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The #1 key to all successful info products

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The #1 key to all successful info products
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Whether you’re selling online courses, coaching, or even a simple eBook, there’s one key which all successful informational products contain.

In fact, the entrepreneurs and businesses who nail this one key in their marketing, product creation, and one on one work with clients, almost instantly begin to see an increase in sales.

But before we dive into what it is, let’s first uncover exactly what it’s not…

Good To Have But Not Most Important

1. Perfect Graphics Or Design

Is there a time and place for making something look great? Undoubtedly yes. You’ll notice us here at Kajabi take pride in our branding, design, and the aesthetics of everything. It definitely helps your business look and feel more professional.

And inside the Kajabi platform, the templates and pre-built blueprints available actually give you a quick and easy head start on creating an incredible design for your site and business.

But it’s not the #1 thing above all else. Plenty of “less than perfect” websites have become incredible successes. Even when we started out, we for sure didn’t look as polished as we do today.

Typically, unless you’ve got some really deep pockets to invest in design up front, it comes a little later down the road once you’ve established your sales base a bit more firmly.

2. Being The Top Expert In Your Field

If you do happen to be the top expert in your field and have more awards than you do shelf space, well then certainly shout that out to the world! Without question.

But if tomorrow morning you woke up with the stomach flu, would you refuse to go to any doctor unless they were the top expert in the stomach flu? Of course not. You’d most likely want someone as close as possible who accepted your insurance or you knew had a good reputation, and you’d schedule the appointment without a second thought.

It’s the same for digital products.

For the majority of us, there will almost always be someone who’s “more expert” than us. But even then, people can rarely agree. Lebron James or Michael Jordan? Tony Robbins or Brendon Burchard? Kajabi or Kajabi? ; )

So while being an expert is obviously important, being the top one in your field is rarely indicative of your informational product being a guaranteed booming success.

It’s not what 99% of your prospects want above all else that’s for sure.

3. Encyclopedia Type Product

While your digital product should always contain high-quality content, your prospective customers #1 concern is not quantity, but quality.

Some first time online entrepreneurs delay their progress, becoming paralyzed by the perfection of always wanting to add more to their course or digital training.

Similar to the example above about going to the Doctor when you had the stomach flu, imagine if when you went in to see her, she sat you down and reviewed your entire gastric system for 2 hours while you’re wincing in pain. Is that what you want? Most likely not.

You want enough answers to get you the result you seek.

And that brings us to the main point in today’s article…

The #1 Key Of All Successful Info-Products And What Your Prospects Really Want…

More important than fancy graphics, dealing with the top expert in the world, and even a product with more content than one person could ever consume, your prospect wants one thing…


Consider that anyone who opted into your email list, responded to your ad, or downloaded your free lead magnet didn’t just do it because they have an abundance of free time on their hands.

There’s no shortage of digital distractions as well as people and media vying for their attention.

So if they didn’t take that action because they were bored, why’d they do it?

Seriously...why’d they really, really do it?

To put it simply…

Something’s not right. They’re experiencing pain and want to move away from it. They want a different or better result than the one their currently getting right now. They have a problem and are looking for a solution. If they are actually bored, they’re seeking entertainment.

You’re In The Problem Solving Business 

When you clearly understand this, you’ll create more potent marketing and informational products which resonate deeply with your market.

As a Knowledge Commerce entrepreneur, you’re in the business of teaching others how to overcome specific problems. The better you communicate the symptoms of these problems to your ideal prospects, the better you’ll do.

So here are three ways to help you better frame and understand your prospects problems or identify what’s really motivating them to take action.

The “So What” Technique

This one is quite simple yet can produce quick and deep insights into what your prospects really want and the benefits your product provides.

You simply continue asking yourself “so what” until a very clear benefit, problem-solving statement appears. In our example below, let’s pretend we create and sell information related to fitness.

“My online course has 7 video modules specifically for women who to get fit fast.”

So what?

“You don’t have to wonder what to eat or which exercises to do.”

So what?

“You can spend more time with your husband and kids while at the same time losing weight, getting fit, and feeling better.”

So what?

“Since the course shows you everything to do and eat, and now that you’re actually able to fit this new routine into your existing schedule, my “Get Fit Fast” online program will finally be the one you stick with and ultimately transform your body for good.”

Is this the perfect example? Probably not. But it shows you how by asking “so what” a few times, you can powerfully address the common problem of “I’ve tried and failed at fitness before” in a way that’s unique to your offering.

Try it with your marketing and in how you create your info products and see if it helps you more clearly articulate the results your prospects want!

From Pain to Pleasure

This is a classic model and pairs well with our Doctor example from above.

What do all effective physicians start with?

They ask questions, discover symptoms, and ultimately dig to find the real problem. Then they prescribe solutions to help lead you from pain to pleasure.

With online course creators and infopreneurs, it’s no different.

When you’re creating your info product you want to begin by thinking about the symptoms and problems your market are currently suffering from. Start by first diagnosing the real problem.

Then you can create and position your informational product as the cure to these issues.

So if you sell dog training:

Pain: Dog doing its “business” on the carpet.

Pleasure: The peace of not having to worry about dog “business” on your carpet when you come home from work.  

Pain: Dog bolts for freedom the moment the backyard gate is open.

Pleasure: The calmness you feel knowing your pup is going to run out into the street.

Pain: Dog doesn’t obey any of your commands and won’t sit. 

Pleasure: Being able to show off to your friends how well trained your dog is.

As you create both the content and marketing for your info products, remember you’re taking your prospects from pain to pleasure.

If your messaging shows that you understand their problems better than they do, you’re halfway there. You then promise the relief of those frustrations and the pleasure which comes from the results of your products.

Your Knowledge Commerce products take people from pain to pleasure, remember that.

Current Reality To Future Reality

Another way to better identify your prospects problems and frame them in a way which gets their attention is to use the “current reality to future reality” technique.

This is often used in before and after type marketing like weight loss.

Your marketing establishes the frustrations and consequences of their current reality. What is the impact of them not taking action to solve this problem? What will their life continue to look like if this goes unaddressed? 

That becomes the lead of your marketing.

 The promise of your info products is their desired future reality.

What does that look and feel like? What frustrations which seem permanent just weeks ago are now completely gone? What problems have disappeared?

Your digital products serve one purpose, to help your customers create the future reality they truly want. Helping them make it happen faster, easier, and with far less of the normal headaches.

Getting Paid To Solve Problems

As you focus on creating products and marketing centered around solving specific problems for specific people, your sales will skyrocket.

Use these three frameworks to put yourself in the shoes of your prospect to best understand the results they’d be willing to trade their money for:

  1. The “So What” Technique
  2. From Pain To Pleasure
  3. Current Reality To Future Reality

Use Kajabi to Turn Your Knowledge And Content Into Products You Can Sell 

We know that you have something to teach the world. We also know there are people out there who want to learn what you know.

That’s why we created Kajabi. It’s a full-featured platform that allows professionals like you to create their own businesses from home.

Create online courses, establish membership sites, and sell other digital products. We offer tons of marketing tools to help you spread the word about your products and earn more revenue.

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