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Meet the Kajabi Team: Jean Chung

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Meet the Kajabi Team: Jean Chung
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Welcome back to another fabulous edition of the Meet the Kajabi Team blog series!

If you’re a Kajabi user, we want you to know that you have a huge team of people committed to your success. That’s why we publish this series: so you can get to know our award-winning Kajabi team members focused on supporting you and your business.

Today you’re going to meet Jean Chung, a Technical Support Specialist who joined the team recently and is currently going through training. He brings a fresh perspective and, like many of you in our user community, has a rich history of exploring online business. 

Name: Jean Chung

Job title: Technical Support Specialist

What do you do at Kajabi? 

I’m essentially the first point of contact for users who are having issues. If they can’t find a solution to their problem in the Help Center, they go to live chat or open a support ticket. I try to provide a solution for them through step-by-step instructions, screenshots, or video tutorials. Or I manually take over their controls through co-browsing and help them figure out the problem. All the tools we use to support our users are meant to minimize any frustration or escalation.

What’s the most interesting thing about your job lately?

We're onboarding so many more Kajabi users every day. I guess it's a little unprecedented. Sometimes, there are unexpected waves or rushes of activity, for example, on a Friday night. And people from the support team will jump in and take care of things quickly.

Because you’re relatively new to Kajabi, we’d love to hear your perspective on the platform — features, the interface, whatever thoughts have come to mind as you’ve been training.

It’s honestly mindblowing how great the UX is. The moment you log into your account, the dashboard itself is really user-friendly. It’s easy to understand. The interface shows the basics first and lets you go deeper into specific areas.

My previous experiences with Squarespace and Shopify several years ago required a borderline extreme amount of minute adjustments on themes, spacing, etc. and even then, things looked off. There are times when other platforms can be very dev-heavy — like you almost need some basic knowledge of coding to understand what they're trying to tell you to do. 

While walking through the training in Kajabi, I’m adding images, opt-ins, calls to action. And they look flawlessly placed, as if someone spent weeks doing the design from raw code. There’s definitely a learning curve, but that only speaks to the endless amount of easy-to-use customization that we offer. 

It sounds like you’ve dipped your toes in the online business world. Can you tell us about the projects you’ve worked on and how you got started? 

My path in life has allowed me to acquire so many different, yet seemingly random skills. Right now is probably one of the few times I don’t have something open in my name, but I've always tried to do something on the side. 

After taking a hiatus from studying biochemistry (which I never came back from), I started working in the food and beverage industry. I moved onto product management, then consulting, and started to dabble in tech. At this point, I started meeting people in the food and beverage industry who needed help managing their technology. That’s how I got started. I worked out a commission payment structure to build out courses and landing pages for them. I also helped market and sell their courses. 

Interesting! What kinds of online courses?

Latte art courses. At that time, they were in very high demand.

You mentioned you had tried Shopify before. What physical products did you sell in the past?

Automotive products, which was pretty niche. Looking back, I should’ve done more market research, but I learned a lot. 

What did you do before Kajabi?

I was an IT specialist at a healthcare company doing anything from support development, to IT security, to project management. The job was really similar to what I’m doing now handling support tickets, but instead of supporting customers, I was supporting my internal organization.

What emoji are you?


What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now? (could be professional or personal)

Proxy project with friends.

What personal item represents you best? And why? 

A semi dull Swiss Army knife. I have basic knowledge about a myriad of things, but need sharpening in a few areas.

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