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9 Online parenting classes for kids of all ages

9 Online parenting classes for kids of all ages
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No one is born knowing how to parent. New parents (or experienced parents) often turn to an expert for help navigating the challenges that come with raising their children. 

Many Kajabi Heroes offer such parenting courses designed for children at different life stages and with different needs. Looking for an online course that will fill in the gap of your parenting skills or help you be a more confident parent? Check out our roundup of online parenting classes here.

Parenting classes for kids of all ages

If you have multiple children or are looking for general parenting classes, these courses with positive parenting solutions could fit your needs.

Be Kind Coaching

MegAnne Ford of Be Kind Coaching has almost two decades of experience in child development. Her philosophy is to offer materials to help parents “break the generational cycle of fear-based parenting.” 

She offers a mini course, group coaching program, podcast, and one on one consulting, so there are multiple options to fit her clients’ needs.

Parenting With Results

Liz Becker and Stacey McGuirk Rodriguez run Parenting With Results. This four-module course focuses on guiding the parent to improve their communication skills. Their overall approach is helping children learn emotional intelligence.

Parent with a Pro

Janet Cazier, LCSW and Celeste Jensen, ACC created Parent With a Pro to help parents with defiant children end power struggles. They describe their course as helping parents to win cooperation with the child. The course aims to help parents understand what triggers power struggles and avoiding mistakes when parenting kids that always want their own way.

Parenting Sensory Kids

Parenting Sensory Kids offers classes for parents of children with Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, or autism. They describe their course material as, “strategies to avoid power struggles with your child.”

The course creator is a mom to children with SPD, ADHD, and autism so she has first hand experience. Right now she is offering a free guide with the goal of helping parents bring peace to their home. 

Online parenting classes for young children

Do you have an infant, toddler, or young child? These courses may be more age appropriate for your child.

Raising Good Parents

Screenshot of the Raising Good Parents website storefront with three course optionsa

Looking for an online parenting course created by a doctor? Dr. Phil Boucher is a father and board-certified pediatrician in Nebraska, and he created Raising Good Parents.

He offers courses about sleeping, potty training, and working with picky eaters, all designed for parents of young children. He also offers a podcast.

Growing Great Sleepers

It’s common knowledge that many parents struggle with their baby’s sleep schedule. Lauren Garmon, a pediatric nurse practitioner, a certified pediatric sleep consultant, and mother, created Growing Great Sleepers. She offers one-on-one coaching, online courses, and group coaching all around sleep coaching.

Online classes for parents of teens

As children grow into teens, their development presents a new set of challenges to parents. Looking for classes with guidance on how to parent teenagers? Look no further:

Backcountry Professor

Dr. DB Palmer, Ed.D, a licensed professional counselor in multiple U.S. states, and Greta Palmer, MA, Personal Fitness Trainer, have 20 years of experience with adventure based parenting. With Backcountry Professor, they instruct parents of teens about adventure based parenting.

They claim that adventure based parenting “revitalizes relationships, motivates an active lifestyle, and fosters long-term connection between parents and their children/adolescents.” They offer a 12-week course, a coaching intensive, and women’s coaching sessions. 

Parenting Modern Teens

Sean Donohue of Parenting Modern Teens offers a variety of courses to help parents raise their teens in the modern age. He addresses lots of common problems parents face with teens - disrespect, sibling fighting, lying, school performance, or too much electronic device usage. 

He offers live group coaching experiences, a membership community, an eBook, and coaching. What’s unique is that he offers coaching not just for parents, but also for the whole family or teens.

College Bound Parenting

College Bound Parenting seeks to help parents set up their teenagers for success when preparing and applying to college. They specifically seek to “create a college–success culture for students from historically under-represented communities in higher education.”

The courses help parents get organized and come in the form of workshops tailored to the student’s grade level.

Start your course on Kajabi

Getting inspired by these course creators and coaches? If you have expertise in an area, you too could create and sell digital information products. Kajabi Heroes sell knowledge products on everything - parenting, finance courses, fitness, and anything else you could think of. Check out these solopreneur success stories for more examples. 

Kajabi provides you with the tools you need to build a successful knowledge commerce business. You get course and membership site hosting, payment processing, a website, and sales and marketing tools to grow your business. Check it out for yourself with a free trial!

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