Jay Émme: From Professional Cellist to Thriving Life Coach

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In the colorful landscape of music and coaching, Jay Émme has crafted herself a unique melody. Based in the UK, she weaves her creativity as both a professional solo cellist and a neurodivergent life coach - she’s even been featured on Netflix! Focusing on musicians and creatives — from the ones who create beautiful melodies to ones who knit warm tapestries — Jay believes in helping individuals set and smash their goals, turning dreams into reality.

  • Switched from WordPress to Kajabi to enable her coaching business
  • Scaled her coaching business through streamlined communication using Kajabi's all-in-one offerings
"I'm about finding that first step and just doing it. If the step seems too scary, I believe in breaking it down into smaller, manageable bits... even speaking your intentions into existence is a start."

This is a testament to her distinctive approach to coaching, which is as heartfelt and unfeigned as her music.

With her personal journey with autism and ADHD, Jay truly understands the needs and challenges of the neurodivergent community. She uses these experiences from the past to provide guidance and support. Orchestrating her ambitious symphony of a career, though, demanded a management system that cut above the noise - without having a million followers.

The Challenge: Upgrading her Website

While Jay was adept at navigating the intricate compositions of music, building her online coaching presence proved to be a slightly more daunting task. For 15 years, she relied on WordPress for her cello business but soon recognized the limitations when it came to her coaching venture, which would demand more than just a website front end.

Her new undertaking required a platform that could handle a broad suite of options, including course creation, member management, and monetization. In the words of Jay herself, "I knew when it came to building my coaching website, it was going to need more than just a website front end. I've built my own websites on WordPress for donkey's years... but I knew that it was going to need more."

With a range of options on the market, Jay was determined to find one that would not compromise her authentic connection with her audience and, at the same time, would cater to the diverse needs of her coaching business.

The Solution: Finding the perfect melody with Kajabi

Enter Kajabi — the platform that plucked all the right notes for Jay's venture into online coaching. Kajabi stood out due to its seamless blend of functionality and user-friendly interface. Not only did it promise simplicity, but Jay was also introduced to the platform through Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy, where it was presented as an all-in-one solution, a notable descriptor that made Kajabi appear even more enticing.

"Kajabi kind of got dangled in front of me like a really nice carrot... I remember hearing the phrase, 'Kajabi is an all-in-one,' and, I'm not gonna lie, that was like, 'yes, hello, I'll have some of that, thank you very much,'" Jay shares.

In Kajabi, Jay found a platform capable of successfully handling her demands for course creation, virtual spaces for coaching sessions, and managing memberships, among other features. She emphasized, "I knew that I wanted my website on there, knew at some point I'm going to need an email list... I could see that Kajabi was a great way to manage email lists."

Jay's Website on Kajabi

The Results: Deeper Connections and Streamlined Communication

As Jay's online coaching business flourished, she became more in tune with her audience's unique needs and cadence. Kajabi played a fundamental role in this process, allowing her to create an interactive, virtual space for clients, enhancing her ability to foster conversations, and nurturing her authentic relationship with her clients. More than just building a site for her brand, Kajabi enabled her to construct an ecosystem where connections deepened and communication thrived.

While speaking about her experience with the platform, Jay said, "Now I have my website, my WordPress website, and blog just redirect to Kajabi. So everything somehow comes from Kajabi, and it's just so easy to have that ease of the back and forth... just that ease of being able to have everything linked together is fantastic."

Jay uses Kajabi not just as a platform but as an extension of her own voice, amplifying her reach without losing the essence of her message. She leverages the platform's design and her coaching prowess, along with her experience as a professional musician, guiding her audience to uncover their own rhythm in meeting goals and overcoming limitations.

Through Kajabi, Jay has managed to broadcast her unique melody far and wide while perpetually enhancing and transforming the lives of her clients.

Looking forward to the future

With seemingly endless opportunities to showcase her talent, Jay’s future looks bright. Equipped with Kajabi's powerful suite of tools, she continues to craft her coaching brand and connect with her audience on a deeper level. Her advice for others considering the digital realm:

"Find that first step and just do it. Step in and if that first step is too scary, then make it even smaller. This might mean just speaking it into existence — because even that is a start."

It’s with this spirit of perseverance and simplicity that Jay continues to inspire individuals and create bolder melodies with Kajabi. If you’re inspired by Jay’s story, see how Kajabi can help you achieve your dreams and build a successful online business.

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