Theme Spotlight: Derby

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of our first brand-new theme - Derby.

Derby is a gorgeous, streamlined theme that’s made for both your product and site.

Its straightforward approach will help reduce clutter on your site and ensure your users focus on what’s truly important to you - your content.

Derby Product

The Derby Product theme was designed with online course creation in mind. It displays a course syllabus at the forefront, while large videos and imagery immerse your members in the learning experience. Advancing from one lesson to the next is simple, and progress is easy to track.

Derby Site

The Derby Site theme, like its product theme companion, places the focus on your products by putting them front and center. With its minimal design, this site theme is intended to turn traffic into sales.

As with all our themes, Derby can be viewed on any device, has a variety of typography options, and can be visually customized to perfectly match your brand.

And the best part? Derby is now live inside your New Kajabi account!

Just head inside your Theme Picker to get started: