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Manifestation coach runs growing global business on Kajabi

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Manifestation coach runs growing global business on Kajabi
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Kim Mellor is a wellness coach and online course creator, author, and podcast host. She helps people transform their lives by changing their mindset. She lives and works remotely in Bali, has a passion for travel, and makes her career in knowledge commerce by empowering women to live the lives they have always wanted.

Kim signed up with Kajabi in early 2021 and shares her experience with her first year in building her knowledge commerce business. Read on to hear first-hand from a wellness coach with big goals and big plans:

What inspired you to get into knowledge commerce?

The future is digital and I wanted a way to impact millions on a global scale. I needed a platform that I could rely on that would speak to and thereby impact millions globally, outside of social media. I wanted an engine that would grow with me and in empowering me help me to empower others. I am vocal around the point that I am currently evolving. I needed to demonstrate this by evolving how I communicate. 

Once I’d looked at what Kajabi had to offer it was a no brainer for me. So far the results have exceeded my expectations and have been epic. I’m excited to see if you can keep up with me!

What did you do first in Kajabi?

I used Kajabi to make a training course at first. I was originally hesitant and the content was therefore simpler than it would be now. Again, my course content has evolved as I became more confident with Kajabi as a vehicle to teach. I then really tested it’s capabilities by using it to launch a rebranded website. This was really enjoyable and I’m proud of the results and user compatibility. The feedback so far has been excellent.

When did you launch your first digital product?

It feels like a lifetime ago, but was actually only nine months ago - in March of 2021.

What’s been the most successful marketing method for you?

It’s always been about the gram for me – so Instagram has been invaluable. Although I keep an open mind and test all channels. I always get the best results with Instagram – whether it’s sharing information generically or pointing followers to an end point such as a podcast or video. It lends itself well to my brand and audience.

Did you experience any difficulties or setbacks regarding knowledge commerce since signing up? If so, how did you overcome them?

How to best get my product to market was a stumbling block at first. The help I received was great with this but I think it’s good to pilot and then stick with what you know works. Kajabi enforces this. Now I understand what works and  it’s much easier to become effective quickly.I’m constantly exceeding my own targets.

What milestones or accomplishments have you reached on Kajabi that you’re comfortable sharing publicly

Kajabi has enabled me to create a variety of offerings for my audience - I currently have three online courses available, a downloadable handbook and lead magnets with automated and personalised emails. 

Building a community is very important to me - and Kajabi offers me the ability to connect with and speak to the people who are ready to step into their power and live their best lives. Soon, I will be launching my biggest online course to date and can’t wait to see my community expand further than ever before.

Image of Kim Mellor in a straw hat

What other takeaways do you have from your first year using Kajabi?

As simple as it sounds, I’ve learned that it really can be super simple, easy and fun to build an online business as long as you rely upon the correct platform and resources to do so. I see Kajabi as a member of my team (who talks less than the others but still…. )

What do you plan to do going into your second year on Kajabi?

All feedback and demand from my subscribers points towards creating more courses and it’s always my primary objective to help others get started on the platform. As with anything if it works, I like to share it to empower others. So far you have 33 referrals from me and I envisage many more heading your way.

Do you have any other advice for new Kajabi Heroes?

Utilise the service. Really look into what it can offer you and then if you’re not sure ask, and if still not sure, ask again. I have always found a solution to any issue once I’ve thought through exactly what it is I want to achieve. Imagine that you are your own subscriber and take it from there. 

And, as with anything I do, make it simple and if it works, replicate it elsewhere. If it doesn’t or if it instinctively doesn’t feel right, abort and start again. Never be afraid to rip it up and start it again. Above anything, I ensure that everything that represents me talks in my own voice and is on brand otherwise it’s inauthentic. I apply this to any Kajabi content as I do in all areas. If you do the same, you won’t go wrong.

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