Landing Page Spotlight: Lucille and Her 5 CTA's

Introducing the newest addition to Kajabi's amazing Landing Page library: Lucille.

Lucille is a long-form sales page that houses an extensive list of features that you can choose from.

In addition to that, there are 5 CTA buttons throughout the page, along with the opt-in form of your choice.

In this post, we'll go through all the possible features that Lucille has to offer.

If you'd like to follow along, you can create this landing page for yourself within the Marketing tab of the Kajabi dashboard.

Lucille is a perfect landing page to offer digital downloads, such as an e-book or publication.

The default Lucille theme is set for selling a recipe book, which makes for an amazing example, so we'll cater this article accordingly.

One of the first sections of the page will include a video player.

Lucille is one of the new landing pages that includes the Autoplay function on your uploaded videos.

Autoplay can capitave your audience immediately upon arriving at your landing page, insuring instant engagement.

A rich text editor below the the video will give you the options to add bulleted key points above your second CTA button.

When a bulleted list is made in the text editor, the bullets will appear as cicular checked boxes.

Interlaced among your features will be your three testimonials.

Lucille will divide your testimonials over multiple sections, providing a constant positive reminder to your audience.

Adding high quality images is sure to keep your readers interested in your content or products.

The default shows a hardcover book with a purchase button below, and frankly this area is perfect for such a product.

Regardless of what you're selling, your image will be featured front and center directly over yet another CTA button.

Keep in mind, these buttons can be directed to whatever link you'd like, including a checkout page, digital download, or external URL.

Add one of your customized opt-in forms and lay it over a beautiful image of you choice.

Opt-in buttons on landing pages are a brilliant way to create a list of members without even having to use your Kajabi site.

Keep your audience in the know by adding a short bio about you and your background, or about whoever may have contributed to this particular page.

Whether it's the same product, or an entirely different one, you can add yet another product box. This box features an image, a CTA, and a bullet list of all the features you may want to include.

You'll have another rich text editor to either create another selling point, or stay head of your audience by answering any possible questions before they ask them (as shown in our example below).

And finally, once your readers are at the bottom of your page, you can drive your product home by offering one final selling point along with a CTA.

A catchy headline with a CTA button can prove to be a very powerful tool, so choose your words wisely!

As with ALL Kajabi landing pages, these features are fully customizable and you can add/remove them as you wish.

Whether you want a single image with a simple opt-in form, or a long-form sales page with extensive information, all things are possible with Kajabi landing pages.

To make the most of your marketing strategy, login or signup today and harness the true power of Kajabi's marketing dashboard.