, being that many entities only need a few 'a la carte' items before they’re off to the races. Now, many business owners would attempt to offset this by fishing for new business by the way of ads, sales teams, and commercial broadcasts.

For Design Pickle, this problem was solved by the way of producing valuable content for both clients and non-clients alike. Not only did this help Russ generate more revenue, but one of the side effects of selling courses, was that it created a better, more educated client for Design Pickle.

Thinking Outside the Box

Sometimes the best ideas come from a Eureka or 'A-HA!' moment. Well, as cliché as it may sound, that's exactly what happened with Russ Perry. His A-HA! moment came when he realized that he could use the Kajabi Platform to educate his clients and prospects, all while creating better clients and assisting creatives in their own business ventures.

The power of offering valuable content goes a long way. Not only did he have courses to provide to his existing clients, but Russ has also had created an unintentional lead magnet that would allow him to share his knowledge with people around the world who need graphic design services.

At the end of his course, Design Pickle would love to have students as clients, but as long as they’re able to better grow their business based on successful strategies, then Russ is just as satisfied.

Taking Action

The beautiful irony of this story folks, is that Russ was sitting on a Kajabi account for quite sometime without creating a single piece of content. Yes, that’s right… Russ had a Kajabi account for months, but never bothered to share his knowledge online.

This isn’t to say that there were no previous attempts at using Kajabi, because there definitely was. Originally, the plan was to produce a subscription based library of files that clients could utilize for their own projects.

After a firm beat them to the punch with a insanely extensive file library for $20/month, the idea was thrown in the trash.

Fast forward to Russ’s eureka moment, and the bridge between client’s and their understanding of branding was coming together piece by piece.

Pre-Sale Strategy

Being a current business owner, you have access to a direct list of people who already utilize your service. Taking advantage of that membership list, Russ decided to offer his courses for Pre-Sale. This not only produced an urgency among clients to sign up, but also allowed him to test the waters before creating any extensive course that may not net the result he was looking for.

In 5 days, he was able to generate $20,000 in revenue from his current client list. I know what you may be thinking, this is the result for anybody who already has a list to sell to, but that’s not always the case. Russ saw a need for his clients to understand the entire process and industry, rather than just navigate aimlessly.

In return, not only did this give him the ability to create better, more educated clients for himself, but it also created a major point of leverage going forward.

Leveraging Your Content

Now that his course is in the works, Design Pickle is able to branch the same content out into multiple outlets. One brilliant way to capitalize on content, is to use it to leverage other services. With a tangible course, he can bundle services together at a discount, thus creating a selling point in itself.

Not only can he upsell previous clients, but he can use a course as a lead magnet, send new leads through, and then upsell his personal services at the end of it. Meanwhile, if they decide not to utilize his services, they still learn some amazing skills in relation to branding, marketing, and operating their business.

All the while, Russ is still able to capitalize on the sale of his course.

Words of Wisdom

From one business owner to the next, Russ has shared some insightful knowledge that commonly goes overlooked by many. As a business owner, you’re able to utilize Kajabi to educate their clients and prospects. Being a platform that’s super easy to use, Russ realized that he doesn’t have to become a content company, and he can still continue to service design clients.

However, with his courses on the side, Design Pickle can now generate new educated prospects while also adding value to his existing clients. This truly shows the power of using Kajabi as not just your sole income, but also as an assisting passive income that is self generating revenue from sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Power of Kajabi

Whether you're a small business owner, a starting entrepreneur, or just somebody wanting a passive income by sharing your knowledge, you too can harness the powerful features of Kajabi to create a lifechanging income today.

If you aren't familiar with the Kajabi platform, you can act now to get a free 14-day free trial risk free, and dive in to check out all the amazing features for yourself! The only barrier between you and success is execution, so don't let time drag on without taking action and changing your life today! 

To stay updated on all things Design Pickle visit: http://designpickle.com

Also to see the most recent Kajabi course that Russ has created click here

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