Kajabi VS Thinkific: How Do These All-In-One Platforms Stack Up?

One of the big questions people have when they first start researching all-in-one online course platforms is "What's the difference between Kajabi and Thinkific?"

With so many all-in-one online course platform options it can be difficult to keep up with the features, functions, and pricing of each one. 

Here at Kajabi, we get a lot of questions about how our platform stacks up to Thinkific so we put together this blog post to show you.

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Before we get into how Thinkific and Kajabi stack up, let's take a closer look at Thinkific.

Thinkific is an all-in-one platform which has a course builder tool and offers you the ability to host your videos on the platform immediately.

Unlike Kajabi, Thinkific is focused more on educators than coaches and entrepreneurs. 

The Thinkific platform is really designed to do one thing very well, which is to create online courses. 

Thinkific is very easy to use, their course building tool is intuitive and doesn't require much tech experience at all.

Thinkific is also updated frequently unlike some other online platforms we won't name.  

Pricing is where things get a little tricky with Thinkific.

While Thinkific is fairly inexpensive and even offers a free plan, they also take a percentage of your sales as a transaction fee. 

Kajabi never makes you pay a transaction fee. 

But by far the biggest downside to Thinkific is it's limited marketing capabilities.

You can’t create a blog in Thinkific.

You can't create an online community. 

Thinkific has no email marketing, which means if you want to set up an autoresponder or send messages to potential customers you're going to need an additional service like Infusionsoft or Aweber. 

You can't host a webinar or live events. 

And there is no funnel building capability built into Thinkific. 

While Thinkific might seem inexpensive if you add up the additional software you would need to purchase for funnel building, webinar hosting, and other services it ends up costing 4-5x what the plan alone costs. 

And you still have to integrate multiple systems.

Now let's see how Kajabi and Thinkific stack up head to head.

Kajabi vs Thinkific:

Website Building: Both Kajabi and Thinkific offer a webpage building tool and templates. While Kajabi offers an almost unlimited amount of modern themes, Thinkific has only 8 themes to choose from as of the writing of this article. Kajabi’s themes also look more modern and professional.

Advantage: Kajabi.

Email Marketing: Kajabi offers a Customer Relationship Management feature as well as an autoresponder and email sequence builder. Thinkific does not currently offer an email marketing feature though it does integrate with services like Aweber and Infusionsoft both of which will require an additional subscription fee.

Advantage: Kajabi.

Course Creation: Both Kajabi and Thinkific have intuitive easy to use course builders. Kajabi also provides step by step support through the 28-Day Challenge program which shows you what to do to go from having an idea to creating your first course in just 28 days.

Advantage Kajabi.

Integration: While Kajabi already has all the functions you need to create, market and sell your online course it still offers integrations with services like MailChimp, Drip, and Convertkit. Thinkific does not offer as much marketing functionality but makes up for it by integrating with almost every marketing tool known to man from Infusionsoft to ClickFunnels.

Advantage: Thinkific  

Support: While Kajabi offers 24 hour technical and customer support through chat, Thinkific only offers support through an email forum. Kajabi also provides a ton of advice on creating, marketing and selling your course through Hero’s University and continuing education programs like Marketing Mastery. Thinkific provides a series of articles, a webinar, and a resource page.

Advantage: Kajabi.

As you compare Kajabi vs. Thinkific, it becomes obvious that while they are both technically all-in-one online course platforms, there is a big difference in their marketing capabilities.

While Kajabi contains everything you need to create, market and sell your course in one system, in order to use email marketing or host webinars with Thinkific, you will need additional subscriptions to services like Infusionsoft ($199 a month) or Zoom ($19.99 a month). 

With Kajabi you pay one price and everything you need is in one place. 

If you are just focused on creating an online course and will worry about marketing it later, then Thinkific is a great choice.

But if you're serious about building a real course creation business, it's clear that Kajabi is the right all-in-one platform for you! 

As our founder, Kenny Reuter always says "Kajabi is where people go when they're ready to get serious!

But don't just take our word for it, check out this independent review of Kajabi vs Thinkific from a third party review site.

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